Ideas for Start ups.

Ideas for the ‘Start ups’

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Abraham Paul. P.  FIE, FIETE

Harnessing the vast human resource in the country shall be the main objective.

Instead of blaming the enormity of our population base for every woe, it shall be converted as our major strength. The prime cause of poverty in India especially among the majority, rural mass is the lack of environment to generate the minimum income needed for their
livelihood, from agriculturee, employment or other resources.

India needs a different type of democracy, knitting of a secularist nation with the threads of participation of the entire mass, one of the basic object realizing national integration in the course. The American model of democracy where self-indebted vanity is the yardstick of  development is not suitable for India. The consequences are obvious now. China’s previous few decades though seem effective are too drastic and impractical to emulate here through a democratic process.

Most of the unrest and disharmony happening everywhere, may it be of social, political, various disruptions caused by actions and counter actions of different ethnic groups and communities turning into religious extremism, are due to the shift in the focus of life among the mass especially the village youth, due to desperation fermenting of the prevailing situation that deprive them options and opportunities to grow up and lead a normal life.
To alleviate it, the primary focus shall be on the uplift of the 750 dd million rural population, by providing them basic amenities such as a home to live, clean water, cheap electricity and fuel, primary healthcare, free basic education and skill development to ake everyone employable, effective public distribution system, good roads and other infrastructure, and a minimum assured income from agricultural or trade related occupation with adequate
change in labor laws ensuring decent income to workers for sufficient enough for their moderate livelihood enabling people to stay in own villages instead running away to congested cities. Moreover, once this is achieved, there will no one to follow the miscreants.

Priority for next ten years shall be the management of human resources everywhere across the country. To bring real change, it is necessary to enable participation and sense of ownership for common man in the nation building process and plug every means of corruption at all levels. Experiences thus far have proven that current methods of governance and government machinery are not properly geared to achieve these. A strong will and conviction for a major shift in the policies of the Government for a changed social outlook are needed to push the country forward.

Fortunately, India is in a better position than many other countries, with matured national heritage, cultural strength, abundant natural resources, etc. The trick lies in harnessing all these with our wealth of human resource effectively. Education shall not be for making every one graduates, but making them employable by imparting and inculcating adequate skills for it.
Industries should have apprenticeships for various levels of jobs to provide hands on experience and absorb them later.

The points mentioned below towards this end may seem difficult to conceive and digest by many in the higher echelons of current political hierarchy. Though seems to be unconventional, these are realistic and achievable.
(The above is an excerpt from my paper “The Bitter Pills for India Reprieve I published in 2004. )

Opportunities the Start ups to look for.

I. Technology area.

1. Impact of transition from Voice to Data & Multimedia.

Major portion of Revenue from Data services  move from Network Operators to External Service Providers and e-Commerce Business units in PDN. There is big opportunities for small time srtart ups in this arena.

Most of the advance Information Communication Technology systems till few years back had been the monopoly of Network Operators/ ISPs and System vendors.  It has  become necessary to take these out of the monopoly TSPs into the User premises by integrating Technology of numerous User intensive systems, each needing distinctly different user specific Applications which cannot be handled by TSPs. Though these have great impact on Telecom Service providers, as Voice call revenue is dwindling with transition from Voice to Data oriented Communication, stiff completion making  saturation of usage and the compulsion to forge into more and more broadband products and services with no scope of commensurate returns for the business to survive and therefore, it opens out great opportunities for Startups to become SMEs.

2. Personal Services Outsourcing (PSO) Systems, Networks and business plans. 

Personal Services Outsourcing opens out tremendous opportunities in various fields for the SMEs and for the Startups to begin small and grow big in short span. Please see details in the paper in the link above.  Closely looking,  one can find ideas of Amazon, Alibaba, JustDial, Uber etc., etc. in it. 

3. Business opportunity in making it many partner systems required for Internet of Things IOT & IOE.  

Mobile Phones as Life Science Device. (Internet of things) 

INTERNET is the best thing happened in technology in past two decades so much so that it has become a life science in humanity across the world. Opportunities opened out so far has become the catch words ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) that is expanding day by day.

Nevertheless, IOT/IOE cannot happen by itself.  The ‘things’ in IOT and ‘everything’ in IOE need huge variety of partner systems comprising  Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Digital components and wide variety of applications built into it are involved in highly diverse and user specific IOT implementation. This is one area having lot of opportunities for the start up companies can concentrate on. Please see my paper in the link above.

Internet of Things (IOT) can become Internet for everything (IOE)

Future IOT/IOE is already in the area of Autonomously controlled Driver less Trains and going forward with Driver less vehicles.

