Innovative system for Road toll and Parking space usage charging.

Innovative system for Road toll and Parking space usage charging.

Intellectual property of P. Abraham Paul, MD & CEO,  FCOMNET, India.

1. SCOPE. Innovative & first of its kind, state of the art, all-in- one system for control and charging of Road Toll & Parking fee, traffic control and crisis management using the latest in Wireless Technology and e- Payment method.

2. Objective of this paper: Explain the system and its operation which will be of benefit for the Public, the Government, the Road Traffic Authorities, the Municipalities and Technology Service Providers. Topics covered are: Concept, Technology/Network elements, Principle of operation,  Features, Benefitsand advantages and Business case.

2.1  The Concept: This unique concept will replace current Road Toll fee and Parking fee collection methods with more generalized and simplified method of charging the usage public roads and spaces for commuting and parking of vehicles.

The proprietary idea. There are two ideas. i) A simple and easily implementable one.

  1. ii) A more elaborate and sophisticating technology idea.

i) A simple and easily implementable one. What is needed is a Mobile phone in working condition of any service provider. The simple idea to start with is to have a display board in every parking area with unique short coded call number displayed on it sufficiently bold and large enough with suitably lighting so that it can be seen from certain distance. Any one wanting to park in a allowed parking space shall call this Unique short code  and enter the vehicle number. For example *A general access code*Short code of parking zone*Vehicle number# That is all. Car Parking Charging ppt(1) System will identify calling number, location and start charging and inform the user with a return message. While taking out the vehicle again repeat same procedure to end charging. The system will calculate charge according to place, time of the day and duration and debit it your phone account or a special purpose prepaid account and send a message about the duration and amount charged. Car Parking Charging ppt The officers checking can merely dial the car number to the system and concur the user had complied the process. While parking vehicle owner leaves a plaque “Parking Authorise” near to the wind shield.  As a matter of trust the inspecting officer need check at random. Such a system can be easily implemented in any place. ii) The other system is more elaborate and use more resources to implement is explained in detail below.

The key break through is in the unique idea of “Uniform Charging for Road and Parking space usage with built-in safeguard against non compliance and fraud”.    Car Parking Charging ppt(GPS) The proprietary idea. The key break through is in the unique idea of  “Uniform Charging for Road and Parking space usage with Built-in Safeguard against non compliance and fraud”.

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A power point presentation of the article can be viewed by clicking on the caption below. Road Toll and Vehicle Parking Charging

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