How to save Nation’s Economy from impending Disruption?


How to save Nation’s Economy from fast impending disruption.

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Dated June 5, 2017

Introduction: Technology get continuously updated as time moves on and no one can stop it. It is also a fact that advancements of most Technologies disrupt the path it grown through. To walk, and walk all the way with the disruptive path converting it as advantage, is the way to go.

Incidentally, I happened to be there in lead managing the initial roll out and later in its Operation & Maintenance of one of the earliest GSM systems in India in Mumbai in 1995 and also in the implementation of the first IN based Prepaid service in GSM India. Along with it, I had also innovated and tested out the idea of  Money Management using Phones (acronym) ‘Money through Mobile’ (mTm), using  CCS 7 signalling “Unstructured Supplementary Service DATA (USSD) embedded in Intelligent Network technology and the Mobile Wallet feature as early as in the end of 1995 when no one has heard of Mobile Payments. (Had I implemented it myself then without bothering about its disruptive effect on the Banking Industry and visualizing its eventual negative impact on the Economy of the Nation, I could have become a multi Billionaire long back.) 

However, also being aware of the need of having a uniform structure, applications, products and methods for it to succeed as universal system, and also visualising the disruptive potential of such products & features working on Prepaid mode involving transaction of huge volume of money in Physical and Virtual forms between the Service provider and its Users when done would need regulatory measures by Government in place beforehand to overcome its disruptive effects on Banking Industry and its eventual impact on Nation’s Economy, I did not venture to implement it myself then. 

Ever since then, I had been writing to Government, RBI, Planning Commission and in the Print & Visual Media on this and about many other related areas such as the need of UUID, Exclusive Government owned Communication systems, networks, the Connectivity needs especially in rural and remote areas, availability and readiness of required minimum Eco system, need of exclusive Payment gateways in the form of Government controlled Digital ‘Payment Banks’ and so on and so forth; for its initial take off and smooth roll out across the country, in my paper Money through Mobile in the link and various other related  papers I published during past many years as can be seen in my blogs in

This paper on Power and Perils of Money Going Virtual deals with the prime object “How to save Nation’s Economy from fast impending disruption” deals with a consolidated view of the following Contemporary and futuristic global challenges of which Cyber security remains main challenge.  Segregation of Public and Private Information Communication Networks using Cloud Computing is the order of the future.   

  6. CYBER SECURITY. CLOUDS and  CLOUD COMPUTING  (Please see my paperS published in my blogs: and 

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Power and Perils of Money going Virtual

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Freelance ICT/ICN Consultant.

Ex. Owner Future Communication Network FCOMNET Futuregroups India and UAE / Vice President (TS) SPCNL SIEMENS Germany / Director TRG, TS & SC SIEMENS ICN RHQ Dubai / G M and SMT TBG BPL India / TES (A) DOT India.

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The Essence of Religion.

The Essence of Religion.

Posted on March 24, 2012

Abraham Paul. P..

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The Essence of Religion.

Posted on March 24, 2012

The Essence of Religion.

Introduction: Is it not weird that Theist beliefs that have deep roots here for over 5000 years in case of Hinduism, about 2000 years in the case of Christianity and Islam, are being challenged by some new ideologies that in its original version facing death in it‘s infancy across the world? Or is it just the clash of beliefs of the ‘Creation Theories’ about origin of this Planet and the Mankind herein, considered by some as a God‘s special Creation, against the Big bang or other Darwinian theories that these are just a Natural or an accidental Evolution? Or is there a sudden reckoning by a section of the society, that Theism as followed by the present day Religions is repressive and anti people? Or it it that the hard core ‘Theists’ taking it beyond sanity of States moving over to Theocratic Rules, hurting Humanity? Or is there something else? As of now it appears confounded confusions by mixing up Religion with Politics, making it neither there nor here.

  1. Is Theism in all its forms is slowly approaching its death?

The questions arise are; if Theism as approached by humans is dying, can Atheism or Deism be alternatives? What does God look like beyond a dying Theism? Does such a God matter?

By rejecting Theism, does one necessarily become an Atheist? Is stepping beyond Theism necessary to follow Secularism? To propose one to move out of Theism, need not be to join the secular sojourn in a meaningless Deism. Then, can’t Theists and Atheists approach and coexist hand in hand in Secularism?

As far the humanity goes, there should be no problem for a Theist to be Secular. It has to be so according to saying of Jesus “Give to Caesar what Caesar‘s is and to God what is God‘s”. This proclamation of Jesus clearly indicates that the manifesto of any humanity is more about a “Way of Life” that could be practiced without discretion of Caste, Creed, Color, Region or Religion.

