How to tackle Contemporary Global Challenges such as: Poverty due to Lack of Jobs, Corruption/Black Money, Heavy Duties and Taxes, Proliferation of Terrorism, Distortion of Cyber Security / Privacy; all in one go, with few amazingly simple Technology Solutions and Ideas, some first of its kind.


Abraham Paul. P.    15 February 2019      Short link:

This proposal is about Quickly Developing and  Implementing a meaningful ‘Minimum Income Guarantee’ #MIG in the lines of Universal Basic Income #UBI,  ensuring hypothetically say, Rs.100/day/person for about 40% of the Population (that include those in current #BPL) and replacing MGNREGA, #FSB and scrapping the problem prone ‘Public Distribution System’ #PDS and stoppage of all other Freebies, Loan Wavers, Economic status based reservations etc., once for all.

Of course, a meaningful Implementation of the Minimum Income Guarantee like that will need an estimated Financial Resource of about Rs.18 LCr (18 Trillion) annually. Huge!!, almost near to India’s Annual Budget Outlay. (Rs.100/day and 40% Population taken here are hypothetical figures for explanatory purpose; that can vary according to needs from time to time.

To cover 67% of population currently under the Food Security Bill #FSB, the resource required will be about Rs.30 Trillion annually.)

Could be done, and this is the only way to make the turn around by Government and the Political Parties People Friendly and the Nation a truly democratic welfare State. 

Please see my Presentation on ‘Global Challenges and Technology Solutions’ by clicking on the caption below

>>>>>  Global Challenges and Technology Solutions

This can be realized by using a fairly simple Technology solution as

explained in a presentation I made years back in many forums.

‘Power and Perils of Money Going Virtual’ in the link and ‘Universally Governments Operate Money As Commodity’ #UGOMAC an idea first of its kind, that many countries are now looking into; in the link that can take care of the following contemporary Global Challenges of which providing Jobs or other sources of income in lieu of for the livelihoods of all the needy ones is the prime challenge everywhere even in the developed nations.

Creating Jobs is a slow process that India missed to focus on time; and so will take many more years to happen. See a paper I published in April 2004.

‘THE BITTER PILLS FOR INDIA REPRIEVE’, most of it are still valid.

Meanwhile, providing the needy a meaningful Minimum Income till then is one way to tackle the problem of Poverty in which current Support from Governments is grossly inadequate.

Relevance of BPL index in NFSB_130913

Poverty eradication has been the main theme of the Governments so far that need to be continued as top priority on war footing basis till it fully realized even it be 5% GDP.. P. Abraham Paul.

Pushing quicker growth and higher GDP through unbridled FDI and long term indebtedness will take Indian Economy and Rupee to Dollar value the Indonesian way. (One US$ is now about 14000 Indonesian Rupaiah )

The five Contemporary Global Challenges. 

1.   Poverty.

Due to lack of enough Jobs for the needy.

Need to provide relief to those in the lower economic strata to possible extent by ensuring mutually supportive ‘Universal Basic Income’ #UIB with a scaled down version as a Minimum Income Guarantee #MIG until suitable Jobs or other occupations for the livelihood for all can be found.

2.  Corruption / Black Money.

The few Rich amass wealth with Corrupt practices and hoarding of Black Money are widening the economic gap between Rich and Poor and tackling it is another Global Challenge.

3.   Heavy Duties and Tax burden.

Government need money. Current Central Budget Expenditure outlay divided by India’s Population is less than  Rs.40 per day / person that is less than the BPLindex. What sort of development it can do is anybody’s guess. However, imposing too many Duties and Direct & Indirect Taxes by Governments for its Revenue generation cause hardships to Common People. It is like giving by one hand and taking away by other.

Bringing in a TAX Free Regime using the Technology solution explained herein is the way to alleviate Economic burden on common people, and to overcome one of the global Challenges of the day.

4.   Proliferation of Terrorism.  

One of the reasons on proliferation of Terrorism is the Monitory support from the original perpetrators of different sorts from near and far. Bringing in place a 24/7 system that can Monitor, identify and prevent unusual excess Money flow into wrong hands for wrong  purposes, is the one and only sure shot solution to effectively restrain Proliferation of Terrorism and hence has become a Global Challenges to reckon.


Ensuring Cyber Security is Vital in everything DIGITAL and in every ICN/ICT Digital Dialogues and Discourses by everyone and the Governments and also is vital for tackling other Global Challenges.

As Disruption of Cyber Security impact PRIVACY that in turn impact everything else and hence becoming an unsolvable headache everywhere.

