The Syrian Orthodox Church Dispute.

The Syrian Orthodox Church Dispute. ‘Much a do about nothing.’    5 September 2019. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the Children of God.’  St. Mathew 5 : 9.     P. Abraham Paul. There is a saying: Post factum nullum consilium. Nevertheless, here is my take on the never ending andContinue reading “The Syrian Orthodox Church Dispute.”

The Essence of Religion.

The Essence of Religion. Originally posted on March 24, 2012 Abraham Paul. P.. The Essence of Religion. Posted on March 24, 2012 The Essence of Religion. Introduction: Is it not weird that Theist beliefs that have deep roots here for over 5000 years in case of Hinduism, about 2000 years in the case ofContinue reading “The Essence of Religion.”

Consolidated list of some of P. Abraham Paul’s Articles.

Consolidated list of some of P. Abraham Paul’s Articles on Information Communication Technology and Social & Community affairs published during past many years. Some of the suggestions and proposals have been already implemented and some are underway. Thanks to the Governments during past two decades.

Need to celebrate Holy Eucharist in English

Need to celebrate of Holy Eucharist in English. Short link: P. Abraham Paul.                                                      Date: 12 April 2002. Introduction: Eastern Orthodox liturgy we have got from our saintly spiritual forefathers and passed on through generations is the richest among the World Christian faith orders. The need of the day is to adapt ourselves to theContinue reading “Need to celebrate Holy Eucharist in English”

List of blogs of Abraham Paul P.

List of Blogs of Abraham Paul P. papaulsblog, Published in  on Technology and Social & Community affairs. Short link: Abraham Paul. P       Freelance Consultant ICT/ICN  Graduate in Electrical, Electronics and Telecom Engineering (1965) and Fellow of Institution of  Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi, (FIETE), Fellow of Institution Electrical Engineers (FIE) Calcutta. Owner “FutureContinue reading “List of blogs of Abraham Paul P.”

An apolitical Federal Government will do far better for India.

An apolitical Federal Government will do far better for India.  Short link:         To ensure proper representation of all sections of the population, it is necessary to make a major change in the present system of Central Government in the country. 1. In India, only about 50% of the inhabitants have votingContinue reading “An apolitical Federal Government will do far better for India.”

Extend help to Care those with Special Needs: An appeal.

Extend help to Care those with special needs: An appeal.  Dated 15 June 2010. Short link: Target: Those who adopt Philanthropy as part of their life style, and those who consider it as one of their hobbies. Sponsored by: A founder member of St. Peters Charitable Society, Chenthi, Pongummoodu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.       ‘It isContinue reading “Extend help to Care those with Special Needs: An appeal.”

The hidden issues that deny educating the oppressed.

The hidden issues that deny educating the oppressed. Link: There are no two opinions about the importance of giving proper education to everyone across the country. This is one the prime need for taking the country forward. The issue of improving educational status of the Dalits and poor mass was always in the focusContinue reading “The hidden issues that deny educating the oppressed.”

“Religion and Politics”

Religion and Politics.  Short link: Author: Abraham Paul.   20 Feb 2009   Tweet  @pa_paul (Views contained herein are strictly personal, no offence indented to any one, any Religion or organisation, Government or Political Party. Take what you like and ignore the rest. Also I do not disagree to anyone who choose not to agree withContinue reading ““Religion and Politics””