Digital India: Views, Opinions, Suggestions and New Proposals on various Technology and Social and Community affairs.

Digital India: Views, Opinions, Suggestions and New Proposals on various Technology and Social and Community affairs.


Author:   Abraham Paul. P.                                               abraham-paul-2

Dated 22 June 2015

Freelance Telecom & ICT Consultant.

Ex. Owner, FCOMNET Futuregroups India/UAE, VP (TS) SPCNL, SIEMENS ICN Germany/ Director (SC) SIEMENS RHQ, UAE/ GM & SMT TBG, BPL Mobile, India/ TES (A) DOT India. e-mail:  Blogs: papaulsblog

The suggestions, opinions and ideas are strictly based on my vast experience of over 50 years in the field of Telecom & IT in India and abroad. The intention is not to contradict the policies of Governments or any other Institutions organizations or Individuals. I do not disagree with anyone who chose not to agree with me and my views. Due apologies for anything herein are contradictory, or in violation of any standing instructions or policies of the Government and else; it is un-intentional and therefore, may please be condoned.

The ideas contained are free for anyone to take and use. Take what one like and ignore the rest.

Abraham Paul. P.


Salient points:

  1. Government’s role in Digital India.

Private telecom players are doing great. However, they cannot be fully depended to fulfil social commitment especially in areas where revenue potential is low  making Government’s role important and un-avoidable. One area to focus is diversification and effective use of Country’s 150,000 Post offices combined with pan India coverage by BSNL for Digital India projects such as un-banked money management service.

2.  Digital India program need to take on with pragmatic approach.

There is nothing known as perfect in planning. Technology is changing fast. What is good today may become obsolete later. It will take quite many years for 65,000 villages in India networked with redundant and fail proof OF cables connectivity. Probable that the technology will undergo changes by then and the effort would go waste. Pragmatic approach will be to take on digitisation wherever eco system needed is readily available by rolling out features, products and services for financial inclusion and inclusive growth in urban and semi urban areas and towns and villages and then grow towards remotely rural areas in a phased manner. The way forward is to keep in mind that Telecom growth in rural and remote areas shall happen hand in hand with improvement of over all eco system and basic standard of living.

Please see my blog in the link on this.

The same technology can be further exploited to tackle the disruptive potential of Money gone Virtual as explained in my blog  “Power and Perils of Money Going Virtual”  and revolutionize the way Economy can take on un-disrupted by Governments universally across the world using their Money as a commodity for governments to earn enough revenue for all its needs without taxes by harnessing Power of Virtual Money an explosive first of its kind ever, to realize Inclusive Growth, Currency less – Cash Society, Tax free regimes, Eradication of Corruption/Black money, Restrain terrorism and more – in one go.  My blog:  

3. Cloud Computing , India Cloud and indigenous Internet explorer servers. 

There  are no two opinion that INTERNET is the best thing that happened in the technology space. Openness is its greatest merit. However, being come into existence as a by chance baby with no regulatory controls in place, INTERNET is slowly turning boon to bane in many counts, security is one among those. Future wars may not be with guns and bombs but in the cyber space that can paralyze any country in no time.

The whole world could be in total chaos soon unless clear segregation done between the sacrosanct Public Switched Telecommunication network, in its every form and of any technology and Private Information Communication Networks outside PSTN that has major presence in the world wide web. Please see my blog on this in the link:

4. Why Exclusive INDIA CLOUD? 

The need of the day is to build an exclusive fully firewalled India INTERNET Cloud that can provide secure internet network and connectivity for nation’s various needs and uses. Future ICT networks will be using cloud computing over exclusive clouds by all sorts of service providers, organizations and the Government for almost all of its communication and business & management services ensuring cyber security. Along with it India should have its own indigenous INTERNET explorer servers located within the country for establishing networked and Centralised Digital Payment Banks. and

5. Exclusive Govt. owned communication Systems & Networks for Administration and Crisis / Disaster management.

Government should have exclusive own communication network for disaster/crisis management, administration, and security purposes. Quick means of communication is one of the vital needs at the time of major crisis and disaster and Counter terror activities.

The irony is that public telecom networks are of no help when it is most needed.  The normal telecom systems and networks are designed for optimum busy hour telephone use of a routine day. These get choked due to sudden spurt in usage in case of any calamity. Failure due to overload in one of system can cause congestion and failure of other systems in the network also.

It is impossible to design a public telephone network that is capable of handling the sudden spurt of telephone traffic of sporadic nature that happen at the time of any major events, crisis and disaster.

The way out  is to have non chocking full availability system and  network exclusively for  essential services such as security, army, police, ambulance, hospitals, road transport & traffic control, air traffic control, railways and important persons/ organizations and local administration, that are vital in the crisis control/disaster management system.

6. Make Telecom Systems, network, Phones, product and services for the Common man across the Country.

Phones are no more just phones but mini computers. However, super hyped high profile Mobile phones can reverse the telecom growth and to a great extent kill the business itself. Moreover, super hyped phones are good for phone manufacturers, but ‘It is like putting the cart before the horse” where advance systems and networks are yet to be ready across the service area.

Therefore,  there is urgent need to make Telecom systems, Networks, Phones, Products and Services that are available, accessible and affordable to common man. As in every business, success of telecom business is in its user volume; and ‘Cost of user devices’ and “Cost of Usage’ are important factors in bringing in business volume.

7.  Technology based Universal Emergency support  Systems, Solutions and Services.

Sexual assault on Women and Children and all sorts of  vandalism on weak had been happening for ages all over the world. The recent mindless and horrific rape and assault incident in Delhi and many other places made India to wake up and strongl protest against such heinous crimes. Various forms of upheaval across the country had made government to bend down and look for better and effective ways and means to tackle this horrendous problem.

Please see my article on this in the link:-


Please see my submissions on Technology and Social & Community Affairs in Annexure A and Annexure B

1. Annexure A.

Submission: A.1. 

Power and Perils of Money going Virtual. Problems, Solutions and need of Regulation.

Submission: A.2.

Power of Virtual Money : Universal idea of using Money as a Commodity. See the presentation

Submission: A.3.

Inclusive Growth, Cashless & Tax-free Society, Corruption & Black Money eradication, Terrorism Control – in one go.

Submission: A.4.

Universally Governments Operating Money as Commodity. #UGOMAC

Submission: A.5.

How to save Nation’s economy from impending disruption. and

One World, One Economy by all Universal sharing of resources and its equitable distribution to enabling ‘Universal Basic Income” for eradication of Poverty and improved Standard of living for all.

Submission: A.6.

How to save legacy Telecom Businesses, a Service Industry handling one of the most vital Essential services, at the verge of collapse, world over.

(P.S.) Watch this space for more topics under publication process.

2. Annexure B.

Some of my Previously published blogs:  Please see link below:


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About Abraham Paul

Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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