CONTEMPORARY GLOBAL CHALLENGES and TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS.©️ How to tackle Contemporary Global Challenges such as: Poverty due to Lack of Jobs, Corruption/Black Money, Heavy Duties and Taxes, Proliferation of Terrorism, Distortion of Cyber Security / Privacy; all in one go, with few amazingly simple Technology Solutions and Ideas, some first of its kind. Abraham Paul. P.    15 February 2019   Continue reading “CONTEMPORARY GLOBAL CHALLENGES AND TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS.”


P. Abraham Paul.                                                         Thiruvananthapuram, 18 Oct 2018 Short link: CROWDFUNDING WITH ONLINE AUTONOMOUS DAILY RAFFLES.  1.      The idea is to start a ONLINE DAILY RAFFLE  that can beContinue reading “CROWDFUNDING WITH ONLINE DAILY RAFFLES.”

How to save your nation’s economy from disruption.

POWER & PERILS OF MONEY GOING VIRTUAL. Harnessing the Power to and using it to overcome the Perils and converting it as advantage, is the way to go. How can this be done is explained in this paper. ‘How to save your nation’s Economy from disruption.’


UNIVERSALLY GOVERNMENTS OPERATE MONEY AS A COMMODITY  (#UGOMAC)  Author: Abraham Paul. P               Thiruvananthapuram, Dated 02 January 2017                      Short link: Introduction. Demonetization is Archaic and hardly can meet the objects  when applied without enough pre-planning and preparation. Equally it is undemocratic for Governments to levy huge direct and indirect TAXes on rightfully hard earned Money ofContinue reading “UNIVERSALLY GOVERNMENTS OPERATE MONEY AS A COMMODITY (UGOMAC)”

Inclusive Growth, Cashless & Tax-free Society, Corruption & Black Money eradication, Terrorism Control, UBI – in one go.

Inclusive Growth, Cashless Society & Tax-free Regime, Eradication of Corruption & Black Money,  Control on Terrorism, Universal Basic Income – in one go.    Author: Abraham Paul. P               Thiruvananthapuram, Dated 02 December 2016                      Short link: Introduction. Demonetization is Archaic and what hurts Economy most is not Black Money but large portion Money being guzzled up and converted intoContinue reading “Inclusive Growth, Cashless & Tax-free Society, Corruption & Black Money eradication, Terrorism Control, UBI – in one go.”

Consolidated list of some of P. Abraham Paul’s Articles.

Consolidated list of some of P. Abraham Paul’s Articles on Information Communication Technology and Social & Community affairs published during past many years. Some of the suggestions and proposals have been already implemented and some are underway. Thanks to the Governments during past two decades.

Why Universal Money through Mobile (mTm)

Power and perils of Money going virtual. Virtual money need to be handled by Virtual Banks. Fast mushrooming e-commerce businesses using money need to be regulated lest it disrupt country’s economy.


POWER AND PERILS OF MONEY GOING VIRTUAL. dated Oct 25 2015 Short link: ABRAHAM PAUL . P. For over a decade now I had been propagating the idea of Universal Money Management using phones, in a paper I published in 2002, that nobody took it seriously then. Now there are thousands of e-money business CompaniesContinue reading “POWER AND PERILS OF MONEY GOING VIRTUAL.”

Power of Virtual Money, its problems and the need to regulate it.

Money going Virtual Universally can enable Governments to make enough revenue without Taxes, and also can monitor its usage to restrict its usage by radicals or sorts.

Net Neutrality without hurting TELCOs and End users and need of Exlusive INDIA CLOUD.

No one can stop advancement of Technology; and then Technology changes too quickly too. However, most Technology advancements disrupt the paths it go through and grows. Same is truer in Information Communication Technology also. Advancement in ICT brought in convergence of Systems & Networks, mode connectivity, the end links and User end devices and converged various forms of ICT based transactions that helped to provide Universal mode of Telecommunication that help humanity across the word. INTERNET is the best thing happened in Communication technology in past few decades. Strangling Net neutrality will be a horrendous mistake. However, the following facts and concerns call for serious consideration of all stake holders, the Telecom Business groups, Regulators and the Government, lest the World Telecom get disrupted beyond retrieval.