Voting by all and Right of not to vote

Voting by all and right of not to Vote. Author: Abraham Paul. The inherent perils of Democracy. Individuality in thoughts and unrelenting desire and self centric attitudes to gain superiority over the other being the basic instincts that differentiate the human race in an individual and as various collective communities of identical interests, aContinue reading “Voting by all and Right of not to vote”

Response to TRAI Consultation paper on Mobile banking for Finanacial Inclusion

Response to Consultation Paper on USSD based Mobile Banking Services for Financial Inclusion of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. New Delhi, the 20th September, 2013 For kind attention ofShri Manish Sinha, Advisor (F&EA) Advisor (F&EA), TRAI. Mahanagar Door Sanchar Bhawan, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, New Delhi – 110002 Tel. No. +91-11-23230752 Fax: +91-11-23236650  FromContinue reading “Response to TRAI Consultation paper on Mobile banking for Finanacial Inclusion”

Money through Mobile (mTm) for Inclusive Growth.

Money through Mobile (mTm) for Inclusive Growth. Short link to this page: A detailed write up on this is available in my blog: Universal un-banked or exclusively banked Money Management by phone.  Please click on the caption below to see a detailed presentation on this topic: Money through Mobile (mtm) for Inclusive finance_PDF IndiaContinue reading “Money through Mobile (mTm) for Inclusive Growth.”

Inclusive Finance with Money through Mobile (mTm)

Inclusive Finance with Money through Mobile mTm for Poverty Eradication and Nation Building.   Short link: By, P. Abraham Paul. Introduction:  India is a young nation in continuous process of development. In spite of challenges that are unparalleled, our achievements are laudable.  However, the fruits of democracy are yet to reach all sections ofContinue reading “Inclusive Finance with Money through Mobile (mTm)”

Suggestions for revival of India.

Suggestions for revival of India. One World, One People, One Economy by sharing Universal Resources and its equitable distribution as Universal Basic Income by Unuversally Governments Operate Money as Commodity. Excerpts from my blog “The bitter pills for India reprieve” that I wrote to all concerned in Government and INC in May 2004. reading “Suggestions for revival of India.”