Plain Old Telecom Services (POTS) to 4G and beyond

Plain Old Telecom Services (POTS) to New Generation Networks (NGN) Short link                                  Dated 8 Aug 2004 Author Abraham Paul. P. Click the caption  “POTs to NGN” below to have a quick  overview on the evolution of Telecom during past three decades or so from “Plain Old Telecom Services (POTS) to ‘New generation networks (NGN)’  in Data andContinue reading “Plain Old Telecom Services (POTS) to 4G and beyond”

The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve.

The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve. Author: Abraham Paul. P. (Originally published in May 2004, edited time and again with contemporary issues included) Introduction: Integrity of any political party and its worthiness is judged from the way their elected representatives conduct themselves in the Parliament and make themselves worthy to the people who elected them.Continue reading “The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve.”