2G scam – ‘Much-a-do-about-nothing’.

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2G scam  – ‘Much-a-do-about-nothing’.     http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-jy

Introduction: Having been actively associated in the implementation of one of the early
GSM systems in India in 1995, I choose to remain stead fast in my opinion I had on this
subject from the inception of GSM for the following reasons:-

1. Ownership of Spectrum shall remain with government.  Wireless Spectrum is a nonrenewable national resource and as such need to be handled scrupulously and judiciously by Government and Regulatory authorities. The ownership of the spectrum shall remain with Government by allowing only its ‘right of use’ so that spectrum can be withdrawn and reallocated where it is no more required or not being put to intended use by any Agency or Operator.

2. Need to move with fast changing Technology. Technology is changing very fast. What is best today would become obsolete tomorrow. Different technologies would need different frequency layer, band…

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Sex, Society and the State.

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CAUTION: “For mature readers only”

Sex, Society and the State.


Author: Abraham Paul. papaul@hotmail.com   Tweet: @PA_Paul

(At the outset, I would like to inform the readers that the issues involved in this are very subjective and complex and have different perceptions in different societies across different places and as such the observations and opinions contained may not be universally agreeable to all. What prompted me to write this is the on going debate about legalizing off the track hetero sexual ad homosexual behavior by law. 

Attitudes on matters pertaining to sex are changing in this part of the world also. Therefore, I want to make it clear that I do not disagree to anyone who chooses to disagree to my view points. I can only state that, I wrote this in the context of the culture and the communal life as experienced by me in this country.)


Introduction: …

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About Democratization of Information #DoI and embracing IT in Governance.

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Abraham Paul P.

Ex: V.P. SIEMENS SPCNL / G.M. BPL. Mobile / TES (I) DOT India.

papaul@hotmail.com  Tweet @PA_Paul

Democratization of Information #DoI and embracing IT in governance.     http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-g6

For kind attention of Mr. Sam Pitroda.

While agreeing fully that embracing IT is the way to improve Governance;  India being one of the nations in the forefront of IT capability, it is astonishing why Government is still far away from exploiting its potential  in the over-all governance so as to transform its various departments  efficient,  faster and transparent.

In fact, India of today, with considerable penetration of Mobile phone services, most people in the lowest social & economic strata use information communication technology in a day to day basis much more than what the governments do.

Democratization of Information #DoI through various social media would become very much useful at least for the middle class who greatly indulge in…

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Deviation from the right process of governance is the reason for most our woes.

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Deviation from the right process of governance is the reason for most our woes.

Short link.       http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-cV

Claim of Politicians owning the Government is a blatant myth.

Introduction: In Democracy, definition of Government  ‘of the people’, ‘by the people’ and ‘for the people’ meaning that ownership of government and governance shall ultimately rest with ‘People’. The claim of  a group of elected representatives claiming ownership of government is nothing but illogical and mostly a made up ‘myth’ by political class.

The inherent perils in Indian Democracy. Unrelenting desire and self centric ambition to gain superiority over other at any cost and ever growing insatiable greed and desire for change being the basic instincts that differentiate the human race, a political setup that envisages any country be ruled by a government Of the People, By the People and For the People, is more an Utopian myth than a realizable reality…

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The Essence of Christianity.

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                                Related to Earthly Life, Death and after Death.

Author: Abraham Paul. P.  Dated   08 January 2005


Short link:  http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-5T

(Preface: This article is for the adolescent who might be confused of various critical interpretations they come across as they grow up, about values of Religion, Christianity and Orthodox Christian faith.  It reflects my adolescence experience, the turmoil and the thoughts that helped me to get over them. Later I happened to meet many youngsters across the world going through the same sort of experience, and I wrote this for them.  May be some thoughts are radical and may not be agreeable to the scholars and unpalatable to elders and a section of the Church. So take what you like and ignore the rest.)  


After hearing some of the religious sermons we often end up more confused, sadder and in some sort of hopelessness…

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Virtual Money is best handled by Virtual Banks

Exclusively banked Universal Money Management using Phones.


Money through Mobile (mTm) for Inclusive finance to quicken inclusive growth.

Most banks, both Public and Private have its limitations to take care of the needs of the un-banked in the lower social and economic strata. Naturally, huge volume of low value accounts as envisaged in #PMJDY scheme in India eventually likely to lead most banks to collapse due to severe HR constraints and gross customer dissatisfaction for no fault of the banks.

The way out is to have digital online virtual banks with minimum human interface, exclusively to take care of the needs huge un-banked population especially in the lower social and economic strata.

Of late, there had been mushrooming of many forms of Virtual Money businesses, both banked as well as unbanked. The hidden danger in this is that unless well regulated Virtual Money businesses can gobble up real money and disrupt nation’s economy.

To safeguard against this, RBI shall be the originator and custodian of all forms of virtual money, as encoded and encrypted data-strips with unique identification bar codes for every denomination of virtual money, that will need on-line authentication of RBI in its every transaction.

