An apolitical Federal Government will do far better for India.

An apolitical Federal Government will do far better for India. 

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Abraham Paul. P.


To give proper representation of all sections of the population in the country so as to ensure interests of all sections of the society are taken care of , it is necessary to make a major change in the present system of Central Government in the country.

1. In India, only about 50% of the inhabitants have voting rights, of that around 50% only exercise their franchise. It means that a government formed by any party with absolute majority party represents only 12.5% of the population. Statistics show that about 30% of the candidates won the elections are hugely rich ones and it is anybody’s guess where their interest will be.

2. The inherent perils of Democracy. A political setup that envisages a country to be ruled by a government of (all) the people, by (all) the People and for (all) the People, is more an Utopian myth than a realizable reality. It is too ambitious to wish that India, a very young federal nation inheriting long embedded ethnic variations, diverse cultures, social structures, linguistic differences, and highly dominating regional beliefs and interests, to become such an utopian democratic nation too soon.
Nonetheless, it is only fair for every Indian to aspire to have some sober and stable governments at federal level that could take care of the needs of all the people in the country irrespective of their social economic levels, religious or political leaning and their representative strength in the Federal system. For this, it is imperative that the representatives of the factions within and outside the ruling parties behave with responsibility and cooperate each other to taken on progressive programs of the government to push the country forward instead of tuning themselves of mere nuisance value by blindly opposing each other and play disruptive politics.

Democracy is strangled when elected representatives, ignore the needs and aspirations of the people they are expected to represent. Democracy is strangled, when ‘Playing dirty Politics’ become the main business and theme of the government and political parties inside and outside the government. Democracy is strangled, when the political parties stoop down to use the communal feeling of one group against other to come to power and compelled to oppress other communities to appease them.

3. Reorganization of the country in the basis of language had made the total integration a difficult proposition. However, it helped to bring in some unity within the region. In past two decades we saw growth of many regional parties and become a cognizant political fact. The situation being irreversible, the available option to bring back India closer to better democratic process is by opting for a non-political federal government constituted by representatives of regional political groups from linguistic States, with mechanisms ensuring distribution of power of governance percolate down to people.
We need a government where the business of the parliament is to run the country’s business, instead of converting it a place for self-serving political bickering and equally self-serving clash of ideologies.


4. India’s political systems and bureaucracy need major change.

To give democracy a chance, the political system as well as the bureaucracy needs to be cleaned up weeding out incapable, corrupt and unscrupulous characters from the scene. To start with, it is time for the political parties to stop passing on political and official positions to unworthy elements without commensurate caliber, character and conduct in the party caucus or in their family dynasty as a matter of routine; just because one’s father or mother was minister, son also must become minister whether he has the requisite knowledge, experience or capability for it or not. This has to stop, lest people will be compelled to look for other alternatives and options like ‘Power not to vote’ for any, Power to recall etc., as being talked around and propagated by many nowadays.

With regional parties are getting stronger for various reasons, National parties have lost much its popularity making the situation becoming  more and more difficult to have stable government at Federal level lead by the National parties.

5. India would have been closer to better democratic process by opting for a non-political all party Federal government constituted by representatives with clean back ground, caliber and  qualification, elected from various constituencies in States represent their States as a single group and function as Directors of a corporate body, leaving their politics behind. Currently a considerable portion of citizen shun away in exercising their franchise finding none worthy to vote for.

This situation can change only if clean, capable and forward thinking persons come into political arena. Graduation in Political science shall be made mandatory for candidates contesting elections to States and Federal Government.

a. One possibility is that a polarization should happen by merger of the parties following  same ideologies at the National level as one single political party, with common manifesto and common minimum program & agenda and contest the Loksaba election as a single party under one flag and symbol.

b. The other option is to have Citizens Charter in every district. All those want to contest shall be screened and cleared by it and they only shall be allowed to  contest election on individual identity and not under the flag of any political party.The Citizens Charter shall evaluate and moderate resume and publish details of each candidate for the voters to to see their merits..

Once elected, these MPs represent the State in Lok Sabha as a single group under the banner of their State.  The MPs shall  rise work  in the style of Managing Directors in a Corporate, discussing and taking decisions on all issues related to their State and the Nation within their group and take it up in the Lok Sabha in a democratic way.

The leader of the members from each state is to be chosen by election within the members.
The candidates elected from each region shall work as directors of a corporate and the the federal government as a larger corporate with the ministers as directors of it so that government businesses go on more cohesive manner instead of each ministry pulling in different direction. Government should work in Corporate mode with all modern management tools in place.

c. In the formation of a non-political Federal government, the Prime Minister and the Ministers shall be elected from  among all members across the floor of the Lok Sabha in a democratic electoral process.

d. It is also worth while to look whether we can do away with Rajya Sabha which has turned out be mere redundant body with practically no purpose served as far the nation is concerned. Otherwise, it should be of eminent scholars, Scientists, Technocrats, Economists and Industrialists.

e. The Governance of the country shall be allowed to be done by qualified an competent Bureaucrats who have the requisite experience, as head of the Federal departments, establishments and institutions to carry out the federal governance related work according to decisions of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Please see my blog: Deviation from the right process of governance is the reason for most our woes

The above method ensures 100% representation of people. It shall be ensured that proper representation based on the reservations of various sections and women are adhered in elections. Such a step will take care of the genuine needs of all sections of the people in the country and therefore, considered to be the solution to get out of this mess of coalition politics that can no more give a stable government.

However, this need change in current parliamentary rules  in diffusing the divisions according to political parties and replacing it with divisions of  ‘State representatives’  without any scope of defection. It will become mandatory for the MPs to follow and support the majority decisions of his group of MPs from the State.

6. Need to have Community watch dogs. There shall be apolitical societies like Community Watch Dogs and Citizens Charters in every constituency to impartially conduct research and point out the merits and demerits of the contestants to help people to choose and exercise their franchise for the right person to represent them in the local and Federal governments.

Please see ‘Indian Citizens Advisory Community Organization’ (ICACO)
Author: P. Abraham Paul,

e-mail: Tweet @pa_paul

Please see my paper ‘Bitter Pills for India Reprieve’ published in May 2004. The inherent perils in Indian Democracy and other blogs on Technology, Social and Community affairs in


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