Virtual Money is best handled by Virtual Banks

Virtual money is best handled by Virtual banks.

Money through Mobile (mTm) for Inclusive finance to quicken inclusive growth.

Most banks, both Public and Private have its limitations to take care of the needs of the un-banked in the lower social and economic strata. Naturally, huge volume of low value accounts as envisaged in #PMJDY scheme in India eventually likely to lead most banks to collapse due to severe HR constraints and gross customer dissatisfaction for no fault of the banks.

The way out is to have digital online virtual banks with minimum human interface, exclusively to take care of the needs huge un-banked population especially in the lower social and economic strata.

Of late, there had been mushrooming of many forms of Virtual Money businesses, both banked as well as unbanked. The hidden danger in this is that unless well regulated Virtual Money businesses can gobble up real money and disrupt nation’s economy.

To safeguard against this, RBI shall be the originator and custodian of all forms of virtual money, as encoded and encrypted data-strips with unique identification bar codes for every denomination of virtual money, that will need on-line authentication of RBI in its every transaction.

Money through Mobile (mTm) envisages the idea of an exclusive virtual money management bank integrated with a payment gateway that will handle all forms of money management using phones, both mobile as well as fixed ones, taking care of all aspects mentioned above.

Please see a presentation in the following link:

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Money through Mobile (mtm) for Inclusive finance_PDF

Or in the link:

A detailed write up on this is available in my blogs:

  1. Exclusively banked Universal system for Money Management by Phone.
  2. Response to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Consultation Paper on USSD-based Mobile Banking Services for Financial Inclusion


Abraham Paul. P        Tweet @PA_Paul

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Need to celebrate of Holy Eucharist in English.

Need to celebrate of Holy Eucharist in English.

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Eastern Orthodox liturgy that we have got from our saintly spiritual forefathers and passed on through generations is the richest among the World Christian faith orders. The need of the day is to adapt ourselves to the fast changing social environment. I do not mean that we should deviate in any way from the liturgy or do away with different vernacular form of it.

What we need is some amount of compromise in our ardent love for participation in the celebration of Holy Qurbano in Malayalam, everywhere; in the wider interest of our future generation who are being brought up with no working knowledge of the mother tongue, or rather we have deliberately changed their mother tongue as English due to compulsion of circumstances they are being brought up.

The fact being that even many grown ups nowadays are proficient enough in Malayalam to fully understand the liturgy as their parents had.  

True, that for most of us it more comfortable and satisfying and therefore, prefer to partake celebration of Holy Qurbano in Malayalam even while we are fully aware that children of many of us do not understand its substance in depth. ‘Manglish’ substitutes we use are of some help, but not enough to follow and understand the full meaning of the prayers and hymns in our liturgy and mentally involve in it fully. Fact is that many who do not have opportunity to learn Malayalam are simply reciting it without knowing its meaning.

There is always this argument by that, those who do not know Malayalam should learn the English version to know and understand the meaning of what they recite in Malayalam, but then will it ensure their real involvement. While the full mental involvement of many of us during Malayalam Qurbano which most of us know by heart being questionable, can we imagine how it will be if it happened to be some language which we do not understand. For example: Don’t we feel uncomfortable when we hear the syriac version of the Holy Qurbano hymns sung by church choir and few deacons alone without congregation’s participation in spite of the fact that most of us know the meaning of it. Just imagine how much we are taxing our children in making them learn by heart something what they do not know or understand at all.

This is perhaps, one of the reasons for many of our adolescent children, even some adults get attracted to other forms of Christian worship that give them the feeling more involvement and participation. To feel the difference, just observer the behaviour pattern of our children while the Vicar or others deliver serious sermons in Malayalam in the church and in prayer meetings and then watch the change when these are done in English, how attentive the children become then.

Most of churches take care to provide Holy Qurbano texts with transcripts in ‘Manglish’ (English made readable in Malayalam) and some do have English and Syriac version of the prayers also. The perfect way would have been that every believer of Holy Syrian Orthodox faith order to learn the Syriac like every Muslims learn Arabic.  This being impractical, it will be prudent to consider celebrating the Holy Eucharist also in English, at least once a month or so according to convenience and need of the congregation.  Prayer books in English version is available now and every church can get these. Holy Qurbano in English version are available in many TV channels and CDs.Children can be encouraged to watch Holy Qurbano in video in TV or Lap top.

