Suggestion for construction of Dikes across Gulfs of Cambay and Kutch.

Suggestion for construction of Dikes across Gulfs of Cambay and Kuch.

Author P. Abraham Paul. 20 Nov 2009

Please see map of Gujarat showing proposed dikes: Dikes across Gulf of Cambay & Gulf of Kuch.

1. Dike across Gulf of Cambay.

Construction of a dike at a suitable location between Surat and Taloja in Bhavnagar district across Gulf of Cambay is worth consideration by State and Central Government. Implementation of the project can convert the gulf into a very big sweet water reservoir by pushing out the sea water with the water discharge from Narmada and Tapti rivers.

I understand that the Gulf of Cambay is a shallow area and construction of dike shall is feasible. I suggest to local/central government to take up this project or give it on built and operate basis to some private agency.

Drinking water and Irrigation. With distributor canals, vast area of Gujarat can be irrigated. Use of wind mills. Wind mills with water screws can be used to lift and provide required head along the canals can be to enable water flow to highlands.

Quicker means of transport: Roads and rails over the dike will drastically reduce the distance between North Western industrial belts of Gujarat and other parts of the country. Usage of dike as a port: The sea end of the dike can be converted into a major port. Employment potential: In addition to the usefulness of the project, the roject has huge employment potential, during the project as well as for its operation.

Opinions and suggestions of members who have knowledge about the Gulf of Cambay area, and behavior of Narmada and Tapti rivers and other issues are welcome.

Please forward to friends who have contacts with the planning authorities. Gujarat / Indian Government can take advice help of Netherlands to study the feasibility of the project and do some survey and research about the possibility of such projects in the river mouths in West Bengal and other parts of the country.

2. Proposal to construct dike across Gulf of Kuch between Jamnagar and Mandvi.

In addition to provide continuity of road and rail connectivity to hinder lands of Gujarat, the dike constructed across Gulf of Kutch can be used to generate electricity from sea tide.

The gulf use to have tide as high as 10 meters with certain seasonal variations. The dike shall be constructed in such a way to provide large number of water turbines in tunnels across the wall of the dike. The turbines will be operational with water flowing in to the captive area during high tide and water flowing out to the sea during the low tide.

The gulf is about 150 Km long 2 and 54 Km wide. With mean usage of a 5 meter tide level difference, the over all productive quantity of water flow will be over 4 million metric cubic meter of water which will be enough to generate huge quantity of electric power with hundreds of turbines located along the length of the dike.

Planning and designing of tunnels and turbines required and its locations and functionality so as to handle full water flow to generate maximum energy within the productive duration etc. are big technology challenges to be met. Controlling the opening and shutting of the tunnel gates to ensure required head for lengthy productive duration etc. are subjects to be studied in detail.

There can be water gates on the dike to enable fishing boats and other water transport vessels to move between captive area and sea. Energy from Wind Machines. In addition to the energy generated from tidal waves, large number of Wind Machines can be installed over the dikes to supplement the production of energy from tidal waves.

Road and Railways: Highways and rails can be constructed over the dike surface to provide road and rail traffic between Jamnagar side and Kutch side. With proposed road and rail links with the proposed dike across Gulfs of  of Cambay Kuch, the travel time between Kandla and Kutch area to Jamnagar industrial best and then towards the south Gujarat and Maharashtra regions will drastically bring down.

These dikes can totally change the topology and ecology of the region.

Job and revenue potential. The sale of electricity, the road and rail toll, revenue from the ports, and from large area of land reclaimed on both sides, can generate enough revenue to cover the project cost and more. Moreover, the input energy is cost free and the production method is fully pollution free green technology.

Even if the power generation project is not viable due to any reason, the full captive area of reclaimed land and can be used for any number of SEZ instead of grabbing arable land from farmers. I hope Gujarat and Central government would take notice of these and do some survey and research on it and other such projects possible else where in the country.

I request members who have more knowledge on the topology, the tidal behavior in the area etc., may please add their views and opinions to this posting. Those who have access to media and authorities may please forward this to them. May be Reliance brothers can have a look, the elder one about setting up of SEZ in the reclaimed land and younger, about the feasibility of Power generation. Members are free to reproduce these in other networks.

Please see my blog on this topic:

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