An open letter to Anna Hazareji and his team.

An open letter to Anna Hazare and his team. Dated 27 July 2012
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Dear Anna Hazareji, 
Hats off to you. Your intentions are good and removal of 
corruption is an urgent need of the nation. However, 
your present methods are not workable. 
Moreover, the type of Jan Lokpal setup as proposed by you  
is of autocratic nature concentrating power to a parallel 
system of governance that is quite impractical and unworkable. 

I am yet to come across of any faithful, transparent and 
non-partisan analysis on its practicality, workability and 
usefulness to the intended purpose about your Jan Lokpal bill 
or about the Government's skewed version of it from any 
intellectual, from your side or by any visual or print media. 

In order to continue the democratic process in India unhindered, 
what we need is a change of face of Political management 
of Governance and the Bureaucracy, the executive wing of the 

Further, corruption do not remain contained only just within 
the Governments; Govt. departments and Government 
servants but also in the private enterprises, the Judiciary, 
Defense and all other arms of Government, institutions and 
Fact is that the institutions by itself are not corrupt but 
a portion of people running it or associated with it become 
corrupt or get involved in corrupt practices of others in it, 
and the danger is the proportion of such persons are on the 
increase and we cannot put entire blame on Governments for 
such phenomenal changes happening in the society.

Corruption is spread everywhere as Cancer and as you and your 
team  rightly propagate, corruption in Government can be weeded 
out only if the right persons are elected in various political 
office positions beginning with the Panchayats, Municipalities, 
State Legislature assemblies and Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha. 

Moreover, indulgence in corrupt practices has become accepted 
practice by people in all levels. True that in a developing 
country where demand far exceeds supply in every sphere, certain
amount of corruption creeps in and some of these low level 
corruption often acts as grease to cogs of wheels whether we 
like it or not; remove it and the systems slow down making it 
necessary to look at other alternatives to get over the menace. 

We cannot take for granted all those anti-corruption pioneers are 
corruption free. For example, why all those having a comfortable 
annual income of say Rs.5 lakhs and above should enjoy subsidies 
of any form; on Gas, fuel and Food supplies. Enjoying subsidies 
by anyone having a comfortable income is nothing short of another 
form corrupt practice. 

Those who use services of others like House maids, Drivers, Mali 
etc without paying them adequately for their livelihood, never care 
to see that these are also corrupt practice. Everyone of us bribing 
policeman or Govt.servants to get things done out of turn is corrupt. 

If we analyze, it can be seen that most of the high end corruptions 
alleged against the Government are the handiwork of greedy 
individuals in the system within and outside of it taking advantages 
of the loop holes and lacuna and procedural deficiencies in the 
Government set up. 
For example: 2G scam is just 'Much-a-do-about-nothing'

The legacy left back by British rule gave us enough and more 
safeguards, rules and regulations and procedures, if only it is 
followed in letter and spirit. Reasons are many. Some of it I have 
described in my paper Deviation from the right process 
of governance is the reason for most our woes.  

Coming to issue about the much needed movement of cleaning up the 
government machinery could be done by diversifying the activity 
of Anna group and the NGOs into a people's movement to act during 
exercising their franchise instead of sitting on Anshan at 
Jantar Mantar and the proposed Jail Bharo andolan. 
as I have mentioned in the introductory note in this web community 
topics 'Indian Citizens Advisory Community Organization' (ICACO) 

What need to be done is to set up a Citizen's committee at 
every district and Tahsil level as a common Citizen's charters 
to find out, enroll and train persons of integrity, 
caliber and quality and make them contest in the elections to 
various bodies under a common banner. 

Utmost transparency to be ensured at every level of selection 
of such candidates who will be under oath to the people to work 
without fear and favor for the nation and work against corruption 
and agree to be called back from their elected position if found 
and proved to be corrupt in any way. 
This shall become a political movement of apolitical nature. 
There will be great obstruction from various existing political 
organizations and therefore, will take time to overcome, may be 
a few cycles of elections in the coming years but is sure to meet 
I am sure this will grow into a great movement and change the 
face of political scenario and governance of the country. 
Therefore, it will be pragmatic to leave the current path of 
Anushans and Jail Bharao andolan etc. 

It would be wiser for Anna team to stop pecking on INC the only 
political party that has shown some willingness, under compulsion 
or as a face saver, foolishly or otherwise, to get some form of 
Lokpalpal bill passed to start with, however skewed and useless 
it may be, in the end of the day. 

Please try to discern the fact that what your and your team is 
doing now is to remove Congress from Governance, the net effect 
of it will the your dream Lokpal bill, though its effectiveness 
and workability in its present for is questionable, will never 
again see the light of the day.  
Please also see my blog 
Inception of technology - not LOKPAL - is the solution.    
Also I request Anna team members to read my article 
‘The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve’ that I wrote in 2004 wherein I have 
mentioned about the inherent perils of democracy and ways and 
means to get over it. Be fore warned to keep power 
mongers at arms length; lest they will highjack your efforts  
to further their own political ambitions.

With Best regards to Annaji and best wishes to his team. 
 P.Abraham Paul    Tweet @PA_Paul

About Abraham Paul

Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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