Most of our worship hymns in English could be sung in the same tune in its Malayalam version. Choir can prepare and provide CDs for the laity to learn and follow these. The script can be displayed in wide screen LED screens, as being done in many churches.

The greatest advantage of this is that Children once understand the meaning of the lyrics and hymns, in the language known to them, they would be able to assimilate it while participating in  celebration of Holy Eucharist in Malayalam or any other language.

It is most heartening to know that some congregations in Kerala and outside and many at abroad, H. Qurbono is being celebrated in English. I remember the now Cor episcopa Rev. Fr. Roy Kochat, took pains to learn and celebrate Holy Qurbano in English, once in a month in Kalina church in Mumbai in 1995. Such priests with sincerity and dedication to the purpose are real blessing to our Church. Now this is followed in most our churches there.

English version of the hymn ‘Udayon arul cheythu’  in itself contains the entire philosophy and essence of Christian faith as told to us by Jesus himself. It is worthy to make children learn the song in English so as to make them understand in the language they are proficient, in context of relevant verses from H. Bible, and teaching them to sing it, which according to me will be as useful as the lengthy sermons again done in Malayalam that most children do not follow. To start with we may introduce singing of the English version of the above song intermittently with the Malayalam version.  Try it and see whether children appreciate it or not.The following Hymn  in the Syriac version of and its translation in English and in Malayalam (made readable in English) describes the entire philosophy of Christianity in nutshell.

Different versions of the hymn is available in in the following link:

kul man dokhel fagray. w-shothé dem Hayo. emar forooqan. beh oo m-qawé eno. d-noseb b-dakhyootho. of b-haymonootho. w-noTar fooqdoney. hooyoo roHmo deel.

“All who eat My Body and drink My living Blood,” our Savior affirmed, “I will abide in them.” “He, who receives Me in purity and in faith, and he, who keeps my commandments, is My friend.”

hoo fagr mekhooltaw. w-dem koso d-Haye. wayno d-noseb leh. beh hoo m-qaw eno. fagrokh maHyono. wadmokh m-Hasyono. hablan forooqan. l-Hoosoy nafshothan.

“My Body is the food and My Blood the cup of life «and» whosoever partakes; In him I will abide.” Our Savior, «give us» for the atonement of our souls Thy life-giving Body and Thy absolving Blood.

moran m-haymneenan. b-fagrokh d-nosbeenan. d-beh methHaseynan. w-Hayé nTeereenlan. fagrokh awkelthon. wadmokh ashqeethon. lo te`ool l-deeno. `aman b-yoom Hartho.

Lord, we believe by Thy Body that we receive we are absolved and life «is retained» for us. Thou gave us Thy Body to eat and Thy Blood to drink; may we not be in the judgment «on the» last day!

fagrokh dekhalnan. wadmokh deshtheenan. lo moryo nehwoon lan. l-deenao w-lathba`tho. lo te`ool l-deeno `am `abdé deelokh. d-fagrokh mor wadmokh. rah-boono yabt lan*

Thy Body we ate and Thy Blood we drank, Lord, may be not for judgment and vengeance. Do not enter into judgment with Thy servants. Thy Body and Blood, You’ve «given us» in earnest.

fagrokh mor wadmokh. daTmeer b-hadomayn. leh hoo sogdeenan. d-beh Hayé yahbth lan. dayono kheeno. d-doyen kheenoyeeth. l-deeno lo ta`lan. w-Hawbayn lo tedkar.

Lord, Thy Body and Blood – is hidden in our limbs, We worship Them for – through Them You gave us life. The righteous Judge who judges – justly, bring us not  to  judgment and recall not our debts.

With kind regards to all,


Author: P. Abraham Paul, Karottuveettil, Trivandrum.

e-mail: Tweet @PA_Paul

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The Essence of Religion.

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                                           The Essence of Religion. 