Whether Theists or Atheists or some else; it has long come to pass that humans always discriminate one against other in the name of Caste, Creed, Color, Intellectual levels, Economic stature, Ancestry traits etc,.  And because of it, Theocracy when misconceived in the hands of fanatics is worse than Fascism. Where Theism and Atheism refuse to coexist harmoniously under Secularism or in the worst case under an Autocracy, it leads to Anarchy.

2. The reality of God as a Universal entity. 

None other than hard core Atheists cast doubt of the realness of a super power that controls and maintains the Universe that is too huge and complex beyond human perception. Call it, God or Gods for making laymen to understand and to respect it.  Nonetheless, the fact remains that human words, human formulas; human made systems never could fully capture the so called reality of God as a Universal entity and meaningfully pass it down through the generations. Mostly, this is the basis of most of the ill feelings between various Religions and disparate religious practices in the past and now. Being it so, how can any religion stand up and fight those who do not agree with their views on Religion, or those oppose Theism in Toto?

3. Experience God’s effects, not God’s being.

One never can see God as a dis-incarnate or separate Self. A famous writer wrote an analogy of Essence of God‘ with the ground water flows beneath the surface of Earth. The Springs, Rivers, Lakes, Wells and Oases; no matter how differently it tastes from one location to another, and no matter how the water is used; it still comes from the essentially of same source and it is ultimately of the same radical oneness. ‘One shall visualize and experience God‘s effects, not God‘s being.’

God being Life and Love transcends all boundaries.

If God is not a Being‘ but the ground of All Beings‘, the Source of Life and the Essence of Love that bonds life, can any one any longer claim that the fullness of God has been captured by any particular group; without practicing it? Will it not be anything but idolatrous and foolhardy if any one or sect claim to know the Essence of God and then do just the opposite?

The fact is that human-beings try to approach God only with human analogy, nothing more. Even many have dared to create Gods in their own image and of many other different shapes, caricatures and characters. Then came Religions to worship and propagate it.

One cannot begin at a point where he is not; one must begin where he is.

Can God be contained within any ‘one’ Religious system, or can any group of People continue to live as if God were the tribal deity of their particular Nation or Group or Community? See how political divisions in different parts of the World found expressions by religions to historically make much of these divisions that are part of their tribal mentality. Are many of this religious propaganda we see around now bordering fanatic ideologies, sustainable for long?

As religions merely being  human creations to make people believe in the concept of GOD,   ‘Religion’ in its real sense is meant to be more about a ‘Way of life’ than an Institutionalized body. Sadly, the literal faith stories across the generations, simply do not communicate accordingly about the Essence of Religion and the Essence of God, through it that Religions are made for the People not for the God, it represent. It is therefore, that many religions are being misunderstood, by many including its current followers whose new era groups taking on religious conversion and counter conversions as their main agenda.

It pokes an important question. Does God need help of one set puny humans, for its protection from some other sets of the like, all being God’s creation?

According to many religious scriptures, God made ‘MAN’ in this Planet in his own image, hence are said to be the ones God love the most among His other creations and God gifted this ‘Place’ exclusively for them. Then God would definitely despise his most loved creations indulge in hatred and resorting to violence, hurting and killing each other and continue to live in fear, pain and sadness, vying to cause harm and destroy each other, not only themselves but also the serenity of the place they are suppose to keep and safeguard.

The opposite to hate is Love, the most valuable thing in the eyes of God. Only deeds evoke and involve Love please God. Where there is Love there is Forgiveness, Compassion and Kindness no matter what religious faith one follow.

4. Disorientation of the belief.

No righteous Religions can preach or practice the doctrine; ‘I am OK, You are not OK’ which carry the implication that You will not be OK until You become like Me. Unfortunately, such has become the posture of many religious factions for centuries now. It is quite obviously the stance of the superior to the inferior. It is judgmental, rejecting, negative and hostile. Surely, Love, the embodiment and the ‘Essence of God’, cannot be professed amid judgment and hostility.

It is said in scriptures that if you have some or any sort of hatred to other, go and level with him before you go to sleep. How many practice this? It is because of the above reasons; some of the Religious leadership, had been perceived as disoriented from the thought processes of main stream humanity with their irrelevant religious sideshows of promoting factional thinking and therefore, are in drastic need to be reformed.

5. Love is the foundation of every righteous religion that leads to concept of God.

Love is the embodiment of every righteous religion leading to the Essence of God; A religion of Love without boundaries and barriers, Love without divisions, Love without discretion of Caste, Creed, Gender, Rich or Poor, Love without animosity and an ultimate state of Love that make one love his foes more. Where there is Love there is Forgiveness, Compassion and Kindness. It cannot be believed that either skin pigmentation or ethnicity and regional disparities, or gender constitutes a matter of superiority or inferiority, it is regarded that any traditional or social system or any religious system that operates on that assumption is unworthy of communal life and will not fit into the agenda of humanity.

