List of blogs of Abraham Paul P.

List of Blogs of Abraham Paul P. abraham-paul-2

papaulsblog Published in  on Technology and Social & Community affairs.

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Abraham Paul. P       Freelance Consultant ICT

Graduate in Telecom Engineering (1966), Institution of  Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi, (FIETE, FIE) Owner “Future Communication Networks” (FCOMNET) Ex: Vice President (Technical Sales) SPCNL SIEMENS ICN / Director  TRG, SC & TS SIEMENS ICN RHQ Dubai / General Manager & SMT TBG, BPL Mobile India, Telecom Engineer (I), DOT India.   e-mail:

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Free for whom so ever interested.

Reposted including recent blogs on 16 October 2016.

Please see discussions on various contemporary and futuristic topics on Information Communication Technology and Social & Community affairs in the above link in for anyone interested to have a look. More can be seen in my blog space.

I. Technology related:

  1. Impact of transition from Voice to Data and Multimedia.
  2. Segregation of Service Provision from Network operation / Universal Numbering Plan.

  3. The never ending Telecom muddle in India.

  4. NTP 2012: Will it help or destroy the Industry:
  5. A new outlook to usher in Pan India Telecom & Unified Licensing.
  6. It is wrong to sell out Wireless Spectrum by auction or else.  Govt’s policies shall be people centric, not money centric.

  7. Rural Telecom growth plans remain topsy-turvy. 

  8. Open out Telecom Manufacturing Sector in India.

  9. Make Telecom Systems, network, Phones, Product and Services for the common man.

  10. Indian Telecom Industry missed the bus in Pay by Phone VAS. 

  11. The right technology to realize Inclusive Finance.

  12. Exclusively banked Universal system for Money Management by Phone.

  13. Money through Mobile (mTm) for Inclusive Growth.

  14. Virtual money is best handled by Virtual banks.

  15. Response to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Consultation Paper on USSD-based Mobile Banking Services for Financial Inclusion

  16. Technology based Universal Emergency support Systems, Solutions and Services.

  17. A pragmatic business approach on Data service and Mobile Number Portability.
  18. Telecom Industrialists need caution on broad band network ideas that do not fit in the future business.

  19. SM BPO and Personal Services Outsourcing (PSO) Networks. For start-ups.

  20. Need more Transparency in Seller-Buyer Relation.
  21. The Pros and Cons of competitive marketing.
  22. Technical note on control of International Short message Service.
  23. Autonomous Charging of Road Toll, Vehicle Parking, Fines & penalties. and

  24. Universal Unique Identity (UUI). Suggestions on Technology and Numbering Plan.

  25. Payment Broker Systems for e-Business growth.

  26. Convergence of Wired and Wireless networks.

  27. Need of Exclusive Govt. owned GSM Systems & Networks for Crisis and Disaster management.

  28. Information Technology based solutions to reduce rail accidents.

  29. Suggestion of Dikes across Gulf of Cambay and Gulf of Kutch.
  30. Bio science is the way to make positive change in human behavior.

  31. Mobile Phones as ‘Life Science Device’. (Internet of Things)

  32. Net Neutrality without hurting Telcos and End users.

  33. Response TRAI on Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top (OTT) services.

  34. Counter comments on TRAI CP on Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top (OTT) services.

  35. How to reduce road accidents caused due to driving under influence of Alcohol.

  36. Digital India: Views, opinions, suggestions and new proposals on various Technology and Social and Community affairs.

  37. Power and Perils of Money going Virtual.  Problems, Solutions and need of Regulation.

  38. Power of Virtual Money : Universal idea of using Money as a Commodity.  See the presentation 

  39. Inclusive Growth, Cashless & Tax-free Society, Corruption & Black Money eradication, Terrorism Control – in one go.

  40. Universally Governments Operating Money as Commodity. #UGOMAC
  41. Why Call drops in Mobile Telecom Service.
  42. POI disputes in Indian Telecom. (Who will bell the Cat) 

  43. Ideas for start ups. (Under preparation)

  44. How to save Nation’s economy from impending disruption. and

  45. How to save legacy Telecom Businesses, a Service Industry handling one of the most vital Essential services, at the verge of collapse, world over.

II. Social and Community affairs.

  1.  ‘The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve’ 

  2. Indian Citizens Advisory Community Organization (ICACO)
  3. An open letter to Anna Hazare and his team.
  4.  Inception of technology not LOKPAL, is the solution.

  5. The hidden issues that deny education to the oppressed.
  6. Deviation from right process of governance is the reason for most our woes.  ttp://

  7. The right technology to realize Inclusive Finance.

  8. Suggestions for revival of India. 

  9. An Open Letter to Honourable Prime Minister of India.

  10. Inclusive Finance with Money through Mobile (mTm)
  11. Democratization of Information #DoI & Embracing IT in governance.

  12. Voting by all and Right of Not to Vote.
  13. An open letter to INC.

  14. My Beliefs, My Faith, My Religion

  15. Apolitical Federal & State Govermental systems are the need of the day.                         ——-00000——-

P. Abraham Paul FIE, FIETE

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

Ex. Owner FUTUREGROUPS (FCOMNET), India & UAE / Vice President (TS) SPCNL,

SIEMENS ICN Germany/ Director (TRG, TS/SC) SIEMENS RHQ, UAE/ General Manager & SMT TBG, BPL Mobile, India / Telecom Engineering Service (Group I) DOT India. & @tweetsbypaul



About Abraham Paul

Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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