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Introduction: Is it not weird that Theist beliefs that have deep roots here for over 5000 years in case of Hinduism, about 2000 years in the case of Christianity and Islam, are being challenged by new ideologies in its original version and many others those even in its original form, facing death in it’s infancy across the world? Or is it just the clash of beliefs of the “Creation Theories” about origin of this planet and the mankind, considered by some as a God’s special creation, against those who believe in theories that these are just a natural or an accidental Evolution? Or is there a sudden reckoning by a section of the society, that Theism as followed by the present day Religions is repressive and anti people? Or is there something else?

Is Theism in all its forms is slowly approaching its death?

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Letter to Honorable Prime Minister of India

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Letter   to Honorable Prime Minister of India

P. Abraham Paul.  15 January 2014

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Please see my suggestions and ideas for consideration.

The prime cause of poverty in India especially among the majority rural mass is the lack of environment to generate the minimum income needed for livelihood, from agriculture, employment or other resources.

India needs a different type of democracy, knitting of a secularist nation with the threads of participation of the entire mass, one of the country’s big strengths, in every sphere of national growth thus realizing national integration in the course.

Most of the unrest and disharmony happening every where, may it be of social, political, various disruptions caused by actions and counter actions of different ethnic groups and communities turning into religious extremism, are due to the shift in the focus of life among the mass especially the village youth, due to desperation fermenting of…

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FRUTARIAN diet helps to control Diabetese and Blood pressure.

”FRUITARIAN” diet help to control Diabetes, Blood pressure and many other disorders.

Caution: Try at own risk.

Fruitarian diet.

‘Frutarian’ diet help to reduce the harmful effects of current form of medication with an alternate, cheap but more effective and mostly harmless method to control Diabetes and Hyper tension. I am a type 2 diabetic and also have high BP. I have undergone a Fruitarian diet that helped me bring down blood sugar level considerably within 10 days.

What is Fruitarian diet?

Fruitarian diet recipe I followed comprise basically un-cooked food comprising mostly fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Leaves and some uncooked Pulses.

Frutarien diet Menu:- For 3 servings at B/F, Lunch and Dinner.

Half cup each of fresh fruits sliced ripe Banana/Plantains, Papaya, Apple, Orange/Tangerine, Water melon, Nectarine, Plums, Kiwi, Pears, Pomegranate, and fresh uncooked vegetables such as Cucumber, Carrot/Beetroot, Tomato, Olive, 2 table spoons each of soaked Pea Nuts or Sprouted Green Gram, 2 to 3 full leaves of Lettuce, few Spring Onions, Celery, Spinach, few slices of fresh raw Coconut, 15 to 20 Arabian Dates. Those having difficulty to chew may use scrapped Coconut, Carrot, Beet root etc. may use any available seasonal Fruits and Vegetables that are not allergic to you.

Take enough quantity of these in various combinations, smeared with little Lemon juice, a tea spoon of Virgin Olive oil and a table spoon of Honey. Strictly do not use salt, red chillies and any ketchup or sauce or anything that contain artificial flavours and preservatives. Mix these well and eat as much as you can at B/F, Lunch and Dinner. Always chew well so that the food gets mixed with enough saliva.

Drink only filtered pure cold water (un-boiled) and one or two Tender Coconut Water every day. May have a glass of fresh Sugar Cane juice, if available. No smoking and no Milk, Coffee, Tea or Alcohol or Soft drinks during the treatment.

Bathe in Cold water early in the morning. Drink at least 3 to 4 glasses of cold water and do simple Yogasanas concentrating more on deep breathing, for half an hour before Breakfast and also before Dinner. Have B/F before 8 A.M, Lunch after 5 Hours and Dinner by 6 PM. Take 2 glasses of fresh cold water before sleep.

Check fasting blood sugar and BP every day. As you find reduction in blood sugar and Blood Pressure reduce your normal medications in a phased manner and stop medication completely when Blood Sugar and BP become within allowed high margin level.

After 40 days of Frutarian diet, you may have normal non-fatty low starch food with lot of salads made of usual uncooked fresh Vegetables and Leaves one time at Lunch and Fruits and Vegetables at B/F and Dinner. You may alter it according to convenience.