True believers in any Religion are those who believes and follow the teachings of its founder fathers.

A true Hindu is not because born of Hindu parents but believe the rich philosophy of Hinduism, the essence of it is in worshiping the ‘Pancha Bhoothas” as God, and peaceful and harmonious coexistence with Nature and everything in it, which is most logical than any other form of beliefs.

Similarly,  True Christians are those, all those and only those not because they are born to Christian parents but do believe and faithfully follow the path as taught by Jesus as a ‘Way of  life’ and seek to understand the “Essence God” and the effects of God and the relationship between Humans and GOD,  the true meaning of “Essence of Life”, of Death and of Life after Death irrespective of their Caste, Creed, Color, Region or Religion.

It brings out the fact that no Christian will have any problem to respect Nature, the source of sustenance of life here, and most Hindus will have no problem to understand the philosophy “Love their neighbors as themselves”. Then where is the problem?

To summarize; the need of the day for all real believers, who embrace, adore and adhere various traditional and righteous faith orders and beliefs, irrespective of the religion, faction or sect they happened to be in now; is to escape the harmful influence of vested interests of disparate fundamentalist groups; ignore the legacy of confrontation, and explore the path of conciliation. United they shall seek in a similar manner, in the light of Love and Forgiveness, and move on to share the Essence of their Religion and the Essence of God through it, harmoniously among themselves and others.

When the formations of righteous humanity stand united and tread in the path shown by the founder fathers of their Religious faith orders, with staunch desire and intention to meaningfully become part of this secular Nation, the so called Religious hierarchies as well as the thoroughly misled Political leaderships irrespective the color of their flag, will inevitably have no other choice than to fall in line. As an Indian, I have full faith in the younger generation in India, who will definitely safe guard the long cherished culture of this country and continue to upkeep the magnanimity of its Religions, the likes of those can seldom be seen elsewhere; and take this country forward united and secular, with all its diversities.


Abraham Paul. P.

Freelance Consultant ICT/ICN. Owner and CEO Future Communication Networks (FCOMNET) / Ex. VP (TS) SIEMENS ICN, Germany / Director TRG, TS&SC, SIEMENS ICN RHQ, Dubai, / G M & SMT-TBG, BPL Mobile India, / TES (A) DOT India.   Tweet @pa_paul   Blog:

Other related blogs:

The essence of Christianity

Religion and Politics.


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How to save Telecom Business as Service Industry Handling a Vital Essential Service; at verge of collapse World over.

How to save Telecom Business as Service Industry Handling a Vital Essential Service, at Verge of Collapse, World over.


Dated 13 June 2017

Introduction: No one can stop advancement of Technology; and then Technologies also change too quickly and most Technology advancements disrupt the paths it grows through. Same is truer in Information Communication Technology also. Advancement in ICT brought in convergence of Systems & Networks, Modes of connectivity, the end links and User end devices and converged various forms of ICT based transactions in transforming Universal mode of Telecommunication that greatly helped humanity across the word.

INTERNET is the best thing happened in Communication technology in past few decades. IOT and IOE are the golden catch words that will change the whole world. Naturally therefore, strangling of “Net neutrality” will be a horrendous mistake.

Nonetheless, the following facts and concerns on this regard call for serious consideration of all stake holders, the Telecom Business groups, Regulators and the Government, lest the growth of Telecom business as service industry handling one of the Vital Essential Services get disrupted beyond retrieval.

This paper dwells upon how to save Telecom Business at the verge of collapse, World over.

In this connection please see what I wrote to TRAI in response to their consultation paper on ‘Net neutrality’ warning the danger of influx of OTTs in links below: ,

Mine, being a sole voice against millions supporting Net neutrality, naturally TRAI appears to have ignored it then.

Telecom Business is all together a different Ball Game. Industrialists dealing it as new found Gold mines will be problematic.

It is heard, of late, that TRAI is having some rethinking after the US is seiously considering bringing in regulatory measures on Net neutrality and China already implemented it some time back more or less on the lines I proposed long back in my blog “Net neutrality without hurting TELCOs and Users’ and about Cyber Security in the link

Please click on the caption below to view the article in full. >>>

How to save legacy Telecom Business at verge of collapse.


Freelance Telecom & IT Consultant. FCOMNET India. Ex: V.P. (TS) SPCNL SIEMENS ICN / Director (TRG, TS & SC) SIEMENS RHQ UAE / G. M & SMT TBG BPL Mobile / TES (I) DOT India.


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Make India ‘Tax free’ regime using Power of Money going Virtual.

