Unique Universal Identification Systems, Network and Numbering plan.

Universal Unique Identity (UUI).

Suggestions on Technology and Numbering Plan.    

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Author: Abraham Paul. P.   

n 15 march 2006

Unique Universal Identification System, Network and Numbering plan.

1. The Concept:

Creation of Bio-metric ID Cards:

Unique Universal Identification cards will have an intelligent chip that is programmed to access the bio metric data of every inhabitant in the country and pre-collected and loaded in UUID Server with the data such as name, address, finger print / Iris scan and other identity code and personal data in it and may be DNA data also later. Initially these Cards can be read and interacted with the central system.

The chip card will be initially used as a touch ID Card using by NFC technology and Finger print / Iris scan whenever used for identity purpose. Later the chip will have an operating system and data base and accessible through suitable wireless network as in the case of mobile phone SIMs.

The central system shall be capable to store, interact and edit and update the information and data in each individual chip of every inhabitant. The proposal also includes a unique ID card for every vehicle, animal  domestic & wild and even trees in Government forests.

2. Networking: A set up identical to the wireless Telecom network that can be networked across the country and controlled with a central operating system. The system shall be capable to access the chips to modify / update the data.
The chip once activated will remain logged in to the network and provide various location based information to the central system which gets it data store updated periodically. Discontinuity due wilful tampering or otherwise make it non-working will be detected by the system and autonomously reported autonomously to the authorities concerned.  

2.1. The data in each chip can be accessed from the central system for administrative and statistical and other needs and the data can be retained in the central system even after the death of the person.
It shall be possible to check and confirm identity of any person where necessary, at any location with various contemporary and futuristic near field communication technology, interface and can cross verify it with the central system. The UUID Card can be used by swiping in the Card reader in POS machines and also using NFC technology for various purposes.  The ownership of the Card is confirmed either by finger print scanner, or IRIS Scan with digital camera, (or both if required) associated with the POS machines. There can be problems due to fading of finger prints in old aged persons and Iris scan will be needed in such cases.

2.2. Digital chip embedded in body cavity.

With progress of technology, the card & chip could be further developed along with a small digital capsule in tamper proof module of size of a Bean that can be harmlessly placed inserted in a convenient cavity in the human body of every inhabitant that will be powered to function from the body heat. The idea is that it can interact with the UUI chip card for personal identification using NFC technology without the need of of finger print or Iris check.  

2.3. Such modules can be made to detect biological conditions of the person, like Body temperature, Heart beats, Blood pressure, Blood Glucose,  etc., and transmit these information if needed autonomously to the Central server the persons mobile phone or that of a Physician.

2.4. It can inserted in endangered animals, wild and domestic, that need to be identified and also can be provided in every Vehicle, Trains, Ships, Trees and endangered Animals in forests etc., and can be  designed to remain logged in to the system through an exclusive universal network. 

2.5. More simple alternate methods will become available in near future like usage of brain commands due to activity like rapid blinking of eyes, and detecting it at the associated nerve centre using a digital prod and transmitting to UUI Card by NFC technology and to the UID Server as a discrete digital signature and match with samples stored in the server  for personal excitation. 

3. ID of visitors: Until this become an universal system across the world , every visitor entering the country shall be given a temporary ID at the point of entry.

This shall be in the form of a tamper proof wrist band, somewhat like a Watch, with its wrist band sealed together when fitted, which should be removed only at the time the visitor exit the country. There shall be safeguard against removal or tampering of this in any way in between by autonomously sensing its discontinuity by the system and pass on the  information to the internal security.

In the vehicles etc it can be fitted in a tamper proof module at the time of manufacture or provided as mandatory equipment by Government at the time of its registration. The module if tampered or removed, it will get self destructed and will send alert to the system and the authorities concerned.

4. Utility of this system is enormous. This unique concept is to develop and implement a method to have the record of all inhabitants data for regional and national Census, day to day collection and use of various information, which could be used for wide range of functionality, such as ensuring full participation voting processes, Tax payments, Education & Health coverage and all forms of Welfare payments to eligible beneficiaries, Collection and storage of  various other statistics etc. 

Such a system is the basic need to identify people below poverty line and provide Direct Benefit Transfers to them and Basic Income Micro Finance support to eligible persons in the population to quicken Financial Inclusion and Inclusive growth.

With such systems in place the much trouble prone PDS can be phased out by DBT.  Please see my blog ‘Money through Mobile (mTm) for Inclusive Growth’   http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-ue

4.1. Autonomous identification: Persons with such chip cards can be identified and welcomed personally or over public address system or in every Point of Sales or Points of Service  in Malls, In Railway stations, in Trains, Airports and Aeroplanes, Bus terminals and in Busses, Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, in Conference halls etc. A person can be issued passes, Travel tickets, with the ID and the charges will be automatically debited into his bank account or Mobile wallet. Please see my blog Exclusively banked Universal Money management using phones.  http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-4g

4.2. Availability of such UUID system can be effectively used to detect presence extremists and terrorist and their movements and help reduce terrorism to a great extent from internal and external sources.

