FRUTARIAN diet helps to control Diabetese and Blood pressure.

”FRUITARIAN” diet and Yoga help to control Diabetes, Blood pressure, Obesity and many other disorders.

         Caution: May not suit everyone.  Try at own risk.







Abraham Paul. P.

1. Benefits of Fruitarian diet.

‘Frutarian’ diet help to reduce the harmful effects of current form of medication with an alternate, cheap but more effective and mostly harmless method to control Diabetes and Hyper tension and Obesity.

I dad been type 2 diabetic for over 15 years and also have high BP that was erratic, means mostly high but sometimes, very low. 

I have a undergone a week’s Fruitarian diet course that had helped to me bring down Blood Glucose level to normal and also BP considerably within 10 days.

I didn’t experience much weight loss as I was already on lean diet for many years.

2. What is Fruitarian diet?

Fruitarian diet recipe I followed comprise basically un-cooked food comprising mostly fresh Fruits, raw Vegetables, fresh edible leafy vegetables, and some pulses socked in water and uncooked, fresh Coconut flakes and lot of clean fresh water (not boiled and cooled). The idea is to avoid food items that increase Glucose level in blood and use fruits that contain Fructose which is not harmful and do not cause diabetes. 

Frutarian diet.

Menu :- For 3 servings; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

A mix of half cup each of sliced fresh fruits of  4 to 5 variety as available; like ripe Banana/Plantains, Papaya, Apple, Orange/Tangerine, Pineapple, Water melon, Nectarine, Plums, Kiwi, Pears, Guva, Pomegranate, and half cup each of 3 to 4 variety of fresh uncooked vegetables such as Cucumber, scrapped Carrot or Beetroot, Olives, soaked raw Pea Nuts or Sprouted Green Gram, 2 to 3 full leaves of Lettuce, Spring Onions, Spinach, few slices of fresh raw Coconut, 15 to 20 Arabian Dates. (Those having difficulty to chew may use scrapped Coconut, Carrot, Beet root etc.)

May use any available seasonal Fruits and Vegetables of you liking and that are not allergic to you.  

Quantity depends on one’s height, weight and physical habits.. About 200 to 300 grams in each serving. 75% of it as fruits, remaining 25% as Vegetables, pulses and nuts.

Take enough quantity (stomach full) of these in various combinations, smeared with little Lemon juice, a tea spoon  of Virgin Olive oil/Coconut oil and a tea spoon of Honey, if you like.

Strictly do not use salt, Red Chillies and Ketchup or Sauce or anything that contain artificial flavors and preservatives and Sugar.

Cut and Mix these with a teaspoon of Olive oil or Coconut oil, and eat as much as you can at B/F, Lunch and Dinner. Always chew well so that the food get mixed well with enough saliva. If you feel hungry, then you may eat one or two plain wheat Fulka (Chappathi) at Lunch with Chutney made of fresh Mango, Coconut, Onion & Green Chilli smeared with Coconut oil along with vegetables, but without salt.

Liquid intake: Drink about 2 to 2.4 liters (10 to 12, 200ml glass) of water every day. Drink only filtered pure fresh water (un-boiled) and one Tender Coconut Water every day in between Lunch and Dinner. Those who are not chronic diabetic, and those have low Glucose level may have a glass of fresh Sugar Cane juice with few drops of lime, if available.

Drink only clean water.  To remove impurity in water use old 3 mud pot filtering method with some burnt coconut shell in top 2 pots.  

No Milk, Tea, Coffee, white sugar, Pickles,  Alcohol or Soft drinks like Pepsi, Cola etc.,  during the treatment. Strictly no smoking.

3. Daily routine:

Get up early before sun rise. Clean your mouth and drink 2 to 3 glasses of cold water in empty stomach.

Walk in morning sun light for 15 minuets and then have Bath in cold water.

Have a brisk walk of 1 to 2 KMs according your health permit in the evenings.

