Sex, Society and the State.

CAUTION: “For mature readers only”

Sex, Society and the State. 


(At the outset, I would like to inform the readers that the issues involved in this are very subjective and complex and have different perceptions in different societies across different places and as such the observations and opinions contained may not be universally agreeable to all. What prompted me to write this is the on going debate about legalizing off the track hetero sexual and homosexual behavior by law.  Attitudes on matters pertaining to sex are changing in this part of the world also. Therefore, I want to make it clear that I do not disagree to anyone who chooses to disagree to my view points. I can only state that, I wrote this in the context of the culture and the communal life as experienced by me in this country.)  

Introduction: Sexual urge is a natural phenomenon for all.

Sexual urge being a natural instinct and for every human being its fulfilment is a necessity as one grows from childhood to puberty, adolescence and to maturity of adult life. Feeling of Sex is not some strange phenomena that can be kept in a switched off condition and turn on only at wedding night. Sex is also something that cannot be kept blocked till the day one attains a stipulated particular age. Except perhaps, for the few sages capable to practice control of body, mind and emotions; normal humans would naturally go through sexual experience of some kind or other in those passing phases of their life from young age. In fact for every normal human, the desires to copulate are a natural instinct and for most, it acts not very different from the compelling feeling or craves for food when hungry or for cigarette or alcohol or drugs in case of those addicted to those.

1. Sex as biological life science.

1.1. To ensure procreation happens by instinct, nature attached to it mental emotions and physical pleasure of different nature in different species as incentives for the urge to procreate. Like in most creations, the humans are also created mostly in two different forms in general to perform the distinctive procreative functions, although there is exceptional diversity such as transvestites/transgender/intersex etc. that are also found in other forms of creation and also with both multi-sexual functions contained within itself.

What differentiates humans from other forms of life is it’s self inducted social community system. To ensure harmonious living according to the needs of the time and circumstance, different communities defined set of strictures, rules and conventions to bind the humans together in a micro community known as family. Self imposed behavioral boundaries of individuals within and outside the family are defined according to their roles and position as Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Grand parents, Uncle, Nephew, various relatives, non-relatives, child, aged, single, married etc etc.

For many, the tendency to indulge in sexual activities beyond the limited / defined social boundaries in the community to which one belong, override valid reasoning just as there need be no reasoning that a person when too starved will look for food, anything that is available. Many act on an impulse without thinking of its possibly negative after effects, some of it may be illegal and disallowed according to ethics and some very severe and destructive.

1.2. Sexual awareness in developing countries. Indian adolescents of earlier generation were less informed of matters pertained to sex and it had its attendant problems, may be of a different nature. The new generation is misinformed, rather half informed, and there are more problems in different ways. There is a mix up of facts related to passing through short term sexual intimacies and practical long term sex relations that lead to a stable family setup.

In general, the adolescents at that age will not be ripe enough to discern and discriminate the merits and demerits and implications of their mental, social and physical effects friendships which normally leads to normal and acceptable. For some in their exuberance of adventurism, would not bother to distinguish and discriminate between short term & long term companionship, sexual relationships between friends of same sex and of opposite sex, and at what age they should think of life partnership and about matters and situations related to their role in various phases of their life.

2. Sex and Society.  Indiscreet exposure to too much of Sex and Violence laden movies, uncanny videos and explicit literature and other materials from young age will naturally tend to corrupt the brain and minds of large number of people every where across the world.

2.1. Non-consensual violent sex is crime irrespective of age or status. In the matter of sex involving various forms of coercion, aggression or violence, every such act without consideration or age or status are considered as a criminal act and hence dealt with accordingly. It is therefore, that sexual violence causing physical and mental harm in either of the couples in marital status also is considered a crime.

The law also applies differently for persons who are minor at the time of the crime. Fact of life is that for most young persons, some forms of untoward sexual behavior (homo-sexual tendency etc.) they happen to experience during adolescent age ceases or brought under self control and as they grow up most leads normal hetero sexual life. Therefore, any sexual crime committed during adolescent age to be considered differently from that of adults. Reducing the age from 18 to 16 also need detailed  study such as the number of such cases and also what happens in rare cases of juveniles not attained even that age. Law cannot go on changing by reducing the age further and further.

