Is not CAG set up in India is equally responsible for the systemic failures in Governance.

 Is not the current C&AG set up in India is equally responsible for the systemic failures in Governance.

Abraham Paul P

Dated 17 Aug 2012.

Change job profile of C&AG from an ornamental post to a functional post.

 It is an open fact that there is much to be desired in the process of governance by the Governments both in the Federal level and in the States. Points to ponder are whether these happen willfully with ulterior motives or due to mere callousness both on the side of the Political masters as well as the Executives / Bureaucracy. Unlike many newly born countries India right from its formation had inherited a well defined hierarchical set up for its governance which has been refined with the constitutional provisions and other law making bodies. There are enough safe guards, rules and regulation to prevent graft and corruption embedded in this, may be much more than that in any other form of managements.

It is surprising that while there is accounting and audit section in government establishments and their job is to safe guard the interest of the nation by scrutinizing whether proper rules and  procedures are being followed by the Executive / Bureaucratic figure heads and prevent any erroneous actions beforehand.  Earlier  C&AG of India was also head of  Indian Audit and Accounts Department, that was changed subsequently.  It is worthy to bring back CAG’s role to have active part in the day today functions of  Indian Audits & Accounts department instead remain insulated from it’s day to day functions  doing  only postmortem job with no role in ensuring prevention of malpractices, corruption and revenue loss due to mismanagement or otherwise, before hand. If the job is only to point out errors and omissions afterwards, only an senior accountant will suffice for that; why a constitutional head called C&AG.

It points to the main problem facing the country which is systemic deficiencies in every area of governance that include C&AG’s establishment also. In fact failure of the Accounts & Audit establishment both in the Federal systems and States shall be made responsible for the systemic deficiencies /  failures in the functioning of  every public system under these governments in this country.

The most important aspect of right governance is that the right job of governance shall be done by the right people at right place at the right time. To elaborate the jobs related in a revenue district have to be done by the local Executives and the bureaucratic set under them like the District collector, the Police commissioner,  etc. etc. who are answerable to the government ie. the ‘people’ and not by the elected representatives.

Unfortunately the fact is far from this.  The political masters have reversed the process of governance by putting the cart before the horse. What is the use of crying hearse about the systemic deficiencies  across all Government establishment and public services when the systems itself are made irrelevant and dysfunctional by the government itself.

The real issue is not only about whether ‘Coal’ should have been sold out by auction or given at subsidized price to vested interests whose aim is to make quick money out of it. What people are more bothered about is how come the Governments sell out country’s our national resources at throw away price instead of using it for our internal needs such and Power generation, production of steel and other materials needed urgent  infrastructure development.

Same is about spectrum allocation muddle. Policies of the Government shall be people centric; not money centric. Please see my blog:

The never ending Telecom muddle in India.

  1. 2G scam – ‘Much-a-do-about-nothing’.
  2. Who need Spectrum, where and when?

Therefore, it is necessary for C&AG to exercise power not only to do post audit the Government spending but also should have resources to monitor local audits and accounts in every Government department to ensure that Government policies are scrupulously followed before hand and not after the harm already done.

There is no point in blaming the political masters alone  the systemic failures for the lapses of the Bureaucracy. Elected Political figure heads are nothing more than a short term middlemen representing the people for taking needs and aspirations to the government comprising the well defined hierarchy of Executives and Bureaucrats. They are only enablers and governance is the job of exclusively trained and well experienced bureaucrats.

In fact failure of the Accounts & audit establishment which are responsible to ensure the financial propriety of the executive, both in the Federal systems and States  shall be made equally responsible for the systemic deficiencies of every public system in this country.    As head of the Indian Audits & Accounts department, C&AG cannot remain isolated claiming he comes in the picture only post facto and hence not responsible for the shortcoming of the wings of audits and account department.

Please read my blog:  Deviation from the right process of governance is the reason for most our woes.



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