Make India ‘Tax free’ regime using Power of Money going Virtual.    


To whom so ever interested.                                 

AUTHOR: P Abraham Paul.     Dated June 8, 2017




I wrote about “Exclusively Banked Universal Money Management using Phones (acronym ‘Money through Mobile’ mTm) in a comprehensive paper covering almost all aspects related to it as early as in 1997 when no one has heard of those.

mTm with Integrated bank

The technology adaptation was based on the feature USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service DATA) in modern form of Signalling CCS7 in Telecom systems in PSTN as well as in PLMN. I am the first one to implement IN based Prepaid service in GSM and the Mobile Wallet Facility.

I got it tested out using USSD, and the many features, products & services as detailed in my paper in the link:

Universal mTm- System intgrated with Exclusive mTm- Bank

Need of regulatory measures by Government.

Visualising the need of having a uniform structure, applications & methods for it to succeed and the need of Government’s role in its regulatory requirements to overcome its disruptive potentials effect on economy, I did not venture to do it then myself and I had been writing to Government as well as to RBI and to Planning Commission on this and many other areas such as UUID, Exclusive Government owned Communication systems, Networks, Transport and the Connectivity issues, availability and readiness of required minimum Eco system and so on and so forth for it to take off. (Available in papaulsblogs in

  1. Object.

The main object being Inclusive Growth through Financial Inclusion, in a country like India with of its most population residing in Rural areas, it is going to take considerable effort, time and money. But then there is nothing known as ‘Perfect’ in planning, wait for it and nothing happens. The way to go is to use best of the Contemporary and move on; always with an eye on the future, beginning from Cities, Towns and in places where required eco system readily available and then move on to other areas.

This is what many Private e-business Companies do with least concern of its main object of realising Inclusive growth by Financial Inclusion is being achieved or not.

Harnessing the Power of Money gone Virtual everywhere and for everything, give opportunity for Governments to generate enough revenue for their needs by levying a small percentage on every amount of money being transacted; a bye product BONUS, to make India a ‘TAX-FREE’ nation with no other Taxation, Direct and else , GST etc.

The key issue here compromising privacy in money deals of everyone, from the Poorest of poor to Multi-Billionairs, Organizations/Institutions/Trusts/Societies (good and bad), Banks/ MFCs and the worst it, the Political Parties.

However, going Digital in anything &  everything and everywhere being one of the Prime Object of Government’s Policies, that cannot happen without everything become Transparent, and along with it the Hyper Media like Google and else prying into everything  word ‘Privacy’ in almost getting obsolete. Look what happens when you are asked to link Aadhar with PAN,  your every Bank account and money transactions have become Transparent. Facts being so, Governments overseeing every money being transacted using Technology systems as explained in this paper is just a  fate accompli and therefore,  it become meaningless to  object it as  inappropriate as it intrude Privacy.

Please click on the caption below to read the article in full.

Make India ‘Tax-free’ using Power of Money going Virtual.



Please see my other posts in free for anyone to take and use.


Abraham Paul P. FIE, FIETE

Freelance ICT/ICN Consultant.


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How to save your nation’s economy from disruption.

How to save your Nation’s economy from disruption. 



Short link:

Universally Governments Operate Money as Commodity. (UGOMAC)

#UGOMAC is about many things I had been writing over past two decades:

  1. How #MoneyThroughMobile (mTm) Technology can help to quicken #InclusiveGrowth.
  2. The urgent need of having exclusive #PaymentBanks under RBI/NPCI.
  3. Universal uniform Payment Methods in the Country using UUID.
  4. The Power and Perils of Money Going Virtual, how to convert it advantage.
  5. Need of regulating influx of Private e-money businesses, role of RBI in it.
  6. The urgent need of the prerequisites taken up and done in the developing countries on war footing basis to smoothly move over to digitalization.
  7. How Governments across the World can generate enough revenue for its needs by operating their money as commodity without burdening poor and commoners with too many taxes.

I wrote and published many papers on these in my blog  in  In fact, I happened to have devised and tested out the idea of Money through Mobile (mTm) in early 1996 along with implementing the first IN based GSM Mobile Pre-Paid Service in India. Visualizing its disruptive potential, I did not venture to do it myself then. Since then I had been persuading the Federal Governments, Finance ministers, Planning Commissions, the Political Masters, Bureaucrats, et all. Unfortunately, neither Governments nor the Print & Visual Media took note of my papers on these in papaulsblogs in and thousands of Tweets and dozens of writeups in Print and Main stream media. (Thanks to the few kind enough to report some, now and then.)