Another aspect is about how to deal with a minor sex criminal who grow into adulthood during the course of legal procedure or while undergoing punishment. That is why the matter pertaining to sex is too complex and therefore, need complex solutions. Effect of certain societies or groups brain washing people from young age about the their own moralities on matters related to  sexual relations and need of moral policing on premarital sex etc., make people to turn violent against those not  adhering to their such misconceived rules.


Demarcation of what is right and what is wrong in sex.

Sexual violence against the will of the other, as applicable in any other cases of violent acts against other, it is difficult for law to come in and condemn consensual sex between any one except the ones indulging minors who are not grown up to know about sex or able to discriminate the feelings between parental and other forms of fondling, handicapped ones and who are oblivious of the physical and psychological consequences and ill effects in indulging in sexual experience with some one else.

Again the question arises how to deal with matters related to prostitution that is legal in many countries. Most women involved in this do not indulge in consensual sex but due compulsion of poverty though what happens there then is worst form of rape by any definition of law.

3.1. Personal autonomy in choice of mates: Before ending these long drawn arguments, I would like to draw the attention of the readers that the context of this discussion so far has been based on the concept of companionship of individuals involving in sexual intimacy as part of it. Camouflaged or otherwise, there is always are about the intentions of their choice of companionship and therefore, such arguments are self valedictory and non contrastive in a neutral view point.

However, as in every other case or arguments for and against, truth always remain embedded in the details. In order to make the diversified arguments short, we may quickly look into one important aspect of the right of individuals in remaining in non sex centric companionship. The question arises then is how intimacy remains restricted only between two individuals? Realistically their friends, life mates and so on, the individuals in companionship shall naturally include sex partners as its subset. Is it not then in essence is closer to the concept of family as had been defined and being experienced by humanity now and therefore, where is the need for breaking away from it. What need perhaps is a compromise for inclusiveness of individuals for the sake of intimacy sans sex, intimacy for mutual sexual satisfaction and intimacy for procreation.

3.1.1. Aberrations to personal autonomy and human rights: There are aberration to above in some places where the society one belong define, strictures and rules about whom one can marry or whom one must not, in spite of general rules and laws prevailing in the State. Also the laws restricting marriage between boys and girls of same local society etc., and even go to the extent of  honor killing those disobey such strictures. In some places, falling in love with a person of within Gothra or from another Gothra or community etc., are deemed as severe crime and others will try to separate them in the name of guarding honor of the parents or family or the society as a whole. It is only natural that people grow up in such communities behave with such  mindset wherever they are and consider it as their bounden duty to follow it.

When properly analyzed it can be seen that many killings that happen are not be plain sexual crimes but much more than that. Pity those sent to gallows for many heinous crimes they commit against women and young couples, as many such had become slaves of the mindset they grow up with. Though such things are not justifiable and against human rights, things continue to happen under the nose of very same State. Naturally there is much hue and cry every time such crimes happen, but the sad part is that no one gives any serious thoughts on why such things happen.

3.2. Youngsters naturally tend to emulate the elders they grew up with or familiar in their society/community. The most dangerous effect of it is that youth brought up in such areas will have a permanent mindset and can become harmful to society such as being often experienced in many places. Many young adolescents emulate the elders and get influenced by their ways, mannerisms and life styles, claiming these as a matter of right, by bending the rules to their convenience, and look down at those oppose them. In the context of Western and such similar culture, these are perhaps, acceptable in healthy means of mental transaction between like minded persons and even when it tend to lead to sexual activities between them, if consensual and are of regulatory age. In the context of Indian culture, the situation is some what different. However, things are changing in India also now; towards which direction and for better or worse; are the questions? The danger is that the younger generation is likely to overdo the newly induced foreign culture. This fact is glaringly visible in cases where many perfectly normal youngsters, trying to emulate the abnormal or extreme life styles of west, initially take it on as an adventure, and then slowly fall into a permanent mind set and end up neither there nor here. It makes many to often end up in a life destroyed for no reason; instead of knowing that many such variance in sexual behaviors of temporary nature in adolescent age are perfectly normal and most pass through it during this transient phase of adolescence, and later could go on and lead a normal hetero sexual life as they grow up and that is what happen in the western countries.

