Is Government sell out Mobile Spectrum, right?

It is right to sell out Mobile Spectrum by auction or else.



Abraham Paul. P.

2G Scam, much-a-d0about-nothing.

Basically, Telecom being one of the vital essential services Government policies on Telecom shall be People centric, not Money centric. Therefore was it right for the Government to sell Wireless Spectrum by auction or else?

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2G scam  – ‘Much-a-do-about-nothing’.

Introduction: Having been actively associated in the implementation of one of the early
GSM systems in India in 1995, I choose to remain stead fast in my opinion I had on this
subject from the inception of GSM for the following reasons:-

1. Ownership of Spectrum shall remain with government.  Wireless Spectrum is a nonrenewable national resource and as such need to be handled scrupulously and judiciously by Government and Regulatory authorities. The ownership of the spectrum shall remain with Government by allowing only its ‘right of use’ so that spectrum can be withdrawn and reallocated where it is no more required or not being put to intended use by any Agency or Operator.

2. Need to move with fast changing Technology. Technology is changing very fast. What is best today would become obsolete tomorrow. Different technologies would need different frequency layer, band…

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Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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