About me P. Abraham Paul, over 50 years as a Telecom professional.


Abraham Paul. P                      Short link: http://wp.me/P1ZsI2-2

Telecom Professional     Email: papaul@hotmail.com  Blogs: papaulsblog.wordpress.com

Vision & Objective:

Telecom has always been the passion of my life. After 50 years of outstanding career and many personal contributions to the industry, I still have same urge, and hence the desire to give back to the industry, the abundant experience, knowledge and potential acquired, by providing consultancy service, to forward looking enterprises and young entrepreneurs in Legacy and New generation Telecom & IT in the areas of Business Management, Technology, Engineering, and Services.

Profile:  Personal:

Male, Married, Three grown up children, well settled.

Nationality:  Indian, currently resident of Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

Pleasing nature, hard working, possess good health and enjoy travel.

Languages: Proficient in English, Hindi and South Indian vernacular.


A self starter, positive attitude, practical approach with strong analytical skills, quick decision making and problem solving capability and ability to work in a fast-faced self-directed environment.

Outstanding planning and organizational skills, ability to effectively interact and work with top Management, understand and share the vision of the Company and to deliver accordingly.

Good Computer and IT knowledge, Innovative, quick to learn, understand and adapt new Technology and business ideas, high Technology project management skills and always have an eye on quality.

Excellent verbal and written communication, strong team motivation, very good interpersonal skills.

The above attributes added with hard work, honesty, integrity and professional approach, and willingness to take up challenging jobs, helped me to attain and enjoy leadership positions and deliver the best in every situation in my half century long diverse and unusual career path.

Education /Professional Qualifications:-

Academic: Graduate in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering / AMIETE

Professional:  FIETE    Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecom Engineers, India.

FIE        Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India.

Training and certification in Telecom & IT Technology & Business Management:

Undergone advanced training courses in Department of Telecom-India ALTTC,

Philips-Netherlands, Hitachi-Japan, Alcatel-France & Siemens A.G-Germany.

Teaching experience:

– Telecom Technology and Management Trainer in Department of Telecom for 4 years.

– Training of Telecom Engineers- BPL Mobile for 2 years.

– Telecom & GSM trainer in Siemens A.G RHQ, Dubai for 2 years.

Areas of Expertise:

Telecom & IT:  Business, Technology, Engineering, Services, Training and Consultancy.

Wired & Wireless Voice, Data and Multimedia communication systems, Switching Gateways, Intelligent Networks, Billing & Charging systems, Call Centers.

Radio networks, Terrestrial and OFC Transmission media & Interconnects, Data Interfaces,

Electrical/Electronic Infrastructure, Safety & security systems and

Telecom Power Supplies and stand bye systems, Air-conditioning systems.

Technology Skills:

Product Development, Systems & Networks Planning,

Order processing, Vendor/Customer Negotiation, Purchase.

Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance.

Quality Control and Performance Monitoring,

Teaching and Training of legacy and new generation Wired & Wireless systems, Networks Technology.

Management proficiency:

As the Manager in Senior Executive level, did management and administration of Electrical, Electronics, Telecom & IT Business and Technology systems, networks and staff; amounting to over 30 years of extensive, senior executive level working experiences in:-

Major Telecom Service Providers; Department of Telecom India and BPL Mobile India,

Multinational Manufacture/Vendor Companies; Siemens AG Dubai, SPCNL India and

Own Business firms; Future Groups India, FCOMNET U.A.E.

Presentation skills: Delivered Business Management and advance Technology presentations in renowned forums on contemporary and futuristic topics of Telecom and e-Business.

Papers published: Published many accredited articles on present and futuristic Telecom and allied topics.

Other information:

Knowledge of other technologies related to Telecom & IT Projects:

Good practical working knowledge of Civil, Electrical and Air Conditioning.

Did many Engineering projects, related to Electrical, Electronics and Telecom & IT industries,

Did design & planning of many major telecom buildings & infrastructure,

Effectively overseen and monitored progress of construction and implementation.

Career Profile: Key job positions held:

CURRENT POSITION:- MD/CEO Future Groups, FCOMNET (India) Own Telecom & IT firm;

Specializing in Electric, Electronic, Telecom & IT :-

Business, Technology, Infrastructure – Engineering, Services and Consultancy.

ERP Products: Software solution providers. Consultation, Implementation and Services.


1. June 2001 to January 2003:  Vice President Technical Sales, Siemens Public Communication Networks Limited, Gurgaon, Haryana India.

Head of Technical Sales reporting to MD SPCNL, India:

KRA: Train staff and mange technical sales activities of all major GSM service providers in India.
Provided technology training & know how, developed a strong technical team and lead managed all presales and post sales SPCNL’s technical and commercial activities for the Mobile Telecom systems and Intelligent Network system of all GSM service providers in India.

Effectively handled the Tenders, RFQ/RFS, Project planning, Customer presentations/discussions, Negotiations, Order processing, Monitoring of supplies.