3.3. Importance of Counseling: These aspects stress the importance of good counseling and guidance to the youngsters, from parents, professionals and friends, during their adolescence, the difficult transient phase of life. Making too much fuss in favor or against sexual behaviors, only help aggravate the situation. Because of the misleading interpretations and social stigma about homosexuality etc. the youngsters get confused from some of their very normal experience in their adolescence, and deem to consider themselves as others. Making them aware of the facts with open discussions and studies are the ways to get over these problems. In countries where unnatural sex during any situation is a punishable crime, and in various religions that treat it as an act of sin, it need to conveyed so and taught accordingly that for everyone, it is a moral obligation and religious compulsion and over and above a necessity to fulfill the bonds of family structure.

3.4. Should female as a species need be different?

There is a thought process in this part of world that female as a species needs to exercise more restraint compared to males for the sake of maintaining harmony in humanity: It is argued by some that human anatomy is one of the wonderful creations of nature and the beauty that resides in the female human body is as magical and joyful like the beautiful flowers, and also as natural as in its various stages, buds, full blown and finally waning of as time passes without waiting for anyone or anything. It is argued by some in  very conservative society  that while a beautiful flower in its stem in the garden or in a garland in the right place is a joyful thing; cast out of place it will be mindlessly trampled by the mentally sick there aplenty everywhere.

While it is generally opined by many in all walks of life that what one do with their body is their own right, everyone should be prudent and pragmatic to keep in mind this is a mad world and there are large number of sexually starved and mentally sick persons out there. Modesty demands need to exercise discretion how one conduct and exhibit oneself, the way to attire and behave befitting the occasion place and circumstances they are in. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of every parent to teach their children to be discrete and always keep in mind who they are, with whom they are associated with and act according to the situation based on the time and environment. The Jyothi Singh (#NIRBHAYA) murder case is a typical example. It is not that women do not have equal right to go anywhere and do whatever they want like men folk, only that the wise should be more discreet for own good. Parents have the responsibility to make their children aware of this.

3.5. Though I do not fully subscribe to such views, may be in order to keep the balance of this article, it is considered necessary to dwell upon various area of thought processes prevailing some section of the society hereabout. True that from the beginning of human race nature had bestowed marvelous beauty in female sect of human species to attract even the wildest of male species for the purpose of companionship, protection and procreation. As humanity developed with happening of various forms of social stricture and rules that made it necessary to have discretion in the behavioral pattern of both species of human race about the way one should behave and conduct themselves at home among own people and in other places in the presence of outsiders and total strangers.

However, for large section of females, especially in influential societies it is part of developed life style and accepted practice to wear fashionable cloths that help to enhance and highlight the beauty of the one abode in it. The type and design also depends on age, place and occasion. However, wearing of scanty clothes exposing large portion of naked skin and so on may be acceptable and Ok at certain places but adorning it with no concern and discretion about where, when and among whom, would be incorrect and may be harmful as such persons are likely to be wrongly type casted by the society as exhibitionists.

Most women activists argue that it is fundamental right the way how they dress or how they exhibit and deal with the sensual parts of their body cannot be faulted. It is Okay but not anywhere and every where. In early days in England and Europe it was also a practice by males to wear tight cloths that vividly show the contours of their private parts which was considered fashionable then.

Everyone needs to keep in mind that exercising discretion is the key. Otherwise such behavior of women naturally ends up psychological rape of the minds of at least some of the beholders.

Time has changed and it is only prudent for everyone, both male and female species to observe the following universal rule of life “Enne nokku, Ninne nokku, Neram nokku, Nila nokku” (Look at self, look at the other, look at the occasion, the time, place and environment) in anything and everything one do.  A bathing suit or bikini is nice in the swimming pool or in the beach and a comfortable mini trousers with scanty blouse at home, but not in the Office, Church, Temple and in public transport and such places.

3.6. The tendency to bend strictures in permissive societies: As mentioned earlier, certain interpretations of matters pertaining to sex work both ways. In the permissive societies, there is a tendency to bend the strictures on purpose to accommodate the vested interest of a section or group under the cover of various so called personal rights, community or tribal practices, to make the wrong a right, like twisting of the rules in the assumptions that premarital sex is not only OK but a necessity whereas extra marital sex is taboo, though the border line in mother to breast feed her children. But then there are boundaries as to for how long, without that the right would lead to wrong.

