How to prevent road accidents due to driving under influence of alcohol and Polluting Vehicles.

How to prevent accidents caused due to driving under influence of Alcohol and  Polluting vehicles.   

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Solution: Simple. Do not allow anyone who has consumed Alcohol beyond a limit, to drive.

How: By making the Vehicle refuse to start and move if the person in driver’s seat is drunk.

1. What all are needed for this: A special purpose system in every vehicle comprising:-

i. A breath analyser at the middle area space of the driving wheel or in driver’s seat belt.

ii. An electronic  camera near to the breath analyser that has full profile view of the Driver.

iii. A mini size computer connected to the above that has facility to analyse breath and send signal to the vehicle starting mechanism and keep the driver under continuous observation.

iv. Optional provision to initiate a voice or data call to a predefined number of emergency or other service.

2. Method of working:

2.1. Breath analyzer at the middle  area of driving wheel.

  • The person in the driving seat after turning on ignition will have to blow into the breathing system in the driving wheel. The special purpose mini computer system analyses and if the level of alcohol content is within predefined limit, then sends an OK signal allowing vehicle to start and move. In case of excess alcohol level, the system refuses to send start signal and plays out a recorded message or a warning sounder.
  • The digital camera registers drivers photo and associate it with the system and continues to observe during the drive to ensure the one who started the vehicle is in the driving seat. It also ensures the person in driver’s seat do not consume drinks while driving. If there is need to drink anything other than alcohol, the vehicle has to stop and then restart after blowing into the breath tester again.
  • A finger print identification can be incorporated to check or prevent others driving the vehicle.

2.2. Breath analyzer in Driver’s seat belt.

Alternately the breath analysis module could be incorporated in Driver’s seat belt. In this method, driver has to blow into a module built-in with the seat belt of the driver. If the driver is drunk it makes a the burglar alarm in the car to sound. It could be further developed to ensure that clutch get engaged with drive mechanism only if the driver has not consumed Alcohol. Digital camera in the dash board in front of the driver ensures that same person who blow into breathing analyzer is driving the vehicle. This also ensures that driver always wear the seat belt.

3. Can be implemented in any type of vehicle.

Same concept and systems suitably modified can be used in any type of vehicle and also Auto Rickshaws,  Motor bikes and Scooters. Can be useful to ensure usage of helmet by two wheeler users.

4. Useful for observing traffic rules violations.

4.1 How to prevent usage of polluting vehicles plying on roads.

Instead of  banning old vehicles and diesel ones en-mass,  identical technology idea could be used to prevent usage of vehicles polluting beyond limit by  monitoring the exhaust fumes and refusing to start unless rules are complied.

4.2. Later, the system can be incorporated with features to ensure vehicles follow traffic rules with the help of GPS  assisted and monitored navigational system and warn the erring drivers. More features can be built into the system to check drivers using Mobile phones,  texting on phones while driving, over speeding beyond set speed limits etc., and other peculiar behavior of drivers as they remain in observation and the system compares video against set parameters. This can reduce many road accidents.

5. General methods for reduction of air pollution:

i) Every vehicle shall have built-in Air recycling unit by sucking in Air, cleaning it and leaving out as they run. Trucks Buses and Heavy vehicles should have a higher capacity Air recycling units on its roof.

ii) In the roof top of every building shall have  Air Cleaning device working 24/7 basis. These shall be mass manufactured and provided at subsidised cost.

iii) Government shall install high capacity Air purifier and recycling system in in close in Public places in close proximity across the city.

These shall be enforced in every Public  & Private Offices & Factory lands.

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