About Democratization of Information #DoI and embracing IT in Governance.

Abraham Paul P. FIE, FIETE. Owner FCOMNET.  Ex: V.P. SIEMENS SPCNL India / Director TRG, SC & TS SIEMENS ICN RHQ, UAE> /  G.M. & SMT TBG, BPL. Mobile / TES (I) DOT India. papaul@hotmail.com  Tweet @PA_Paul  Dated 29 Sept 2012

Democratization of Information #DoI and embracing IT in governance.     http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-g6  

For kind attention of Mr. Sam Pitroda.

While agreeing fully that embracing IT is the way to improve Governance;  India being one of the nations in the forefront of IT capability, it is astonishing why Government is still far away from exploiting its potential  in its over-all governance so as to transform its various departments  efficient,  faster and transparent.

Democratization of Information #DoI through various social media would become very much useful at least for the middle class who greatly indulge in it to get over the lacuna they encounter due to delay in decision making in various Ministries, the PMO and those in Planning commission etc.,  and get their responses. Now they all never bother to reply to letters, suggestions and queries from ordinary people, other than in RTI route?

Good to see  Mr. Sam Pitroda making genuine effort with his idea of ‘Twitter conferences’ on the topic, Democratization of Information (#DOI) in spite of it was too ill organized. Instead attempting limited window conferences in Twitter, it would be better to leave the window open for few days on each topic;  have someone record the tweets and provide the information sought for after due moderation,  periodically through twitter and also in a dedicated page for it in  Facebook.

For example, I have the following queries / suggestions for which I would like to know the views of the Government.

1. Induction of IT being the best way to improve Governance in every way, why India is not yet using it substantially in all various Ministries, Govt. departments, Judiciary etc.

2. Why can’t make Govt. departments  work like Corporate with SAP, ERP and other IT based tools and methods implemented and managed?

3. Why  HR wings in Government departments not doing Performance monitoring and  evaluation of its employee’s jobs and tasks using computerized systems and methods?

4. Why there are no effectively IT based methods to monitor Income and Assets accumulated beyond source by Public servants / Political masters and others potential offenders to take action against wrong doers and thus to eradicate corruption and black money?

5. Why there is so much delay in implementing people friendly projects that Government talk about for years? As there is no word  ‘Perfect’ in planning and Management, why not use contemporary Technology & Systems instead waiting for decades searching for perfect solutions and end up getting nothing done?

6. Phones are no more merely just phones but have become  mini-computers. In fact, India of today, with considerable penetration of Mobile phone services, most people in the lowest social & economic strata use information communication technology using phones than any media in  a day to day basis much more than what the governments do.

  • Why the Governments are waiting to accomplish digitization of entire country with basic Telecom penetration of every rural villages to implement DBT etc., while it can be straightaway implemented in places where suitable eco system readily available and expanded to other areas in a phased manner? After all poor people are available everywhere, and more in cities and towns also for that matter.  http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-a0  Currently un-connected areas can be serviced using Satellite link connectivity in a phased way is the way to go..

7. Why there is no plan for FDI in Telecom Infrastructure? When there was explosive growth in Telecom & ICT during past few decades opening out great opportunity in manufacturing in Telecom & IT products; why are the PSUs like ITI and many others are rotting doing practically nothing?

8. Why Government do not consider to plan and implement something I suggested a decade back like Universal Un-banked or Exclusively banked Money Management by phone  that can be the means to quicken much needed financial inclusion and micro finance support to the poor and needy across the country in Urban as well as Rural areas. Pl see my blog http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-4g

8.1.  Why not RBI look in the urgent need of creating a new banking system exclusively for regulating and dealing all money management using phones , both by Fixed ones and well as Mobile, which will run into a trillions of rupees business and parallel economy soon before it becomes another scam as explained in the blog mentioned above, lest the banks and banking industry get disrupted due to reasons mentioned in my paper mentioned above.