3.7. The rules of Sex, often than seldom apply both ways: It is necessary to make the youngsters understand that, there are many things in life for which rules sometimes do  apply both ways and there are many out of the rule-book behaviors that are acceptable.

Typical examples can be cited from the area of sexual behavior itself. There is part of life in every sperm and female eggs, but millions perish in the natural process in life. Nothing can be done about it and so beyond any reproach. Onanism, which according to some strictures is against natural law, is an accepted method as an effective way for family planning.

  1. Sex and the State.

Fact is that Sex is a complex subject and hence need equally complex solutions.

4.1. The fallacy of  judging what is right on consensual sex. The laws are needed and like every law, laws regarding sexual promiscuity also need to follow applying defined limits within various perimeters and boundaries in every case such as legality of child marriage and punishable age in case of juvenile fornication.  There are many complexities in law making such as it is illogical to say homo sexuality between two individuals becomes legal from the time one attain a particular age and illegal a day before that.

4.2. Since level of sexual desire of individuals cannot be discriminated in terms of age, it is amply possible that a minor adolescent person, female or male can induce, in different ways, a major person to undergo sex with. In such cases it will be drastically unfair if the law applies only against the major partner in the act.  Applying any such laws against consensual sexual indulgences between two individuals arbitrarily can make many innocent persons to undergo legal punishment.

Another issue is that if consensual sex between two adults in privacy are legal, will it not be extendable to that indulging more than two persons such as group sex etc.?  It is therefore, become difficult to take sides in the question to legitimize or not to legitimize and the righteousness of legal statutes to make sexual experience between consenting adolescents punishable by law.

4.3. Distinction between born homosexuals and heterosexuals turned homosexuals.

The question is whether in Indian context, is it right to indiscreetly legitimize homosexual behavior by a sweeping law?

Indulgence in Sex during adolescence.

It is altogether a different matter that quite naturally many persons in their adolescence may resort to sexual activities depends on circumstances, convenience and availability of sex objects to satisfy sexual urge in the adolescent age. Masturbation, sodomy, lesbianism, sex with other objects etc., are some such natural experiences during adolescence, when consensual sex acts and copulation with the right type of opposite sex are not possible due to different factors like ones age, urgency, availability, community rules, social stigma, fear of revelation, fear of contamination and exposure to diseases etc. Such sexual activities during adolescence are taboo in the eyes of Society and against law in the eyes of State, but seldom dealt as criminality for obviously right reasons.

However, the State also need to consider the possibility of following western countries where provision of Sex kiosks, Adult Cinema are there for harmless appeasement of sexual appetite of sex starved persons.

4.4. Legitimizing all forms of homosexual behavior is entirely different from legitimizing sex between those born transvestites, transsexuals and others in LGBT community.

In present day discussions about legitimizing all homosexual behavior and activities by a sweeping law by the judiciary, the basics seems to be getting sidelined when looked in the context of long prevailing culture in Indian subcontinent, which is considered healthier when compared to that of many other parts of the world and therefore, worth  preserving it without erosion.

The current discussion about indiscreetly legitimizing homo sexual behavior is an entirely different issue that has nothing to do with legitimizing the activities and life styles of born transvestites, transgender, transsexuals, intersex, and those adopt homosexual behavior out of biological compulsion and hence call for great deal of discretion. This is going on for ages and no one consider it illegal and punishable under Section 377. What is criminal is homosexual activity between any one that tantamount to definition of rape and attracts section 377.

The crux of the matter is whether legally allowing sexual relation between homosexuals in LGBT, as their birth right and therefore, legal, how can then heterosexuals indulging in homosexual activity can be treated illegal according to Section 377 of the constitution, which in the face of it is not only discriminatory but also difficult to implement?  Also about how an heterosexual individual indulging in sexual activity with a homosexual individual to be treated? Again how to discriminate who is homosexual and who is not? Insisting to obtain certificate of sexuality is an unworkable proposition.

The right choice is to allow every one hetero sexual and homosexuals who has attained legal age to have sexual relations of their choice and on mutual consent without invoking Article 377 or any other criminal law. On the other hand there shall be provision in the  constitution to safeguard against non-consensual sexual activities involving rape and violence, by any one, hetero sexual and homosexual including LGBT communities.