IOE can replace help to reduce Doctors, Teachers , even Judicial systems and many other in various other areas in Government and Private systems  by introducing  autonomous interactions for all sorts information interchange. 

IOT can create various voice response based  search engines without physical remote units and also autonomous pre-programmed functions.

4. Revival of Telecom Manufacturing Sector in India.

With Digitization there is an urgent need for indigenous manufacturing, implementing and its Operation & Maintenance  as externally procured systems and its operation can be interrupted. This will open out opportunities for start ups in the form of ancillary units to make and supply components and systems for major Telecom manufacturing Companies in India and its exports. 

5. Make Telecom Systems, network, Phones, product and services for the common man.

Huge marketing hypes are on for selling high end Phones, products and services. As in any other Industry, in TELECOM business also the volume of Business come from the majority users in the middle class. So the cost of Phones and its cost of usage shall be affordable to ttowns the majority users.  It opens out opportunitid for SMEs and Startups in making these locally.

6. Technology based Universal Emergency support Systems, Solutions and Services.

7. Exclusively banked Universal Money management using phones. 

Above article I wrote 20 years back is the ‘Power mill’ to move forward in realising Inclusive Growth, Micro Finance support and moving towards #Digital India.

Visualising it’s disruptive potential on Banking Industry unless regulated and kept within Banks, I did not Venture it myself. Since then I was after Government & RBI to do the needful. Seems that Government is yet toiHowever jumping into it prematurely before its prerequisites taken up and completed in war footing  basis will be disastrous, the reason I did not venture in it myself.

Nonetheless, it opens out great opportunities for SMEs and Startups to participate in the process in providing and serving of millions of POS machines (the man machine interface apparatus at every Point of Sale and Point of Service) everywhere in the world, also Employment potential for millions as Franchisees as middle men to handle it as explained in my paper in the link above. It can also absorb the surplus staff in BSNL, Post offices, Banks etc.

Also Please see my ideas, first of its kind, how to convert its disruptive potential as advantage Government and advantage people in my papers in the links many of it Government and the Media yet to grasp.  After all Governments are Governments. What is surprising is hundreds of seminars and Media happen everyday on #Mobilepayment but none them bother to look at the workable practical, quick and cheap workable solutions for the majority common people. 

II. Other ideas for start ups.  

1. Micro finance. Short term money lending using Mobiles from home.

 2. Money changers, Physical Money to Virtual and vise versa. Please see my ppt presentation in

And many more as can be seen in my papers mentioned above.

1. WiFI and INTERNET Centres and related Services.

2.  Coaching classes for house wives in Computer and Internet handling and about and Digital India, Direct Benefit Transfer.

3. Low cost ERP service for  small firms and start ups. 

4. Innovative system for Road toll & Parking space usage charging. and A way to reduce Road usage, Automated Parking lots over Roads by private participation, Less pollution. More revenue for Governments / Municipality. 

5. How to reduce Drunk & Drive accidents and use of Polluting vehicles. 

Other Suggestions for SMEs and Startups to look at.  

6. Alternate energy. Captive hydro electric, Wind, Tides, Bio-fuel and Solar systems. Storage Batteries, Reverse feeding Power grids.

7. Internet connectivity and Wifi everywhere along with Electric supply by State or Private Electricity Boards and its on-the-roads and in-house support devices. 

8. Cheap LED lamps. Make and market cheaper LED lamps, Big market there. Distributed lighting using few LED lamps. Light carried to distributed points using Optical pipes to light emitting end pieces from a single LED light source.

9. Horticulture with drip irrigation and other technology ideas in draught prone areas. 

– Home delivery of Milk and fresh vegetable kits on daily basis. 

10. Automatic country brick making small scale plants in Villages & rural areas.

For paving in the water ponds, Rain water storage Tanks, Fields etc. to store and preserve Rain water. 

11. Allowing usage of idle railway land by local co-operatives for cultivation.

12.  Auto diagnosing and reporting biological condition to physicians.

Artificial Intelligence of sorts in in the area of Medicine and Biology.    

– Bio science is the way to make positive change in human behavior and existence  

13.  IOT ideas for future buildings, structural and operational and maintenance.

IOT, IOE and AI need partner systems in various other fields of Technology to take off. There are many opportunities for Startups in this area.

14. Overhead Parking spaces with automatic parking facilities over wide roads in congested areas on BOT basis.  

15. Mass factory production of Bio Toilets and supply to every Panchayats

16. Making provision of Air Cleaning and recycling systems cumpulsory in every Vehicle, in Homes and in Public places.


P. Abraham Paul. (P.A. Paul) PFIE, FIETE.




About Abraham Paul

Vision & Objective: Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 60 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service to forward looking enterprises and entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering and Services. Apolitical and religiously unbiased.
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