Nonetheless, it was good to see finally Sri Raghuram Rajan, the Ex. Governor RBI  approve Payment Banks (too many though), also pushing NPCI to create Uniform Payment Interface UPI and initiating the formation of Consortium of authorized as I had been persuading for many years as can be seen in my many papers published in papaulsblog  Thanks to Sri Nandakani for creation of Aadhaar the Indian version of UUID, one of the important ingredients; well before it with many teething problems though, privacy issue is one of them.  (There is nothing known as perfect in PLANNING, wait for it and nothing happens. Moving ahead using the best of the contemporary, always with an eye on the future, is the way to go.)

However, with change of batons in Governments /RBI; the momentum seems to have lost except in sloganeering by Political Masters, top to bottom in Government and every T, D & H in the Party.  Digital India, Cashless India etc., and other learnt by heart and badly knit jargons became the catch words of everyone, knowing anything about it or not, everywhere, in place or else.

Then the State elections wanted some a quick fix vote catcher ideas; an ill planned and quickly baked Demonetization idea was handy that worked politically well but Government lost the Rods, line, hook and baits in the economy front.

Nonetheless,  I continued persuading  the Government,  RBI/NPCI and heads of Banking Industry to move on and also tried my best to convince them about the lurking  dangers of fast mushrooming private e-money businesses that left unregulated will guzzle up Physical money diminishing liquidity, drain Banks killing Banking Industry and eventually the parallel economy of #VirtualMoney created by business houses with such unscrupulous methods of day light robbery will disrupt Nation’s Economy as explained  in my paper on “Power & Perils of Money going Virtual”

True that Advance of Technology disrupt the path it grows. But the World cannot remain silent spectator allowing such a catastrophic situation pass on without doing something about it. The way out is to walk the disruptive path, and walk all the way until ways and means found to convert it as advantage; adv. Government and adv. People as I had been suggesting for long to everyone concerned,  how it can be done in my paper “Inclusive Growth, Eradication of Corruption / Black  Money, #Cashless Society, better restraints on Terrorism – all in one go” and a also a side product ‘Tax Free Regimes’ as a Bonus. Please see how, in my paper in the link  Nothing new, no Rocket Science. I gave presentations on these in Institution of Engineers, Trivandrum, two years back.  Further, the above idea, a first of its kind, can find its application and adaptation in Countries across the World as suggested in my paper #Universally Governments Operate Money as Commodity” on how Governments can generate enough money for its needs without any other form Taxations, Direct and else  in the link

As can be seen, this idea offers in golden platter, the one and only way, and the most effective and workable too, in tackling the biggest problem being faced the World over in a simple way making use of Technology transparently monitor and control Money flow into wrong hands. However, jumping into it without its many prerequisites made ready in war footing basis in developing countries like India will be disastrous if not suicidal.  I wrote about this in exhaustive detail long back in my paper But then, it is it not astonishing rather unfortunate to find the actions of Government / RBI of late, allow Private e-money business houses set up #PaymentBanks; that not only fully defeat the whole purpose of making payment banks and also reverse progress made so far in this area. Finding the Media chose to remain blind, deaf & dumb, may due to obvious reasons, I had been privately communicating with Hon. PM inviting his kind attention before things go out of hand.

Please see more elaborate article on this topic in the link:

Abraham Paul P.   FIETE, FIE.

Freelance Consultant. Melbourne.  Tweet @pa_paul

Ex. Owner FCOMNET (Futuregroups. India & UAE) / Vice President (TS) SPCNL SIEMENS ICN Germany / Director (Trg, SC & TS) SIEMENS ICN RHQ, Dubai. / G.M & SMT TBG BPL Mobile India. / Telecom Engineering Service (I) DOT India.


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My Beliefs, my Faith; my Religion.

Abraham Paul. P.

Short link:

My Beliefs, My Faith; My Religion.

God is Omnipresent, always, any time and every time, in everything, everywhere.

That includes our Mind, Soul and Thoughts.

The most valuable thing in our life is our Next Breath; the God given gift.

Every ‘Breath we take in’ is God’s Blessing; every ‘Breath we leave  out’ shall be our Thanks Giving.

‘True Christians’ are those, not because they are born to Christian parents, but all those and only those who follow the teachings of Jesus, and adapt it as their way of life regardless their Caste, Creed, Tribe, Color, Region or whatever their materialistic Religion be. Rest everything, just rituals.

Please see the article in full by clicking the link below:

My Beliefs, My Faith, My Religion (2)

P. Abraham Paul.

Originally Published by me as ‘Essence of Christianity’ in SOCM. publication  in 2001.

Short link to view this article:- and clicking the Caption at the top.

Abraham Paul P.