5.  Built-in Safeguards.

The key break through idea is the Built-in safeguard against non compliance and fraud.

5.2. It shall be mandatory for every inhabitant at the time of birth and visitors at the time of their entry in the country to register and become part of the system and get the identity device from the authority concerned and remain logged in to the network.

Non-compliance of the above shall be treated as a punishable offence.

5.3. The location details of the person round the clock will be available on record in the system data base and retractable at any time later from the system.
5.4. Fraud is prevented by unique in-built system feature, making it compulsory for the individual card holder to keep the chip card with him in live-and-logged-in condition. Any discontinuity is promptly detected by the system; and prolonged discontinuity of the card is autonomously informed to the appropriate authority.
5.5.  Tampering or detaching the chip card is prevented by adopting tamper proof fixing and sealing of the device and later may be this could be made as a capsule and embed it in a suitable cavity in the body of the holder and making the device unserviceable in case of tampering or removal from its original placing or at the death.

6. Systems and Network. The service is proposed to be implemented with GPS networking identical to vehicle tracking and navigation service. Three or more Geo Synchronous Satellites needed for the Global Positioning System networked with exclusive special purpose GSM system can cover the entire country. http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-dh

If a person going abroad and return back, the information will be made available to the system as of emigration / immigration process by concerned authorities.

7. The Social impact can be a hurdle.

A major hurdle in implementing this scheme is perhaps, the possible civic objection about invasion of the privacy of the individuals.
However, the matter is identical to the mobile phone users, with the exemption that the mobile can be switched off or kept away to deter detection of its location.
Introduction of the capsule in the human body shall be simple event less process and its emissions and other effects shall be also harmless to user. The capsule works with body heat and it ceases to work when the holder is dead after sending such information to data base. Considering the huge advantages, certain amount of sacrifice by way infringemnet of privacy need to be weighed against the disadvantages being debated.

8. Proposed Numbering plan for Universal Unique Identification:

Scope: It shall be possible to allocate a discrete Universal Number for each living and to be born Individual which can be used as his Universal ID. Such a numbering plan will belong to Government and could be allocated various government authorities, Election commission, Census department, municipalities, various Service Providers like telecom, utility, banking etc.,

8.1.  Proposed below is universal ‘Numbering Plan’ for Unique Personal Identification.
While allocating number, geographic location is not important as the person is likely to  move to various different locations temporarily or permanently during the life time.
The technology proposed envisages that the data of every individual and the ID shall be available in one centralized Home Location Register as in the case of telephone system.
The HLR’s are networked with Visitor Location Register VLRs which will have  information of the location where the individual is at point of time.

8.2. Scope of numbering plan:
Format of the proposed Unique Personal International Identification number (UPIN) shall be:-
UUPIN = + Cc Sa Sc Gt Pn
Components of proposed numbering plan.
‘+’ is the Inter-National Access code: (translated to local needs of the country of origin.)
Cc = Country Code (91 for India)
Sa = Server address (001 to 999) For various grouping, humans, vehicles etc.
Sc = Service code as necessary (0-9)
Gt = Gender Type, (1 to 4) (1= Male, 2=Female, 3=Neutrals, 4 – 9 reserved.
Type of vehicle, in case the numbering is for vehicle.
Pn = Personal Number (PQ MCDU. 10 digits) (0000000001 to 9999999999)
In the example below, 10 digits Pn is used.

8.3. The range of Unique Personal Identification Number UPIN of Males will be:
UPIN = Sa Sc Gt Pn = 001 1 1 0000000001 to 999 1 2 9999999999 and
Female UPIN = Sa Gt Pn = 001 1 2 0000000001 to 999 1 2 9999999999
To identify Indian citizen form foreign citizen the country code can be added in the
plans as in the case of telephone numbering plan.
International number:
Cc Sa Sc Gt Pn = 91 001 1 1 0000000001 to 91 999 1 1 9999999999
Ten digit personal number can provide numbers for 10 billion persons in each gender which would be enough for all those living, to be born and the dead for next 100 years  with enough redundancy without the need to recycle the numbers.
a) 10 billion NUMBERS per each gender type.
b) As people will be moving around, there is no need to issue location based number.
There is provision for a Server address code ‘Sa’ to the data base and distribute it in
different Servers. Numbering plan can accommodate 1000 Server address Codes.
c) Exclusive Identification number for gender type Gt, Male, Female and Neutral gender.

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Author: Abraham Paul, P. MD FCOMNET – Futuregroups.

(Ex-VP Technical Sales, SIEMENS SPCNL, India /  Director Trg, TS & SC SIEMENS ICN RHQ Dubai / GM & SMT TBG, BPL Mobile/ Telecom Engineering Service (A) DoT India).  e-mail: papaul@hotmail.com  Tweet @papaul


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