Bio science can help to make positive change in humanity.

Bio science can help to make positive change in humanity.

Introduction: From the days of Cain and Abel, the Kouravas and Pandavas, Barbarians and Saxons, Mangolians and Budhists,  Ruthless  Rulers and the Nomads & destitute  etc, etc,  the nature seems to have failed in providing the basic ingredients to bind the human race together for their harmonious and peaceful coexistence with love and affection. Now it rest with the humans to find ways and means to come out of these dangerous traits.

1. It was thought that Educational systems and religious moral teaching could make the change needed. “Education” is a highly subjective term that has vastly different meaning depending on equally disparate situations and continuously evolving community and social needs. True; education helps to mould one’s mindset, outlook and life style. But here again, it all depend on the essence of education.  Education should cause ‘positive change’ in human being. Then we come to the issue of what is ‘positive change’. I had my education in a missionary run school, where inculcating human values was an equally important objective as imparting knowledge. For me, it worked in a ‘positive’ way in my life and in my outlook towards fellow humans.

2. From the views of many, it is clear that we have different perceptions of the merits of education. If developing self-centric aggressive tendencies and making it the social rules and adopting it as the life style is considered to be the positive benefits of education, why search elsewhere, for problems?

Somehow I am unable to agree that lack of ‘Education’ is the only cause of all the problems we see in the human behavior patterns. Can any one say that all those who are indulging in terror and violence in the name of religion, territorial and regionalist interests, anti-social activities etc., are illiterates?

3. The arguments on the importance and benefits of Education, revolve around its definition. As WISDOM is distinctly different from KNOWLEDGE, molding the MIND with wisdom is clearly different from bashing of BRAIN with knowledge.

Making human systems bound with moral conducts and social strictures had been effective to some extent, but then even the concept of family which is the backbone of the community structure are changing.

We thought that Religions could lead people to believe in the concept of God, and through that to better humanity. Scriptures of every righteous religion are made with that purpose. But always the fights between religions and in-fights within the religions have become the main reasons for most of the disharmony in humanity right from its beginning.  Many forms of extremist religious fervour in every religion have made people Schizophrenics. It appears that Atheists have more compassion to fellow humans.

4. My point of view is that human mind can undergo change by external influences in various forms. The area that human mind can traverse at any point of time is infinite. It is possible that many may go through unusual, bizarre or abnormal or socially unacceptable thoughts at some time or other in their life which may cross the boundaries of social stipulations and ethics. For some, such thoughts overtake their brain, making them undergo behavioral change and grow beyond the barriers in an otherwise normal person. Then it is to be considered as a disease needing cure as in the case of Schizophrenics. There are good medicines to restrict Schizophrenia and same way cure can be tried for many who imbibed negative tendencies by mental submission.

Conclusion: I sincerely hope, Bio-science will be of help to make a positive change in human behavioural pattern. We depend on many preventive medications right from birth for protection from deadly diseases. Having one more to make a healthy mind and stable brain, if can be achieved with Bio Science,  it shall be most be welcome and, the quicker it happens is best for the humanity.

Note: Those who are interested (adult readers only) may please see my posting “Sex, Society and State”   in which I tried to explain the bizarre relation between mind and brain. These are my own personal views and may not be agreeable to many and I do not disagree with those who disagree;  means that readers are welcome to take what they like and discard the rest.

Abraham Paul P          


About Abraham Paul

Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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