See my blogs: ‘Religion and Politics’.’ and “Essence of Religion”  and other blogs on Technology,  Social & Community affairs in

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 Author: Abraham Paul. P            abraham-paul-2 

 Thiruvananthapuram, Dated 02 January 2017                     

Short link:

Introduction. Demonetization is Archaic and hardly can meet the objects  when applied without enough preplanning and preparation. Equally it is undemocratic for Governments to levy huge direct and indirect TAXes on rightfully hard earned Money of ordinary Citizens.

No one can stop advancement of Technology and the disruptive paths it create. Trying to tackle it with half baked and piece meal solutions like Demonetizations are of no help. The way to go is to walk, and then walk all the way with the disruptive Technology turning it an ‘Advantage Government’ and ‘Advantage the People’.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Allowing Private Business houses creating parallel Economy without Government control will lead to disastrous consequences.

What hurts Economy most is not Black Money alone but also large portion Real Money being guzzled up and converted into Virtual form by fast mushrooming e-money businesses creating Black hole of parallel economy, draining Banks, hurting liquidity and eventually disrupting Nation’s economy. It is surprising why Governments world over are being blind on this.

Everyone, right from top,  and strangely supposed to be renowned economists, and the Media 24/7 talk relentlessly mix up disparate issues starting with #Demonetization, then about going #Cashless with #Digital Money to Eradicate Corruption & BlackMoney. They all seem to have one God sent solution; advocating and pushing everyone everywhere to forget about Cash and straitaway right from the midnight of #Demonitisation to move over to #CashlessSociety by using Credit/Debit Cards, e-wallets of enormous Private e-Commerce companies, Banks, TELCOs etc., without creating any fuss about their own money in their hand or in their bank accounts.

But then what they all seem to forget is that Debit cards, Mobile wallets etc,. need to be filled and refilled with Real Money into it to get serviced and from where people will get Real Money for that in the first place.

Matter is simple and can be made workable provided the prerequisites have been addressed and taken care of before hand.

a) A new norm need to be in place.

It can happen only if the income and earnings of everyone from its usual sources also paid and received and transfected as Money in Virtual form (e-money) that is commonly acceptable to everyone everywhere.

b) Role of Country’s Federal Bank.

The way to do it is by making Government’s Central Banks (Reserve Bank, in India) create all forms of money in virtual form; (and certainly not in disparate forms by different Private e-Commerce Companies) and make available to all who handle money in the country.

End of the day it simply means that RBI being the sole authority to print and issue real money in currency, shall be made the sole authority to create Money in Virtual form also.

c) e-Wallets. Currently e-Wallets are being created by every e-ecommerce businesses without any regulative measures. There shall be a new norm such as only  Reserve Bank of India shall create, discrete open valued e-Wallets that are tamper proof, fail proof, cannot be duplicated / hacked or disrupted in anyway by any one, each of it indidually discrete. Each of these  e-wallets will have parameters that can be individually programmed and  made  available to every one as its Users; ie. every Citizen including Children, every POS’s in every place where any form of Money transactions happen i.e. All Public Banks and Payment Banks, Institutions, Organizations, Vendors and Merchants, Shops etc,. All  Private e-money companies like Alibaba, Amazon, Paytm and Money Exchange firms etc,.  will function as  individual e-wallets issued by RBI and all e-money transactions will have to be done through that.

 These e-wallets each with discrete number and identification code linked with Aadhar (Indian UUID) of every Citizen and Institutions & Organizations will become part of a Real/Virtual bank account of their choice that can be filled with uniform Virtual ‘Money as Data’ from One paisa to any amount and thus each e-wallet in the Banks and every POSs and in the hands of every user  acquires one Lump some value in the hands of its Creator that is the RBI. The Lump some value of the e-wallets get altered as e-money received and spent from it thus making the denominations of Money in it also Virtual.  

Thus RBI will have an e-Wallet of its own, its value in e-Money is the sum total value of e-Money it has created at any point of time, that is the value of entire e-money in e-Wallets RBI has issued and in circulation ensuring the total sum of the Virtual Money plus Real Money in the Country always remains constant.  

The value of e-Money in the Users e-Wallets get modified every time a request for transaction by any User through their Bank or other Media with authentication by RBI. Statics in RBI related to all e-wallets dynamic and get updated with transaction.

It is  thus RBI should be made the sole Creator, Custodian, Operator, Regulator and Controller of Virtual Money in any form in the Country.

How this help the  Country to  realize, Inclusive growth,  #NoCashCurrency Society, Eradication of Corruption/Black Money, Better restraint on Terrorism and also a TAX free Regime.

