Tech based Universal Emergency support, Systems, Solutions and Services.

Tech based Universal Emergency support Systems, Solutions and Services. 
Abrham Paul. P.                                         Thiruvanathapuram.
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Sexual assault on Women and Children and all sorts of vandalism against
weak sections in society are happening for ages all over the world.
  The recent mindless and horrendous assault and rape incident in Delhi has made
  India to wake up and strongly protest against such heinous crimes.
  Various forms of upheaval across the country had made government to
  bend down and look for ways and means to tackle this perennial problem.
  The suggestions most heard are about :-
  i)  Drastically enhancing punishments for crimes related to sexual assaults.
  ii) Ensuring delivery of justice, certain and quicker.
  No doubt that these actions would act as deterrent to some extent.
 However, it is doubtful whether these alone would solve entire  problems
 related to sexual vandalism that has spread like cancer in all levels of society.
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Also please see my blog:  Tech based Emergency support Systems, Solutions and Services.  

Conclusion:  Technologies for the above based solutions are available and implementable. However, the delay in taking of is the reluctance on the side of Law Enforcement agencies that will be held responsible for delays and blames for lapses, as the incidents  and demands will be too high and need 24/7/365 response and real time action from the Authorities concerned that will be difficult if not impossible to realize in full.

The way out is to use private agencies for setting up managing Call Centers, receive and analyse the calls and signals and locations and pass on to the Authorities for initiating action without delay.


A reference of this appeared in Business line of  is in the link which is copied below:


A Kerala-based telecom industry veteran has proposed street-level emergency siren units to deal with hooliganism on streets, including on moving vehicles.

Mobile SIM-enabled siren units in every street paired with location-based services (LBS) in mobile telephony systems is one way to go, says Abraham Paul.

Paul is a telecom expert of 50 years of experience in major multinational companies.—–


Wide publicity shall be given regarding availability of the technology and its usages. Awareness about availability of such systems will by itself act as deterrent to vandals and hooligans.

These siren units shall work with local power connections with standby battery charged by solar panels, Paul told Business Line.

LBS would help route emergency call originating from any mobile phone to the nearest siren unit so as to activate it.

Once activated, the information is sent to control system. It can be deactivated only by calling it and using/entering secret code/password from the control room.


Readiness of these units could be checked on a routine basis either at its physical locations or accessing from control room.

Such a facility can be readily implemented in every place, urban or rural, where there is mobile phone facility. It can also be ported to land line networks as well. Paul said it would also be useful to provide an Aadhaar ID and a siren unit for emergency use in every vehicle.

To begin with, it shall be made mandatory to have such siren units in all public transport systems, buses, taxis and railway compartments.


The system shall be tamper-proof and equipped with mobile SIM /GPS access. The unit shall be permanently powered by battery of the vehicle to remain logged into the network.

It shall raise an alarm and shall make an auto call to the control room if it is disabled or tampered with, in any way.

On the vehicles, there shall be ‘emergency-marked’ push switches at the back of the seats and also chain pull handles at easily accessible points.


Functional readiness of the units shall be periodically inspected by the authorities. The system should be such that, once activated, the siren and the unit can be switched off only by accessing it from the control room.

It is possible to add more features into such systems with the advent of NFC (near-filed communication) technology, Paul said.


(This article was published in the Business Line print edition dated December 31, 2012)
Abraham Paul,

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