9. Being Technocrats in erstwhile DOT India the best than anywhere in world;  why most of the Technology decisions of DOT are both delayed and mostly defective? http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-gG

10.  While Govt. policy on Telecom should be ‘People centric’ not ‘Money centric’; why spectrum is sold at high cost instead of allowing right of usage in a revenue share model? Killing the geese laying golden eggs, like what exactly erstwhile DOT was doing?   http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-3

11.  Why is it the Government consider it necessary to have individual Systems and Network and billing and peripheral systems for every Telecom Service Provider while few Network Operators  can provide service to many Service providers with MVNO Technology etc?  Please see my paper on Segregation of Service provision from network operation. http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-t

12. Why not Govt. think of having exclusive Government owned GPS/GSM systems and network for Crisis/Disaster management, Security and terrorism control. Same can be used for Govt’s admin purposes and many Aadhar based services.  http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-28

13.  Super hyped modern Mobile handsets and high speed networks and products and services will increase cost of usage and push most low end and poor users out of the system. Why not Govt. insist manufacturers to make and supply cheaper Mobile phones and product and services that are affordable to poor? Over and above using Mobiles with high power chips before the  eco system for it is yet to be ready is like like putting the cart before horse and also can cause call drops due to channel stealing  in UM interface    http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-213


Coming to other areas that need urgent development.

1. Why not Government provide subsidy to encourage rural captive power systems from Solar, Wind and Hydro energy?

2.  Why not use tidal energy for power generation constructing dykes across river mouths, wherever possible? Such dykes will be help to create sweet water lakes that can be used for reaching drinking water and for farming during lean days.   http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-44

3.  Why not use vast area of open Deserts, Lakes and Canals to generate solar power? Why not promote indigenous manufacturing of PV cells and provide more subsidies to promote usage of solar power?

3.  Why can’t ISRO set up Geo-synchronous satellites for providing Telecom connectivity to rural and remote areas, Road, Rail & Marine traffic control, Crisis and disaster management,  implementation of Adhaar based service etc. http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-dh   and  http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-506

4. Why is it that government is not seriously engaged in implementing IT based solutions for better safety and security in Railways? Now any miscreant can cause major accident by covering a signal with a gunny bag.  http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-39

5.  Why not push Bio-technology to invent cheaper medicines and cheaper solutions for improving health services to common man? http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-2a

6. Why not make National Census recording methods more error free, efficient and quicker using IT enabled devices and services?

7. Why Governments not taking serious steps in better waste management system in the country? Providing toilets every where is good but there shall be means for its sustenance.

8. Why we have drought in places where there were flood months back. Why there are no serious effort for rain water harnessing and waste water management in the country?

9. Why are our natural resources exported cheap and then buying finished products at very high cost draining huge foreign exchange, instead of using these for internal needs?

10. Why Government is not controlling huge import of Gold into the country? Why can’t government restrict gold sale and usage beyond 18 carat as being done in many countries? Why not monetize gold lying idle for governments development needs.

11. Why government give arable land at throw away price for SEZ and other Industries instead of making them develop uninhabited waste land available in plenty?

12. Why the Army is allowed to use prime land in heart of the cities everywhere instead of having its set up in suburbs and villages and use for its development needs during peace days?

13. Why more and money is dumped in already choked cities allowing people to move and live like pigs there instead of developing its suburbs that are begging for development?

14. Instead of enhancing punishments  as a remedy for assault against women and weak, why not take up and implement workable solutions to prevent crimes. Tech based Universal Emergency support systems and solutions.  http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-lZ The list goes on and on but seldom we get any information from Government on any of these and many other queries of common man.

15. Currently there is too much delay in Judicial system and norm of justice different when dealt by different judges and at different level. Why not use Super computers to deal with part of Judicial process to quicken it.

16. Why not look in the ideas of  Innovative system for Road toll & Parking space usage charging. http://wp.me/s1ZsI2-506 


and Autonomous Road Toll and usage Charging. http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-xb

Last but not the least is the urgent need to impart teaching and training in Information Communication Technology in Schools and Colleges. Children of the day are too smart and learn to use computer in the Kindergarten days. Problem are the lack of teachers with adequate proficiency in teaching ICT is schools. Fact is that ICT itself can help the process of learning ICT for students as well as teachers. ICT should be included in general Curriculum and every school & Colleges shall be equipped with systems, connectivity and facilities toe the students to learn ICT and ICT based learning of other subjects and technologies.

Most of these are in the blog I wrote in May 2004 and send to those heading UPA Government then. ‘The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve’ http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-5I

I hope PR department of Government will conduct better organized conferences on each of these points and many other that are queried by common people in the country and act on possible areas.

Please see my paper on:  Digital India: Views, opinions, and new proposals on various Technology & Social and Community affairs. http://wp.me/p1ZsI2-J5


PS. Good to see many things are happening past few years. ‘Better late than never.”



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