Please see my post in the link

1. Inclusive growth:

Please see a paper published by me many years back on “Exclusively Banked Universal Money Management using Phones” containing comprehensive and consolidated ideas and proposals to realize Financial Inclusion and Microfinance support to people especially in the lower social-economic strata in the link


 A Comprehensive and consolidated  paper by me describes in detail how Money through Mobile (mTm) envisage wide range of products and service to cater for all sorts of payments in every Points of Sales & Services with any amount of money in digital form any time for anything and everything, any where and everywhere, also for exchange of physical money to e-money and vice versa if required. 

Further, Money through Mobile (mTm) can enable smooth changeover to Cashless Society using UUID for all purposes and to roll out various schemes such as DBT etc., with exclusive Virtual Banks as Payment Gateways,  Universal, simple and easy to use applications, 24/7 service from anywhere any time, any amount and Digital Connectivity in remote areas with GPS via Satellites. that can also help to progressively phase out of  PDS with DBT.  

2. Power and Perils of Money going Virtual.

Please see a paper published by me on “Power and Perils of Money going Virtual” in the link in which I had explained in detail the urgent need to bring in regulation to prevent fast mushrooming Private e-money management companies  guzzling Real Money draining banks and creating a black hole of parallel economy of #VirtualMoney hurting Banking industry and Liquidity that will eventually disrupt Country’s economy. 

As e-money has to be in Virtual form to realize the said objects, the way out is that the  Banking Industry itself handle it so that liquidity is not lost and Banks are drained of Money. Please see in the following schematic the money cycle both Real and Virtual in a lay man’s perspective, how the Real and Virtual Money Cycle looks like will be with RBI becoming the Creator, Custodian, Operator and Controller of Money in its Real and Virtual forms.    

Money Cycle, Real & Virtual

Please see a presentation on this  in the link:

In order to make it fully Cashless Society and also to regulate and harness huge amount of Virtual money involved, the way out is that RBI shall be the sole Creator, Custodian, Operator, Regulator and Controller of all sorts of ‘Money in Virtual form’ and create open e-Wallets and make it available to all Citizens in India, like Aadhar. 

Reserve bank of India shall generate Money in Virtual form also in addition to printing Currency so that everyone get all sort of income and earning in their e-Wallet in the form of Virtual Money through Banks and thereby the liquidity is maintained.  This will also enable RBI to create even Billions worth of e-money in its e-Wallet and distribute it to e-Wallets of Banks within few hours without the sort of fuss seen now. 

As RBI remain the custodian of e-money, every e-money transaction in the e-wallets everywhere can happen only  with authentication of RBI like in the case of NEFT & RTGS. Hence,  RBI will have full statistics of the e-money movements in Virtual form anywhere and everywhere.    

 3. How can this lead to TAX less REGIME.


This is an idea first of its kind ever by further evolving from idea of Reserve BANK being the sole Creator, Custodian, Operator Regulator and Controller of Money in Real and Virtual form and every money transaction happens with authentication of RBI on a real time basis, it is possible for the Government to charge a levy on the amount  of Money being transacted based on any number of pre-defined parameters.  The parameters include rate of levy that can be varied at the click of a Computer button in the RBI Server. 

As real information of Money Movement happening any where in the Country and its Statistics also will be stored in the RBI Server, Government can use it for various other purposes also. Interestingly it can find International application. The above arrangement of Real and Virtual Money cycle can enable  Governments Universally across the World use their Money as a commodity (an idea first of its kind ever) to generate much needed enough income for its needs by levying a small percent, say hypothetically at 1% on every money transactions,  both Virtual and Real.

For example:- There are above Billion Mobile Phones in India.  Say a modest  amount of Rs.15000 transacted by every phone on an average per month makes it Rs.15 Trillion per month. Money is dynamic and get re-transacted about 20 times a month making it to Rs. 300 Trillion ie. Rs. 3600 Trillion annually.  1% of it is Rs. 36 Trillion which is about twice the total outlay of India’s this FY’s Central budget.

This is just about with the income from Money through Mobile alone, and it will be  hundreds of Trillion with 1% levy on all other forms of Money transactions, such as for Goods & Services, Real Estates etc,. Basically there will be no other form of Taxes, people have to pay, Direct, GST or else, thus making India a Tax free regime. Concepts are important, nuts and bolts can be added by experts aplenty  and also will have many fathers as things started moving.


Interestingly the concept can find relevance in Universal application across the world and that is why I ventured to write on this.

(By the way my paper Money through Mobile mTm I published 15 years back . It is in visualizing its disruptive potential I did not venture to do it then and was after Government & RBI to regulate and harness it turning as advantage Government and People as a whole.   But then many Private e-money Companies went ahead with scant respect for the fundamental issue, its disruptive potential,  exactly why I did not dared to do it. It appears Government has not yet understood it so far, though NPCI had done some work in creating Uniform Payment Interface and RBI allowed Payment Banks. It is surprising to note that of late how Government allow many Private e-money Companies are given Payment Bank Status which defeat the basic purpose.)

