India needs to change over to ‘Virtual Parliament’ system.

India needs to change over to  ‘Virtual Parliament’ system.

Integrity and worthiness of any political party is to be judged from the way they conduct themselves in the Parliament and other public forums, making themselves worthy to the ‘People’ who elected them. Democracy is strangled when the elected representatives, ignore the needs and aspirations of the people whom they are supposed to represent. Democracy is strangled, when ‘Playing dirty Politics’ become the main business and theme of the Government and Political parties that support and oppose the government. Democracy is strangled, when the political parties stoop down to use communal feeling of one group against other to come to power and when in power become obliged to oppress the other groups to appease its supporters. In the past six and half decades, for the first time perhaps after the days of Emergency, Democracy is at cross roads again in its choice between a constitutionally functional Parliamentary Democracy with strong political will or to allow the country to deviate towards Marc Antony’s or Hitler’s styles of impulsive populism that will eventually troll the death bells of democracy.

Time and again, invariably all most all political parties in India have failed in their responsibilities to ensure full participation of the members and their befitting mannerism while they are  in the temples of democracy.  Current systems, methods and practices related to functions of parliament that cause huge dent in Government exchequer are in no way near to it and therefore, become  totally ineffective in yielding required results. As the precast mindset of most people is hard to change  as being demonstrated  that the members are unable to behave in a civil manner,  it is time to think to look for other ways and means to get over the problem in the interest of the nation; and hence the suggestion for moving into a system of IT enabled Virtual Parliament.

The idea is to conduct the parliament sessions with Video conferencing technology so that each member can be in their IT enabled office at their respective constituency where video conference facilities with required connectivity are made available. The speakers and their parliamentary staff only need to be there in the parliament house equipped with necessary video conference facility.  As the technology advances it is also possible to provide holographic projections of the persons in discussion at any point of time.

All most all functions of both houses including voting etc., could be done with such virtual set ups. Moreover, all interactions according to routine procedures could be done strictly according to rules in an orderly way more efficiently. It will ensure for Hon. Speaker can have full control in procedures of the house.

There can be provisions to have in-camera video discussions between members of the party or members within the coalition without causing interference to house proceedings.

This form of virtual parliament would ensure more meaningful and orderly participation of members or parliaments during the sessions while giving them more time to work for the people in the constituency. It can save on huge expenditure that is currently incurred for the travels accommodation in Delhi and other expenditures on members. And more importantly people of the country can be saved from the pains seeing that democracy being butchered by the very same persons whom they chose to uphold and safe guard it.

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