Mobile Phones as ‘Life Science devices’

INTERNET make Mobile Phones  un-separable ‘Life Science devices’

By Abraham Paul. P                  abraham-paul-2

15 April 2014.

Introduction. INTERNET is the best thing happened in technology in past two decades so much so that it has become a life science in humanity  across the world. Opportunities opened out so far has become the catch words  ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) that is expanding day by day.

Internet of Things (IOT) can become Internet for everything (IOE)

Future IOT/IOE is already in the area of Autonomously controlled Driver less Trains and going forward with Driver less vehicles. It can replace help to reduce Doctors, Teachers , even Judicial systems and other various other areas in Government and Private systems  by introducing  autonomous interactions for all sorts information interchange.

However, IOT /IOE cannot happen it by itself.  The ‘things’ in the IOT need huge variety of the partner systems comprising  Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Digital components and wide  variety of applications are involved in IOT implementation. This is one area having lot of opportunities for the start up companies can concentrate on. Therefore,  rather better to be known as IP-OE (IP on Everything.)

INTERNET is a generalized term for INTRANET that works on a protocols known as INTERNET Protocol that can belong to all sorts information transfer over INTRA-NET within a close area like any Factory or organization or between networks far apart both of Public like switched packet data network PSPDN under the realms of Public switched Telephony Network PSTN or between Private switched packet data networks ‘P’-SPDN that do not rather should not come under PSTN. A mix up of it as happening now over World Wide Web www can eventually kill the systems dealing PSTN unless clearly demarcated with exclusive CLOUD for PUBLIC and PRIVATE use.

Mobile Phone as a Universal Life Science Device

Mobile Phones as ‘Life Science Device’.  (Internet of things) 

Mobile Phone has evolved as a life science device that can provide large spectrum of great features and value added services, in addition to communication and multi-media services viz;

  1. Voice, Data and Multimedia Communication and many other non-telephony value added features, products and services.

2. Universal device as Camera, Recording device, Radio, TV, Music player, Videos and Games, voice controlled dialing, voice signature etc.

3. Internet access directly and as a Computer for creation and storage of notes, files, presentations, speeches, digital projections for remote presentation, Video conference etc.

4. Calendar, Calculator, Mini Computer, Clock and Reminder service.

5. Personal ID device.

6. Compass, Path finder and location finder, shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

7. Various location based personal & e-commerce and information services.

8. Warning device, Weather, Climate, Govt. announcements in crisis & disasters.

9. Remote Keys for Cars and Car parks, House, Safe box, Cabinets etc.  Automated driverless cars.

10. Home / Office surveillance device.

11. Remote control Home appliances. Fridge, TV, A/C, Room heater, Water heater, Lights & Fans, Widows / Curtains etc.

12. Snooping device. Remote dial in with #Auto answer for Voice & Video recording with remote controlled turntable seating for wider view in homes or other private premises.

13. Password keeper and Communicator for NFC feature.

14. As E-wallet for virtual money storage and all sorts of Money transactions.

15. Mobile device for money transactions in various Banks and special purpose ATMs.

16. Direct or autonomous payment of Taxi fare, Parking and Toll charges. and

17. To do all sorts of on line payments from anywhere, any time, without the need to travel.

18. On the spot payments for Vending machines, Dial a Drink, Dial a ticket, Dial for Money.  Exclusively banked Universal Money management using phones.

How Internet can change nations to  Tax free regimes. Power of Virtual Money, its perils and solutions and need to regulate or become bankrupt otherwise.

19. For financial inclusion by Direct Benefit Transfer to beneficiaries.

20. Micro Finance support by enabling loans on collateral, and autonomous interest and repayments using phones.

21. Mobile with NFC for remote shopping and remote ordering, purchases and payments. Location Based Services such as identified customers at mall, welcoming  and giving directions about new arrivals and special offers etc.

22. Personal Health Monitor and Service support. Body temperature, blood pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol with attachable wrist band and prods.

23. Mobiles can also be made to interact with a digital capsule embedded in the body cavity of a patient like the pace maker to receive different health indicator data such as Body temperature, pulse rate, BP, Blood sugar, Cholesterol etc., and send it to the mobile phone and auto call direct to physician in case any parameter beyond preset limits.

24. Environment sensor; Temperature, UV rays, pollution and air contamination.

25. Method to prevent drink and drive accidents. Make provision for a breath detector and a camera in the middle portion the driving wheel. Starting of the vehicle should be possible only by blowing into the breath detector and matched with driver’s photo in the camera so that only the person who start the vehicle thus can drive it. There can be also be incorporated to  initiate SIM enabled call to predefined number or numbers in case the driver tries to start the car in drunken state.

26. Universal Emergency Support system, interworking with Wrist band / waist band or a Finger Ring device.

27. How to reduce Drunk & Drive accidents.

28. Interactive services: Is there any message, Read it out for me (Text to voice) and Dictate and Send reply (Voice to Text feature)

29. Voice interactive phone while get bored & lonely; may be while driving alone.

Hey, I love you: How are you today, Tell me a joke, Sing a song,

What is in the news, How is the traffic ahead,

Remind me the shopping list,

Where can I get a Pizza nearby,

What are my appointments today,

Let me hear my old chats,

What is the weather forecast, Is it raining in our place,

Where is my wife/husband/friend now.

Bored.  Let us play some Anthakshary – You start.

Tired , Car you take over. Drive me to destination and call.

Etc., etc. . . . and goes on and on. This list never ends.


Author: Abraham Paul P. FIE, FIETE.   Owner FCOMNET.  Ex. V.P. Technical sales SIEMENS SPCNL, India / Director, SIEMENS ICN RHQ UAE / G.M. & SMT TBG, BPL Mobile India / TES (I) DoT India.   e-mail:


Published by Abraham Paul

Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.

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