Autonomous E-Charging of Road Toll and Parking Charges.

Autonomous Road toll and Vehicle Parking Charging using e-payment Technology over Wireless network.
Click to open presentation> Car Parking Charging(SN_India)
The proposed idea is an application system using Intelligent Network servers implemented over GSM network.
Autonomous charging and collection of parking Charges is done by latest e-payment

Please the presentation by clicking >>  Road Toll and Vehicle Parking Charging  which is is self explanatory. Detailed explanation is available in the link >>

The system can be established owned / operated by:
– the Municipal/Road Traffic Control Authority itself. They can establish, own and
operate the system with revenue sharing or other arrangement with the GSM
Service Provider /Network Operator.
– the GSM operator/service provider on behalf of the Municipal/Road Traffic Control
Authority on lease or revenue sharing basis.
– an external Service Provider licensed to set up and provide facility
on contract or lease or revenue sharing basis between them, the
Municipal Authority, the Network Operator and owners of private parking areas.

Provision of Aadhaar number for every vehicle will enable t implement more security features.  For example all vehicles shall have Aadhaar plus tamper proof pull chain siren system tht sends auto call to police if willfully disabled.

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Author: P. Abraham Paul. e-mail: Tweet @PA_Paul


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