There will be considerable weight loss in few weeks and it will then stabilize. There can be some side effects like itching of eyes, skin rashes. Deprivations of Smoking, Alcohol, Tea, Coffee etc., may cause head ache or other discomforts for some. If you experience any serious problems discontinue the diet. Otherwise continue Frutarian diet for 40 days and then can take normal non-fatty low starch food at one time daily with two times of Frutarian diet. Observe Blood sugar and BP regularly.

If you find it useful tell your friends.

Abraham Paul. P. Tweet @PA_Paul


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Autonomous Charging of Road Toll, Vehicle Parking and Fines & Penalties.

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Autonomous Charging of Road Toll, Vehicle Parking and Fines & Penalties.

Intellectual property of P. Abraham Paul, Futuregroups – FCOMNET, India.

   Specializing in Telecom & IT:  Engineering, Services, Training and Consultancy.

1. SCOPE. 

Innovative & first of its kind, state of the art, all-in- one system for control and autonomous charging of Road Toll, Parking fee, Penalties and fines, Traffic control and Crisis management using the latest in Wireless Technology and e- Payment method.

2. Objective of this paper: Explain the system and its operation that will be of benefit for the Public, the Government, the Road Traffic Authorities, the Municipalities and Technology Service Providers. 

Topics covered are: Concept, Technology/Network elements, Principle of operation,  

 Features, Benefitsand advantages and Business case.

2.1. The Concept:

This unique concept will replace current Road Toll fee, Parking fee, Penalties & fines  collection methods with more generalized and simplified method of autonomous…

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Mobile Phones as ‘Life Science devices’

Mobile Phone as a Universal Life Science Device

Mobile Phones as ‘Life Science Device’.  (Internet of things)

1.Mobile Phone is becoming a life science device that can be provided with large spectrum of great features in addition to communication and multi-media services.

2.Voice, Data and Multimedia Communication and possible other Life Science technology, features, products and services.

3.Universal device as Camera, Recording device, Radio, TV, Music player, Videos and Games.

4.Internet access directly and as Computer or digital projectors as accessory device for remote presentation, Video conference etc.

5.Calendar, Calculator, Mini Computer, Clock and Reminder service.

6.Personal ID device.

7.Path finder and location finder.

8.Various location based personal &e-commerce services.

9.Warning device, Weather, Climate, Govt. announcements in disasters.

10.Keys for Cars and Car parks, Home, Safe box, Cabinets etc.

11.Home / Office surveillance device.

12.Remote control Home appliances. Fridge, TV, A/C, Room heater, Water heater, Lights & Fans, Widows / Curtains etc.

13.Snooping device. Remote dial in with #Auto answer for Voice & Video recording with Turntable seating for wider view in homes or other private premises..

14.Password keeper and Communicator for NFC feature.

15.E-wallet and Money Management tool.

16.Mobile for money transactions in various Banks and special purpose ATMs.

17.Direct or autonomous payment of Taxi fare, Parking and Toll charges.

18.On the spot payments for Vending machines, Dial a Drink, Dial a ticket, Dial for Money.

19.For financial inclusion with Direct Benefit Transfer to beneficiaries and Micro Finance support.

20.Mobile with NFC for remote shopping and remote payments.

21.Personal Health Monitor and Service support. Body temperature, blood pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol with attachable wrist band and prods.

22.Mobiles can also be made to interact with digital capsule embedded in the body cavity of anyone to receive health indicator data and initiate attention or auto call to physician.

23.Environment sensor; Temperature, UV rays, pollution and air contamination.

24.Universal Emergency Support system, interworking with Wrist band or a Finger Ring device.

25.Interactive services: Is there any message, Read it out for me (Text to voice) and Dictate and Send reply (Voice to Text feature)

26.Voice interactive phone while bored & lonely, may be, while driving alone.

Hey, I love you: How are you today, Tell me a joke, Sing a song,

What is in the news,

Remind me the shopping list,

Where can I get a Pizza nearby,

What are my appointments today,

What is the weather forecast, Is it raining in our place,

Where is my wife now.

Bored Yar, Let us play Antakshary – You start.

Tired , Call me after half an hour.

etc., etc. . . .

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