4.5. Homo sexual activity by Heterosexuals destroys the concept of family. 

What is worth pondering is that when any form of sexual activity with same sex by any misguided heterosexual is adapted as modern life style as mentioned in the earlier part of this paper, it destroys the value of family and destroys the boundaries and meaning of communal life. My view is that more careful attention is needed in this field to prevent wholesome failure of the much cherished family concept.

State has no much say in matters pertaining to sexual behavior of people as far as it does not violate legal strictures.  May be the judiciary need to come into picture only where there is a litigation related rights of individuals in relation to established legal views of the country without encroaching into the right of individuals on their choice of companionship as far it is not harmful to themselves or to the community.

It is same concerning the transvestites/transgender/intersex etc. Like every individual they have also equal right to choose their sexual partners based on their sexual orientation.

Therefore, what is important is that for each individual it is their personal responsibility to look inward to know what is right for him. We can only sincerely request the youngsters to have a second thought and get some meaningful counseling and medical advise to ensure that they are not a victim of globalization of social culture which thrust on others, a culture where uncontrolled sexual promiscuity is rampant and are compelled to find means to justify it by promulgating behavior such as homo sexuality as a way to branch of to modern life style.

4.6. Distinctions in the case of born freaks, Transvestites and Bisexuals.

It is the fact of nature, that there are always some abnormalities in every form of creation, physical, psychic and functional.  There are born freaks and there are some with abnormal form of behaviors in every form of life. Every community and religion has set of rules to deal with those born freaks and those who are behaviorally abnormal by biological compulsion like in the case of transvestites. These rules are made applicable in general to be followed by every one in the community in the normal situation. These are exemptions for those born as bisexuals, the transvestites, loosely termed as ‘gays’ for accepting them as part of the society with acceptance and understanding that their abnormal behavior is out of biological compulsion.

4.7. There shall be no two opinion or arguments about the extreme necessity for the community as whole and the Government to handle these born freaks, transvestites and bisexuals like the Hijaras in a systematic and understanding way. They need to be given all possible support and consideration from the society and the government.

However, mixing up the issues related to all types of homo-sexual behavioral issues with the problems of bisexuals by birth, and imposing general rules on everyone with sweeping law would not be the right thing for any legal system, the Government, the social and communal structure and the humanity as a whole especially in the context of cultural heritage of countries like India. The argument that such abnormal behaviors were prevalent in some time past as part of its culture as depicted in some of the artistic creations in old temples etc. or even currently in vogue in some parts of the country and some communities do not justify its adoption as an acceptable behavior and life style across a matured society.

  1. Pervasive perversions of sex.

The problems faced in society are not only because of adolescent behaviors. The greater and harmful dangers that threaten to destroy the thin fabric that bound together family life are the irresponsible sexual promiscuity. It happens when many humans fail to overcome the basic instinct and continue to indulge uncontrolled sex behavior even after paired with one from opposite sex, crossing defined behavioral boundaries making the social strictures defunct.

It can be likened to the difference in the attitude and crave for food in the case of Yogis / Sages / Sanyasis, and normal persons and gluttons. The same is true with the varying instinct of sex urge also.  It would be hypocritical to claim that no such pervasive thoughts have ever passed through one’s mind any time.  The socially trained minds would exercise control on their brains and behavior in such matters of life. Others who succumb to abnormal behaviors without reason are considered perverts.

5.1. Sexual abuse involving children. It is possible that some children even at the very young age if get fondled wrongly by someone with sexual intention tend to react it as a basic instinct, just as they react naturally in their other activities. It may easily happen that innocent minors who are mentally unaware to discriminate between various feelings would find pleasures in these episodes, and become prey to irrational sex episodes of grown ups like pedophiles etc., and then become gravely remorseful as they grow up and look back. There are cases of youngsters due to various reasons and circumstances; unaware or unmindful of the consequences, tend to indulge in sexual activities ending in harmful consequences for both. This is again one of the serious problems we face in the society.

5.2. The line separating feeling of affection and that involving sexual affliction is very thin.

The line between the feeling of love and affection and sexual emotions are very thin.      The key words to be kept in mind are: Do not indulge in any thing that one would feel guilty or regret later.  That is why the wiser forefathers use to advise us the need to avoid prolonged personal intimate company in isolation with others; of close relatives including own or step sister/brother, step parents, house maids etc. It is only prudent to enforce strict punishments to deter such harmful practices. However, it is the responsibility of the grown ups to exercise extreme discretion to avoid situations involving various involuntary behavioral patterns of little children that could lead to severe form of child abuses that have become big curse of the society.

