How to save Telecom Business as Service Industry Handling a Vital Essential Service; at verge of collapse World over.

How to save Telecom Business as Service Industry Handling a Vital Essential Service, at Verge of Collapse, World over.


Dated 13 June 2017

Introduction: No one can stop advancement of Technology; and then Technologies also change too quickly and most Technology advancements disrupt the paths it grows through. Same is truer in Information Communication Technology also. Advancement in ICT brought in convergence of Systems & Networks, Modes of connectivity, the end links and User end devices and converged various forms of ICT based transactions in transforming Universal mode of Telecommunication that greatly helped humanity across the word.

INTERNET is the best thing happened in Communication technology in past few decades. IOT and IOE are the golden catch words that will change the whole world. Naturally therefore, strangling of “Net neutrality” will be a horrendous mistake.

Nonetheless, the following facts and concerns on this regard call for serious consideration of all stake holders, the Telecom Business groups, Regulators and the Government, lest the growth of Telecom business as service industry handling one of the Vital Essential Services get disrupted beyond retrieval.

This paper dwells upon how to save Telecom Business at the verge of collapse, World over.

In this connection please see what I wrote to TRAI in response to their consultation paper on ‘Net neutrality’ warning the danger of influx of OTTs in links below: ,

Mine, being a sole voice against millions supporting Net neutrality, naturally TRAI appears to have ignored it then.

Telecom Business is all together a different Ball Game. Industrialists dealing it as new found Gold mines will be problematic.

It is heard, of late, that TRAI is having some rethinking after the US is seiously considering bringing in regulatory measures on Net neutrality and China already implemented it some time back more or less on the lines I proposed long back in my blog “Net neutrality without hurting TELCOs and Users’ and about Cyber Security in the link

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How to save legacy Telecom Business at verge of collapse.


Freelance Telecom & IT Consultant. FCOMNET India. Ex: V.P. (TS) SPCNL SIEMENS ICN / Director (TRG, TS & SC) SIEMENS RHQ UAE / G. M & SMT TBG BPL Mobile / TES (I) DOT India.



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