Efficiently and timely managed the Implementation, Testing, Commissioning and O&M  of all major GSM 2G, GPRS, EDGE and Intelligent Network systems service providers in India, in close coordination with V.P Sales and Accounts Managers.

KRA Performance: Fully achieved and helped SPCNL to do record high sales during the period.

2. July 1999 to May 2001: Director, Technical Sales and Training, Siemens RHQ Dubai:

KRA: Provide job oriented training to technical team, lead manage pre/post sale vendor activities.

Trained the technical team of the newly formed Siemens ICN regional office and handled Technical Sales for efficient sales and implementation of GSM Networks in Gulf region, India & Pakistan.

As Technical project leader; handled ETISALAT UAE and many Indian Mobile Companies accounts.

KRA performance: Achieved with many new customer acquisitions and expansion job orders done.

3. June 1997 to May 1999. G.M & Member Technology in BPL Telecom Business Group, Bangalore.

KRA: Project Planning & Implementation, Technology support Special projects, Performance Monitoring and Quality Control of GSM systems and networks in all four service areas of BPL.

Did business development, planned and proposed for many special projects,

Did technology/system selection, Procured & Implemented Intelligent network system and IVR for  Mumbai network,

Designed, experimented and proposed Pseudo HLR based networking now known as MVN.

Designed Hot Billing based prepaid system which was adopted for  BPL’s 3 networks

Designed and developed BPL’s own IVR System and proposed for commercial production

Proposed additional development of CTI and CRM in BPL’s voice frames for GSM call centers.

Planned and proposed for BPL’s starting Service Provider business of Call Centre and Business Data service which is now known as BPO, the million dollar business.

Did performance monitoring, reporting and Quality control, of all GSM networks of BPL in India.

Planned and proposed for setting up International Telecom & IT Training and Consultancy.

Proposed new business plan of DTH TV service and ITES.

In this elevated position I had the opportunity to travel and effectively network with major telecom vendors and service providers, across the world.

KRA Performance: Fully achieved. Occupying this prestigious position of Member Technology, BPL Telecom Business Group Bangalore, I was instrumental in bringing up BPL as one of the best GSM service providers in India.

4. April 1995 to June 1997:

General Manager / SMT Member Telecom Business Group BPL Mobile Mumbai.

KRA: Plan the building, supervise construction, execute the GSM switching project, put into service, and train the staff to Operate and Maintain the system.

Planned the building and supervised the building construction, did Electrical and A/C installations for BPL Mobile flagship project in Mahim, Mumbai.

Planned, procured, Installed and put through GSM switching system with all peripheral network elements such as special services, GSM billing system, all value added systems and services viz. SMS, VMS, IVRS, ACD Voice frames with CTI & CRM, OMC.

Installed and put through  GSM-PSTN interconnects with C7 signaling for the first time in India and a state-of-the-art IN system based prepaid mobile service,

Managed the technical team for O&M of the Switch and all peripheral systems & N/W.

As SMT Member, BPL Telecom Business Group, Managed all matters pertaining to technology/ vendor selection, order processing, purchase and implementation of projects and products and brought up BPL Mobile as the technology leader.

KRA Performance: Over achieved, very much beyond the expectations of the Management.

As technical head of project, lead managed and completed highly challenging project of setting up Core systems and Infrastructure of BPL Mobile’s GSM Network in Mumbai, including planning and overseeing a multi storey building construction, electrical installations, A/C systems, M/W tower etc., in a fantastic time frame of four months in spite of heavy Bombay monsoon and many other hurdles.

Gave guidance and support for the technical works in BPL’s other three Mobile networks which came up later.  Over all, I was instrumental in bringing up BPL Mobile as the technology leader of the time in Telecom and GSM by developing and putting through many new products and innovative business ideas, when GSM was new to every one in India.

5. March 1958 to April 1995: Telecom Engineer in Indian Telecom Service.  ITS (I)

Over 37 years in Indian Telecom service with outstanding performance in multifarious fields, covering large number of Project implementations, Operation & Maintenance, Management  and Administration, Performance monitoring, Quality Control and Training.

Had extensive telecom and administrative training, in-service courses and worked in all areas of Technical, Engineering, Administration, Teaching, Performance & Efficiency improvement and Quality control, of which about 20 years in executive management positions.

To make it short, during the 37 years of my service in DoT, I had a vibrant career, always been in forefront of technology and grown with full involvement along with the evolution and growth of telecom in India.

KRA Performance: Always were outstanding, consistently out performing KRA expectations.
I was bestowed many excellent credits and was awarded out of turn promotions for consistent outstanding service, and personal contributions to Telecom Technology, Business & Service, for the Department of Telecom India for over 38 years.

References: Available on specific query.


I, hereby, authenticate that the above given details are true to the best of my knowledge.


Abraham Paul.                                      Place: Trivandrum,     Date: 31 December 2011.


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