Need to celebrate Holy Eucharist in English

Need to celebrate of Holy Eucharist in English. Short link: P. Abraham Paul.                                                      Date: 12 April 2002. Introduction: Eastern Orthodox liturgy we have got from our saintly spiritual forefathers and passed on through generations is the richest among the World Christian faith orders. The need of the day is to adapt ourselves to theContinue reading “Need to celebrate Holy Eucharist in English”

List of blogs of Abraham Paul P.

List of Blogs of Abraham Paul P. papaulsblog, Published in  on Technology and Social & Community affairs. Short link: Abraham Paul. P       Freelance Consultant ICT/ICN  Graduate in Electrical, Electronics and Telecom Engineering (1965) and Fellow of Institution of  Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi, (FIETE), Fellow of Institution Electrical Engineers (FIE) Calcutta. Owner “FutureContinue reading “List of blogs of Abraham Paul P.”

Universal Money Management by Phones.

  Universal Money Management by Phones. Abraham Paul. P. Introduction:  Universal money management using phone, a path breaking state of the art idea to enable all sorts of day to day money transactions through phones is a generic  non-banking service that will accelerate ‘Financial Inclusion’ and an effective tool for supporting Micro Finance needs especiallyContinue reading “Universal Money Management by Phones.”