Do simple Yogasanas, whatever you can, concentrating more on deep breathing focusing at the tip of the nose, for half an hour in 4 to 5 sections before Breakfast and also before Dinner.

Have Frutarian B/F before 8 A.M, Lunch after 4 to 5 hours and Dinner by 6 to 6.30 PM. Drink 2 glasses un-boiled water with every meal and also once or twice in between meals.

Take 2 glasses of fresh water before sleep.

4. Control medication:

Check fasting blood sugar and BP every day during the first 10 days of Frutarian dieting.

You may notice reduced Glucose and BP level in 3 to 4 days.  As you find reduction in blood sugar and Blood Pressure, reduce dosage of medicines in a phased manner and stop medication completely when Blood Sugar and BP fall to normal high and low margin level. Continue to observe once in three days and thereafter once in a week or so.

5. Length of the Course of Frutarian diet. 

Continue without break to possible extent for 40 days of Frutarian diet.  Change the combination of fruits l, pulses and vegitable twice in a week or so during 40 days of Frutarian diet.

Thereafter,  you may have Fruits and Vegetables at B/F and Dinner and normal non-fatty and low starch food with lot of fresh salads made of usual uncooked fresh leafy Vegetables soaked pulses, and steamed Fish if you like at Lunch.  You may alter it according to convenience.

There will be considerable weight loss for some who were overweight in few weeks and it will then stabilize.

6. Side effects:

There can be some side effects like minor itching of eyes, skin rashes. Could be that some of the fruits or vegetables are allergic. Change the combination and discard those.

Deprivations of Smoking, Alcohol, Tea, Coffee etc., may cause head ache or other discomforts for some. It may vanish after few weeks else you may discontinue and go back to your normal diet.

7.  Importance of YOGA.

Breathing, exposure to morning Sun rays, Drinking fresh Water, Walking.

From ancient days, Pancha Bhoota  (Sanskrit: पञ्चभूत, पञ्चमहाभूत ), five great elements, also five physical elements, is a group of five basic elements, which are the basis of all cosmic creation. These elements are: Prithvi (Hindi: पृथ्वी, Earth), Apas/Jal (Hindi: जल, Water), Agni(Hindi:अग्नि, Fire), Vayu (Hindi: वायु, Air), Aakash(Hindi: आकाश, Aether). These elements have different characteristics and these also account for different faculties of human experience. In ayurveda and Indian philosophy, the human body is considered to be made of these five elements. Invoking these in one life style is the way to live healthy in body and mind.

The simple facts anyone need to keep in mind is that  Air, Water and Sunlight are the basic three things that are available free for every one and everything in nature. Usage of these in its pure form are most vital for good health. Have it in plenty and  according to individual needs.

Water: Drink filtered but un-boiled and safe water as you get up in the morning and before going to sleep in the night. Boiling water make it lose much of its natural energy. Consume water at regular intervals and also with every meal. Filter pipe water through 3 mud pots to remove chlorine and impurities. Collect it in and store in Mud pot.

Bathe in cold water early in the morning and also before night meal if need be.

Sun Light: Expose to sunlight during the sunrise for about 10 minuets.  Skin acts to some extent as photo electric cells that can consume energy from Sun light.

Air.  Practice simple forms yoga for about 20 to 30 minutes, in the morning before break fast and in the evening before dinner concentrating more on breathing. Take deep inhale and exhale through nose filling lungs, always concentrating at the tip of the nose.

Yoga is not exercise. It  helps to synchronize the process of breathing of fresh air through out the day wherever you or whatever you are doing.

These along with the consuming food in its natural form to the extent possible will help to keep one healthy.

If you experience any serious problems due to Fruitarian diet, discontinue it and  continue to take normal non-fatty low starch food diet at one time daily at lunch and enough fruits and raw vegetable at B/F and Dinner.

Observe Blood sugar and BP regularly and medical checks often.

If you find it useful, tell your friends.

Abraham Paul. P.  



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