Exclusive Govt. owned Communication systems and Networks for Disaster management and Security.

Exclusive Govt. owned Communication Systems & Networks for Crisis and Disaster management and National security.


By P. Abraham Paul     Originally published  on 21 Aug 2012

Quick means of communication is one of the vital needs at the time of major crisis and disaster and Counter terror activities. The irony is that public telecom networks are of no help when it is most needed.  The normal telecom networks are designed for optimum busy hour telephone use of a routine day. The systems get choked due to sudden spurt in usage in case of any calamity. Failure due to overload in any one system can cause congestion and failure of other systems in the network also. It is impossible to design a public telephone network that is capable of handling the sudden spurt of telephone traffic of sporadic nature that happen at the time of any major events, crisis and disaster.

It is more so with premature move over to 4G and other new generation networks in the anvil and modern super hyped and high power mobile phones without adequate systems and networks in place that has made services to majority users in common mass a total mess. Please see my blog Make Telecom Systems, network, Phones, product and services for the common man. http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-9i

Cyber Security of official data in Government and the Defense wing is very critical.  The way out  is to have a private Wireless telecom network exclusively for  essential services such as security, army, police, ambulance, hospitals, road transport & traffic control, air traffic control, railways and important persons/ organizations and local administration, that are vital in the crisis control/disaster management system. Such systems are available in many countries.

Please see the relevant portion on this in my paper published and sent to every TOM, DICK  & HARRY in Government, Senior politicians and the Media guys in May 2004. ‘The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve’ http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-5I   

India internet cloud. It is also necessary to build an exclusive fully firewalled India INTERNET cloud to make available secure internet network and connectivity for nation’s various needs and uses. No doubt, INTERNET is the best thing that happened in the technology space. Openness is its greatest merit. However being came into existence as a by chance baby with no regulatory controls in place, INTERNET turn from boon to bane any time. Future wars are not going  to be fought with guns and bombs. A  cyber attack paralyze any country in no time. Moreover, futuristic ICT networks will be using cloud computing over exclusive clouds by all sorts of service providers, organizations and the Government  for almost all of its communication and business & management services.

India INTERNETcloud

Indian space programs got its priorities wrong. First thing India needed was its own GPS systems for creating an umbrella network with fully firewalled India cloud. It is an utmost necessity to ward off foreign networks crowding in the India space which is detrimental in business point of view and suicidal in security point of view. TRAI etc., creating big consultancy papers  lamenting on the ill effects of OTT and what not, are of no use. Instead of squabbling about Spectrum etc Govt. should wake up and do something on top priority. Please see my blogs:

Who need Spectrum; How much, Where and When?  http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-82    

Private and exclusively government owned high security GSM network are being used in some countries for this purpose could be adopted in India also.  During normal situation such systems could be used for the day to day needs of city administration, security and other needs. By design, these are non-blocking, full availability systems for congestion free service at the ‘switching center’ level as well as at the ‘access network’ levels. Interconnects to Public networks could be available on normal situation, but it would be capable to filter or block these to avoid flooding of calls from other networks during emergency situations.

With these systems and network in place, it would be possible to keep up fail proof communication between the vital points to receive information and pass on orders immediately from central control to various points to take appropriate action in case of cyclone, flood, fire, earthquake, terrorist activities, bomb scare, mob violence or major traffic hold up situations. It shall be possible to access the communications systems of Suburban railway and road transport from this network to contact and pass orders for immediate actions.

Bomb scare alarms and announcement system shall be available in every railway compartment. Such systems in different cities could be networked for integrated action of security needs and events and crisis of national importance.  It is possible to have centralized database and control servers in one of the systems and shared by other networks.

In addition to such private GSM Network, other infrastructures for crisis management also shall be in place.  In addition for exclusive  Government security needs many powerful TETRA security systems and network solutions shall be considered.

Vital things are: 1) A centralized administrative body to take over and exercise over all control and coordination.

2) A research and consultant group to constantly improvise the systems in every sphere, technology, strategy, administration etc., according to changing needs.

3) A contingent of specially trained persons in every city.

4) Necessary infrastructure such as modern weapons, armor and ammunition.

5) Protected vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, fire tenders and etc pre-loaded and fully equipped in operational ready condition.

6) The network can support Universal Unique Identification code project for providing access to the intelligent chip in UUID cards or devices.  Access to UUID database will become a vital tool to fight against terrorism, localized as well as imported. Please see my blog: http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-9m

7) Fail proof and tamper proof CCTVs. All CCTVs installed at street level for monitoring purposes shall be equipped with GSM SIM and linked to the network so that failure or tampering of the unit can be immediately detected and rectified.

8) TETRA systems and networks for high security Government commumications.

Economic feasibility: A system that has full coverage of the entire city and suburbs would be expensive. Cost could be brought down by sharing the towers of Public telecom service providers.  

Viability using the systems and network for Value-added-services to offset the cost of implementation of network.  The network could be deployed to provide, many value added services such as pre-paid / post paid charging of vehicle parking, GPS enabled traffic navigation system, 24/7 safety and security of people by providing immediate access to police and emergency and location based alert systems. other Government purpose multi-media services., using Wireless Telephony technology linked with Intelligent Network Server to generate revenue.

Please see my blogs: 1) IT enabled Universal Emergency systems and Services.    http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-lZ

2) Innovative system for autonomous control and charging of Road toll and Parking space usage. http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-506 and http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-xb

3) Exclusively banked Universal Money Management by phone so that most of the things can be done from home or anywhere that can reduce vehicular traffic.    http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-4g

4)  IT based ideas to reduce Train accidents.   http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-39 With availability of ADHAR, the network could be used for it and for directly controlling various govt. sponsored welfare schemes.  Few centralized systems could cover the need of such services for the whole country by suitable OFC long haul and Wireless short haul networking. Public security: Every vehicle in the country shall be equipped with a tamper proof chain pull alarm alert system with embedded with an Adhar chip that can generate an auto call police and emergency control when activated. In addition the emergency call feature in the mobile phones can be used effectively to control crimes especially against women.

Please see my blogs in the link: Tech based Universal Emergency support systems and solutions.    http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-lZ and a presentation on it in the link http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-ng Mobile can be pre-programmed so as by pressing button  predefined code an emergency call will be automatically send to the nearest police control center giving the caller identity and location. In addition it is possible to equip siren system in every street that can be autonomously  activated by the emergency calls emanating from mobile phones of people in distress using location based  services. Such systems in place by itself discourage vandals from involving in hooliganism.


Author: Abraham Paul.      e-mail:  papaul@hotmail.com Tweet @pa_paul


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Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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