The concept find the possibility of its adaption universally across the word, for two reasons, to get out of the disruptive path and to save ordinary Citizen from getting taxed by Governments on their rightfully hard earned income. It can be straight away adapted where the prerequisites as detailed in my paper ideally in countries like  UAE. Jumping into it in with half baked solution piece meal basis  without the prerequisites made ready in a war footing basis will be disastrous if not suicidal.

4. How to  ensure  fully Cashless transactions?

Naturally a question arise how will Government make everyone use ever payment in Cashless payment route.  This can be realized by Government first of all bring in a rule  that  every place Money transactions happen shall be treated  as Point of Sales / Point of Service and Money transacted in both Physical and Virtual form shall be done only through that. Now if anyone transact Peer to Peer or Peer to Business or B to B   in Physical Money other than through POS to avoid levy on its transaction, the money so transacted has as to ultimately reach a POS for getting converted or for  Goods and Service and will come under levy payment in the hands of the receiver.  

This is ensured as the POS can be made to accept Money only in Virtual form and if money is taken in physical form it will attract levy is of the hand of the receivers when they try spend or try to convert it into virtual money.  

However, there shall be facility to accept Money in physical form and exchange it to Virtual form and vice versa to complete the transaction inviting levy twice. This will work as incentive to stick  to Cashless mode.

4.1. Money in Physical and Virtual form can co-exist for some more time. 

If someone want to use Physical Money at a POS,  it has to be exchanged into Virtual Money first. Facility shall be always available to exchange Physical Money into Virtual Money and vice versa, always inviting levy in each transaction;  thus Virtual Money transactions become cheaper and this incentive help enhance Cashless mode. Even the Black Money hoarded will have to go through a POS some where some time paying levy and get into the statistics of Government.

4.2. The base becomes broader like never before. 

Thus as everyone everywhere pay the levy on money transactions both in its Physical and Virtual form; differentially according to predefined parameters; the poor spend less and pay less; the rich the other way around; the levy-able base is widened to entire population and revenue generated will be too huge to take care the needs of Central and State Governments together with no other Taxes, Direct or else, GST etc,.  As the levy rates are program controlled it can be varied as decided by Government from time to time according various parameters such as user based, location based, status based, special needs based etc. 

4.3. Less dependency on FDI.

Once Governments developing countries are able to generate enough income to cater for all its needs, dependency on FDIs diminishes considerably. 

4.4.  Easy and quick to apply changes in emergent situations.

 Another important aspect is that the income generated can be need based and can be varied as needed from time to time in case of national calamities, poor or failure of monsoon, famine, etc., and revert back at will just with the press of a button.

5. Eradication of Corruption and Black Money and Control on Terrorism activities.

As RBI being the creator and custodian of e-money entire statistics will be available and can be monitored to prevent Corruption and Black money. Same way flow of Money into wrong hands can be prevented the one and the only sure way to restrict terrorist activities in the Country. 

6. Pre-requisites.

India should have its own INTERNET CLOUD and INTERNET EXPLORER Servers. 

6.1. India INTERNET CLOUD and indigenous Servers.

 Last but not the least, in order to get all these done it is critical to have an INDIA INTERNET CLOUD and own Explorer servers sitting within the country are a must lest the entire economy can grind to halt if solely depend on Explorers abroad happened to be hacked or switched off due to any reason beyond our control. It is also advisable to roll out the project less dependant on INTERNET. My paper “Money through Mobile (mTm) envisage realization the project using Phones both Mobile as well as well as Fixed & Public Kiosks.

6.2. Digital connectivity every where.

Extending digital connectivity needed for this every where laying  Optical cables will take time. The way to go is to implement these in places where digital connectivity available and remote areas are connected to Central Servers with GPS over Satellite links to provide access Central server from rural Post Offices, Panchayat & Government offices and Franchisees through Kiosks.

Jumping into  #DigitalIndia, #Cashless etc.,  in a hurry  without the prerequisites such as mentioned above  is like putting the cart before the horse and will be disastrous. Forewarned is Forearmed.


Please see my blogs on Digital India: Views, opinions, and new proposals on various Technology & Social and Community affairs.  and


Author: Abraham Paul P. FIE, FIETE.

Free lance Telecom and IT Consultant, Ex Owner FCOMNET India & UAE / Vice President Technical Sales, SPCNL SIEMENS ICN Germany / Director Trg. SC & TS SIEMENS ICN RHQ UAE / G. M & SMT TBG BPL Mobile India / Telecom Engineering Service, (I) DOT India. Tweet @pa_paul


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