Money through Mobile (mTm) envisages the idea of an exclusive virtual money management bank integrated with a payment gateway that will handle all forms of money management using phones, both mobile as well as fixed ones, taking care of all aspects mentioned above.

A detailed write up and power point presentation in the following links:

Press Ctrl key and click on the caption below.

Exclusively banked Universal Money Management by Phones (170115) (MS word article)

Exclusivly banked Universal Money management using phones (170115) (PPT presentation)

Also please see my blog: Response to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Consultation Paper on USSD-based Mobile Banking Services for Financial Inclusion http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-uv


Abraham Paul. P    papaul@hotmail.com        Tweet @PA_Paul

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Need to celebrate Holy Eucharist in English.

Need to celebrate Holy Eucharist also in English.

Short link. http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-Bk

Eastern Orthodox liturgy that we have from our saintly spiritual forefathers and passed on through generations is the richest among the World Christian faith orders. The need of the day is to adapt ourselves to the fast changing social environment. I do not mean that we should deviate in any way from the liturgy or do away with different vernacular form of it.

What we need is some amount of compromise in our ardent love for participation in the celebration of Holy Qurbano in Malayalam, everywhere, in the wider interest of our future generation who are being brought up with no working knowledge of the mother tongue, or rather we have deliberately changed their mother tongue as English due to compulsion of circumstances they are being brought up.

The fact being, even many grown ups nowadays are not proficient enough in Malayalam to fully understand the liturgy as their parents could.  

True, that for most of us it is more comfortable and satisfying to partake celebration of Holy Qurbano in Malayalam even while we are fully aware that children of many of us do not understand its substance in depth. ‘Manglish’ (English made readable in Malayalam) substitutes we use are of some help, but not enough to follow and understand the full meaning of the prayers and hymns in our liturgy to make our children mentally involve in it fully. Even grown ups who do not have opportunity to learn Malayalam also are simply reciting it without knowing its meaning.

There is always this argument that those who do not know Malayalam should learn the English version to know and understand the meaning of what they recite in Malayalam, but then will it ensure their real involvement. While the full mental involvement of many of us while Holy Qurbano celebrated in own vernacular being questionable, it can  be understood how it would be if it is in some language we do not know. For example: Don’t we feel uncomfortable when we hear the Syriac version of the Holy Qurbano hymns sung in between by church choir and few deacons without congregation’s participation in spite of the fact that most of us know the meaning of it. Just imagine how much difficult it is for the children to learn by heart something what they do not know or understand at all.

This is perhaps, one of the reasons for many of our adolescent children, even some adults get attracted to other forms of Christian worship that give them a feeling of more involvement and participation. To feel the difference, just observe the behaviour of our children while the Vicar or others deliver serious sermons in Malayalam in the church and in prayer meetings; and then watch them when these are done in English; how attentive the children become then.

Most of churches now  provide Holy Qurbano texts with transcripts in ‘Manglish’ (English made readable in Malayalam) and some do have English and Syriac version of the prayers also. The perfect way would be that every believer of Holy Syrian Orthodox faith order to learn the Syriac like the Muslims learn Arabic.  This being not very practical, it will be prudent to consider celebrating the Holy Eucharist also in English, at least once a month or so according to the need and convenience of the congregations.  Prayer books in English version are available now and every church can get these. It can be obtained to teach children at home and in Sunday schools.  Holy Qurbano in English version are available in many TV channels and in CDs. Children can be encouraged to watch this.

Most of our worship hymns in English could be sung in the same tune as in its Malayalam version. Church Choir can prepare and provide CDs for the laity to learn and follow these. The lyrics can be displayed in wide LED screens, as being done in some churches.

The greatest advantage of this is that children once understand the meaning of the lyrics and hymns, in the language known to them, they will be  also able to assimilate it while participating in  celebration of Holy Eucharist in Malayalam or any other language.

It is most heartening to know that some congregations in Kerala and outside and many  abroad, H. Qurbono is being celebrated in English. I remember the now Cor episcopa Rev. Fr. Roy Kochat, took pains to learn and celebrate Holy Qurbano in English, once in a month in Kalina church in Mumbai in 1995.  Now this is being done in most our churches there.

English version of the hymn ‘Udayon arul cheythu’  in itself contains the entire philosophy and essence of Christian faith in nut shell; the first three stanzas are the commands and promises of Jesus to us and the remaining are what we beseech to God. This can be sung in the same tune as its Malayalam version.  It is worthy to make every child learn the song in English so as to make them understand it in the language they are proficient, in context of relevant verses from H. Bible, and teaching them to sing it, which will be equally if not more useful than the lengthy sermons in Malayalam that most children do not follow. To start with we may introduce singing of the English version of the above hymn intermittently with the Malayalam version. Also some of the Diptychs could be read in English in every Holy Qurbano.   Try it and see how much the children will appreciate it.

With kind regards to all,


Author: P. Abraham Paul, Karottuveettil, Trivandrum.

e-mail: papaul@hotmail.com  Tweet @PA_Paul

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