Tackling disruption of Cyber Security will also help to save ‘Telecom Businesses, which are Primarily a Service Industry, committed to take care of one of the Vital Essential Services accessible to all sorts of People at affordable cost; and now at the verge of collapse; World over due its infringement by OTTs that use Telcos Systems, Network and its Customer base with no adequate revenue share. &

As future wars will not be with Guns & Bombs but in the Cyber space,  dependency on imported Technology Systems & Open networks are problematic.

Any responsible Government should have its own Communication Systems and Network in an Exclusive non-tamperable CLOUDS.

It is therefore, crucial for Government to protect and upkeep BSNL by diversifying into a Government operated FinTech business  by becoming a Payment Bank and tie up with POST OFFICE Banking system to effectively use its extra baggage of Work force and assets and real estate all over the country. (DOT India had one among the best Telecom Technocrats in the World.)

More importantly Private TELCOS cannot be depended for providing Service available, accessible and affordable to the huge population in the loss making systems and networks in Rural and Remote areas for full realisation of Digital India.

Therefore, Government Policies on Telecom shall be People Centric; not Money Centric.

How Technology Solutions can be of help to resolve most of the above.

Astonishingly, one Simple Technology solution can address and overcome all the above challenges.

I have been writing on these and in my many Technical Talks & Presentations, for over a decade from late 90’s as can be seen in my paper ‘Exclusively Banked Universal Money Management by Phones. On Mobile Banking using USSD technology, Exclusive Payment Banks etc.’ 

It is knowing fully well about it’s disruptive potential on Nation’s Economy, I did not venture to do it myself and was after Government and Reserve Bank to take it on.

Basically, Government Policies on Telecom shall be People Centric; not Money Centric. 

If the Government is sincere about these; ‘Minimum Income Guarantee’ #MIG #NYAY etc., as a scaled down version of the concept of Universal Basic Income, it shall straight away work on this by setting up a Server to collect information of every money transaction happen in the Country to start with, by creating a Prototype Beta system with the help of the many experts India have like Shri. Nandan Nilekani (*1 Credit with Salutes),

National Payment Corporation of India #NPCIN( * 2 Credits)

Also Credits and salutes *3 to Shri. Raghuram Rajan, Ex. Governor RBI, for

approving few Exclusive PAYMENT BANKS that rightly included the

Post Office Banking Network. 

As mentioned before, finding the Resource to implement this People Friendly Program can be generated with my idea, a first of its kind, “Universally Government Operate Money as Commodity.’

Not convinced? Then look closely, that is exactly what all those #FinTerch Companies operating on Prepaid mode are doing now.

The idea in nutshell. Universally Government Operate Money as Commodity. #UGOMAC



Please see my blog:

About Rs. 3600 Trillion change hands annually in India. By Government of India making Reserve Bank of India the Owner, Custodian, Operator, Controller and Regulator of all forms of Money in Virtual form and enable its transaction only through their System and fully redundant and Networked Servers across the Country and Charge a small percentage on the amount of Money transacted can generate enough revenue for the needs of the Government. For example a transaction charge of 2% can generate Rs. 72 Trillion annually, that can take care of whatever I had suggested and more, #MIG, Make India a TAX Free Nation, for adding infrastructure, creating jobs, and sharing with States.

As the system is parameter driven, the rate of transaction charge, whom to charge and what to charge, when to change and how much etc. can be pre-programmed and changed with few Computer Clicks as required, any time. Idea is important, Nuts and Bolts can be added by thousands out there.

Can be done, provided Government act fast to create and test it out and own implement it soon, lest it will end up like the many promises of Political Parties in 2014 Election time. Less Sound Bytes and more Action in doing what is promised, shall be the motto of Government and Political heads handling it.

In fact the only hurdle anticipated is the anti mind set of the People in the high echelons of Society who amass wealth  in dubious means and the Political lot who won’t like bringing  in Transparency in its immense Political Funding that has become the curse of our form of Democracy.

My papers on these are available in Amazon Kindle and for anyone to take and use.

By Abraham Paul P. Freelance ICN/ICT Consultant.

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Credits: *1. Shri Nandan Nilekani with salutes for helping to create Aadhaar the Indian UUID for DBT ( &

*2. National Payment Corporation of India NPCI for creating BHIM and Consortium of Banks to roll it out. (

*3. Shri.Raghuram Rajan with salutes for approving Exclusive Payment Banks (


Abraham Paul. P. FIE, FIETE.

Freelance ICT/ICN Consultant. Ex. Owner Futuregroups FCOMNET, India & UAE/ Vice President Technical Sales, SIEMENS SPCNL / Director Trg, SC & TS SIEMENS ICN RHQ, Dubai / G M & SMT TBG, BPL MOBILE INDIA/ TES (A) DOT INDIA.


Author:   Copyright

Freelance ICN/ICT Consultant. Tweet @pa_paul  Blog:



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