5.3. Unnatural Sex leading to perversion.

Nature, in its creations of various species has provided individual organs for its various functional needs. In male and female human species, the different organs serve different functions so as to fulfill various purposes intended by nature. Using any of these organs for other than its intended purpose and in ways other than its defined biological and physical function will definitely have adverse effects, biologically, physically, mentally and psychologically. Therefore, one need to choose what is right in their sexual activities discriminating what is natural and what is unnatural.

5.4. External aids to ease sex related excesses.

In the Western countries, service of different type of licensed sex parlors and cinema halls and automated kiosks are available for those in need of harmless self sex satisfaction. Nowadays, one can easily access these in adult TV channels or via Internet as vent to appease sexual appetite though one need to be careful about the type of sites and material they access not to get into legal problems and also to safeguard ones utility systems gets virus infected.  Such provisions help to sooth the mental impulses of the sex starved, and hence reduce untoward sexual violations and harmful sex activities leading to unpardonable crimes.

5.5. Need of sex in old age.

Like hunger for food, crave for sex continues in old age in most people may be in a lesser scale. As happens in the case of adolescents, desire for sex happens in elderly ones who lost their mate or either becoming dysfunctional due to old age or sickness. Unlike elderly women, this mostly happen with elderly men, as men continue to have sex urge though in a subdued level, till very late in their life, driving even the extremely good old and otherwise saintly aged persons to indulge in abnormal sexual adventures without exercising discretion and unmindful to prevalent social strictures and taboos. This is another area that needs serious consideration. It is painful to see many elderly ones have to undergo severe punishments for sexual misbehavior especially with minors.

5.5.1. Change in mental level in old age:

There are some commonalities between the adolescent teens or even much minor ones those who have started experimenting with sex and do not have easy to find means for it and similar is the case with some of the elderly who have vast experience of sex in the past but currently in a position with no means to quench their crave for sexual satisfaction.  For some, as they become too old would not be able to think straight on many matters that would include pertaining to sex also. These two groups are in same mindset regarding sexual desires and also have more chances of nearness in isolation that end up in sexual promiscuity inadvertently or otherwise. It therefore, is one of the causes of most of the sex scandals involving elderly persons with minor children.

5.5.2. Need of counseling for elders: Not generalizing but still worth to consider that, like in the teens the elderly also would need social support and some may need to undergo counseling to give guidance not to get into unpleasant situations by indulging in sexual activities that are legally and socially and ethically unacceptable.

5.5.3. It is healthy for elders to continue normal sexual activity:

It is proven fact that continuation of sexual activity in old age is good both for physically and mentally for elderly people. It would be desirable for the single elders to have live-in relationship with like minded partners. Such arrangements shall better be open even at the risk of limited social stigma, as secret companionship involving sexual relation, however concealed and hidden it, is likely become open and could lead to harmful ramifications of sorts.

Fact being that crave for sex is not different from a hungry man’s crave food, it is nobody’s business to find fault with it. However, like choosing between good food and bad food, the right time and right environment, it is necessary to have discretion not to get into socially unacceptable forms of sex.

5.6. Find means and ways that do not disrupt environment.

For those who are averse or have difficulty for live-in relations or in finding partners, they need be advised through proper counseling that there is no harm in indulging in some form of self sex satisfaction, masturbation or self massaging etc., if they have the requisite mindset, to quench their natural urge of sex their crave for sex and desire under control and prevent them from getting into trouble by impulsive behaviors that can be of severer consequences and reprehensible sexual situations such as found in pedophiles and other form of sexual proximity with minors.

  1. Women’s rights.

There are no two opinions that women have equal rights, if not more, as of men in all aspects of humanity. Women are the higher stakeholders of social order as they create and sustain continuity of humanity.  In the changing world, women are marching forward hand in hand with men in every sphere. Things are not different here in India also. However, the vast cultural diversity in the country act as impediment to women getting their rights equal to men in many areas.

It is also necessary for women to undergo change according changing times. The slogan we hear often ‘We are equal to men and we need protection.” is a misnomer. No doubt women are equal and women have equal rights as of men. That is exactly the reason why women need to behave and act like equals and stand up and fight for their rights instead cringing and weeping and falling prey to self serving politicians and jingoistic media guys.

Women across the country need to join hands and relentlessly fight to secure50% representation in every sphere, and make themselves equal partners in every sphere,  including rule makers and rule enforcers, and only with it most of the problems we experience in the country will vanish. Political climate in India is conducive for women to form Women sisterhood political party, win elections and capture power, everything else will follow.

  1. Protection against sexual and other atrocities against women.

There shall be deterrents; certain, severe and quick. But it is equally important to look for all possible means to minimize and prevent the incidents.

Please see my blog ‘IT enabled Universal Emergency Systems and Services’ in this subject.  Some facility to some extent is available in both land line Telecom systems for quick access to authority in case of distress.

Technologies for the above based solutions are available and implementable. However, the delay in taking of is the reluctance on the side of Law Enforcement agencies that will be held responsible for delays and blames for lapses, as the incidents  and demands will be too high and need 24/7/365 response and real time action from the Authorities concerned that will be difficult if not impossible to realize in full.

In Mobile phone systems, there is a provision for emergency access by dialing code 112 even without a SIM card in the phone. This feature enables any one in distress to contact control room.   There is provision to route this emergency call to nearest Control room autonomously based on the location of the caller using Location based service LBS feature in the mobile system.

7.1. Special purpose gadgets:

It is possible to provide the facility even with a cheap special purpose small gadget; something like the Pager we have been using before arrival of Mobile phones. The gadget can be made as a bangle or a wrist watch. Just press a button in it and it will activate the nearest street Siren unit and send message to control room. More importantly awareness about mere presence of such a gadget will deter miscreants as no one will dare touch a woman wearing such a gadget and the intended object is half done.

7.2. Street level Emergency Siren units.

The above feature can be further expanded and exploited by installing making available suitable mobile SIM enabled Siren units in every street. These Siren units shall work with local power connections with stand bye battery that is kept charged with Solar panels. Using LBS, the emergency call originated from any mobile phone can be routed to the nearest Siren unit to activate a loud beeping hooter in it. Every Siren unit is equipped with Mobile SIM and has a mobile number MSISDN.

Once the unit is activated, by any mobile phone calling the emergency code, information is automatically send to Control station. The unit can be deactivated only from the control room by calling it and entering secret code/pass word. Readiness of these units is checked periodically as a routine either at its physical locations by mock call or accessing it from control room.

7.3. Provision of Emergency Siren units in vehicles.

It will be useful to provide an Aadhaar ID and a Siren unit for emergency use by commuters in any form of distress in every vehicle. To begin with it shall be made mandatory to have such Siren units in all Public transport systems, Buses, Taxis and Railway compartments. The unit shall be tamper-proof and equipped with GSM SIM /GPS access. The unit will have an access number ideally a short code of the MSISDN, promptly displayed by which it can be accessed by any traveler in distress situation from their mobile phone.

The units once activated will continue to beam a distress signal making it easy for the law enforcement personnel to trace it and reach the location as quick as possible.

Government should seriously consideration implementation of above systems and services in coordination with Telecom service providers and Law enforcement agencies across the country.

  1. Bio-science is the only lasting solution:

Bio-science may be of help in the future: Not withstanding all that said above, using the possibilities being opened in the field of bio-science is the lasting solution for most of these ills of humanity. Let us hope that with opening out the vast possibilities of Bio-science, workable solutions will become available to detect and apply corrective actions during confinement or in the early days of life, and sincerely plead the media, the Hon. Courts and the Activists to exercise extreme patience till then.

Please read my blog ‘Bio science is the way to make a positive change in human behavior’   wherein I have discussed this in detail.

Conclusion: As already discussed, the ill effects are that the concept of family get destroyed making the values and virtues of community system insignificant. Please keep in mind that people in India are more developed than the so called “developed” countries in all issues that really matters in life, in its cultural strengths and values and virtues making our existence meaningful.  There is nothing wrong to lead life as a homosexual as far as you are a natural one, and not a creation of your own fascinations. It is always worth to have an expert study, check up and get opinion before deciding whether one is really a bisexual or heterosexual.


Author: Abraham Paul. e-mail:   Tweet @PA_Paul

Author: Abraham Paul.   Tweet: @PA_Paul



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Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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